Couple holidays are popular all year long because romance is always in the air! If you and your partner are looking for somewhere for just the two of you to spend quality time, try reading this article on Vietnam Cambodia honeymoon packages and learn about the hottest spots in Southeast Asia!

At a Glance

Vietnam and Cambodia lie at the center of Southeast Asia. The two countries both have a deep cultural background, magnificent wildlife and sceneries, and a harmonic blend between rural and urban beauty. But what makes tour planners bring these countries together is their amazing synergy.

Down below, prepare to be whisked away on the motorcycle rides through Hanoi’s bustling city roads, refreshing walks on Halong and Phu Quoc’s coasts, and exciting strolls through Saigon’s alleys. Each and every region of Vietnam will be sure to charm you in its unique way. So do not fear the distance, as the longer you stay, the more enchanted you will be.

Only after the long ride will we take you to Siem Reap – the land of solemn temples and ancient tales. Once you have stepped foot here, it will feel like entering a completely different realm, where legendary tales seem to lurk right behind the brick doorways. The countryside of Siem Reap is also worth visiting, as a concluding note of a dreamlike journey.

You might want to pack for 14 days since commuting to Southeast Asia will definitely take a while. But the distance is worth it, we assure you. Once you lovebirds are ready for a trip you never want to leave, let us embark on an example of the Vietnam Cambodia honeymoon packages!

The trip highlights

Hanoi (2 Nights)

What better ways to start your itinerary list with the capital city of Vietnam? The city is already never short of things to do, so two nights will be well-spent here.

vietnam cambodia honeymoon packages
Hanoi – the city is both new and old

You will enjoy taking your cyclo trip down Hanoi Old Town Quarter just as much as taking a detour to try out the local street food. Nothing will connect a pair of lovers more than strolling along the tranquil and scenic bank of Hoan Kiem lake.

Here, you can choose to stay at the theatrical Hotel de L’Opera Hanoi, or at the famed luxurious Sofitel. Either way, the suites from both accommodations are sure to let you two have some quality alone time away from the city’s livelihood.

Halong Bay Cruise (1 Night)

If you are thinking to yourself that your next stop should be away from the busy urban vibes so you can relax with your lover, we completely agree! The next item on our itinerary list is the cruise trip around Halong Bay – one of Vietnam’s most sought-after resort oases.

vietnam cambodia honeymoon packages
Ha Long Bay – the waves of your dream

You may begin your exploration at Tuan Chau Island – the default welcoming gate into Halong Bay. Afterward are the endless shorelines that glisten under the morning sun, and the clusters of stunning floating homes. You might want to hold onto your lover’s hand as you take a ride down Halong’s breathtaking sea caves and rock formations.

Even if the enchanting emerald waves cannot hypnotize you, the services of the cruise ship itself promise to do just that. Any cruise you book from Halong will definitely include the standard resort services like spa and massages, as well as exquisite cuisine served onboard. Make sure you join the dinner course where chefs’ open demonstrations may teach you a few dishes to cook for your lover!

Hoi An (2 nights)

Our next stop is Hoi An – the city that holds the dreamiest of alleys and roads. It is the home of several remnant sites of Vietnam’s late feudalism era, making for a romantic walk into a past life.

vietnam cambodia honeymoon packages
The world of light in Hoi An

Spend your 2 nights enjoying the royal-level cuisine of Hoi An and visiting the absolutely stunning structures. The Hoian silks are to die for as well, so if you’re looking for quality couple souvenirs, we would definitely recommend the suits from the special tailor shops and the luxurious silk-threaded lanterns!

Sai Gon (2 Nights)

The next destination you reach in Vietnam is located in the southern region. Saigon is seemingly the “city that never sleeps” of Vietnam, with a modern glow and a spirit of hurriedness. When you and your lover are there, do not let that fast-paced energy take your eyes away from the city’s marvels!

vietnam travel itinerary
Ho Chi Minh – The bustling city

Saigon – or as the people refer to it, Ho Chi Minh City – is jam-packed with glorious French-influenced architectures, as you can evidently see with their various museums. But the city still holds its own unique national identity in its center District 1.

You can visit the war remnants sites if you’d like, but if you’re traveling as a couple, try getting lost in the Ho Thi Ky snack alley! Aside from that, taking a trip down the Mekong Delta and the Saigon River can be of a pair of lovers’ interest, but may we suggest putting Sai Gon’s nightlife to the test?

Phu Quoc Island (3 Nights)

If you are looking to spend quality time with your lover on expedition trips right after your rest, Phu Quoc Island will offer you just that, with the Phu Quoc National Park – where the dreamy jungle sceneries lie.

vietnam cambodia honeymoon packages
Phu Quoc has the most refreshing waters!

The park itself occupies most of the island land, so you are going to have a blast traveling through the area. Be sure to join hands while you explore the luscious tropical jungle along with the gorgeous, vibrant wildlife it houses. Afterward, be sure to take a hike up the mountains to feast your eyes upon the very track that you have already taken.

Once your eyes are full of the lush green, why not throw a bit of white and turquoise into the mix, by visiting the Gulf of Thailand right nearby? Phu Quoc beaches are exceptionally famous thanks to their pure white and soft-to-the-touch sand quality, and the refreshing crispy blue waves, so don’t miss out on that while you are here.

While you’re in Phu Quoc, try the seafood! Locals have built their cuisines on delicious fish and shellfish into their own traditional dishes, so visiting the night markets after you have trekked through the forest gives you the best of both worlds!

Siem Reap (3 Nights)

Upon leaving Vietnam, you and your lover have entered the Land of the Temples! Put on your most comfortable shoes and polite clothes, as we venture into finding out about Cambodia’s most popular tourist attractions.

vietnam cambodia honeymoon packages
Angkor Complex – the must-visit spot in Cambodia

Siem Reap, as a city, is filled with famous cultural and religious sites. Once you are there, you will be taken to Angkor Wat and other Khmer temples, where intricate towers and statues glow under the light of day. The temples are usually situated on mountains and hills as well, so prepare to be stunned by the full view of the city from the top down! Allow us to let you in on a little secret: The sunsets spotted from anywhere in Siem Reap are truly divine!

Tailor-make your ideal honeymoon

Is the itnerary not what you are looking for? You can simple tailor-make your Vietnam Cambodia honeymoon packages based on your taste. Don’t hesitate to contact us by fill out this form and share with us your ideal honeymoon. Then, be ready for your dream vacation!

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