Do you want to see Vietnam’s beauty? Would you like to experience the incredible scenery of Sapa, the country’s most stunning area? It’s a fantastic journey for a Vietnam family vacation. The hills are green and lush with rice fields, limestone cliffs, coffee plantations, waterfalls, terraced rice paddies, and villages. You can visit ethnic minority people in their homes or walk on ancient trails through remote valleys and woodlands. It’s a great place to visit! Let us go exploring!

Sapa’s Top 5 Tourist Attractions

Muong Hoa valley

Muong Hoa is roughly 8 square km and 1,000m above water depth, nestled amid a range of majestic mountains. It comprises Ta Van, Lao Chai, Hau Thao, Ta Phin, Ban Ho, and Su Pa. The valley has been recognized as the vastest terraced field in Vietnam by the Guinness Book. The 15-kilometer-long stream meanders gently across the valley, benefiting both the soil and the inhabitants. The tiered fields have various colors of yellow and green as the paddy ripens. The combination of contrasting colors creates a majestic and mystical landscape.

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The ancient stone sculptures of Muong Hoa attract tourists with their mysterious carvings and origins. Around 200 rock blocks of all sizes are scattered across the valley among the woods, beside the stream, and fields. All sandstones are etched with cryptic characters and symbols whose origins with meanings are unknown. This remarkable resource of Vietnam’s ancient heritage has been designated as a national heritage.

Love waterfall

This waterfall is a must-see attraction for every tourist. It’s located about 14 kilometers southwest of Sapa town. You can reach here by car or hiking trails starting from San Sa Ho borough in Lao Cai. This place is also the beginning point for the climbing journey to Fansipan Peak.

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Love waterfall is one of Sapa’s most popular tourist attractions because of its beautiful landscape and ink-wash artwork. It draws a considerable number of both domestic and foreign visitors. It appears as if Love waterfall were sparkling in sunshine from afar topped by Fansipan Peak, nearly twice its height.

As the magnificent epic of the vast woodlands, the cool air of the mountains pours down the Golden stream. The meandering Golden Stream creates the lyrical image of dense bamboo thickets along either side of the waterfall, combined with lush vegetation. Tourists that visit the falls on foggy days may feel as though they are wandering in Penglai due to the dim surrounding scenery. Hence, the Love waterfall trip is the most memorable experience in Sapa.

Ta Phin village

Ta Phin is the most popular tourist destination in Sapa. It is located 17 kilometers northeast of Sapa town. The drive to Ta Phin village is breathtakingly gorgeous. Because of its pure beauty, Ta Phin is a prevalent location in Vietnam family holidays. When you arrive at Ta Phin hamlet, you first see the picture of the red Dao and the Mong ladies. They are all quite lovely in their bright clothes. These women usually sit with brocade shirts and embroidered shirts with elaborate embroidery.

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Visitors may also visit the brocade weaving hamlet and purchase presents like bags, wallets, towels, backpacks, robes, and so on. The traditional handicrafts of Ta Phin are well-known for their many one-off pieces, such as forged casting and silver mosaics. As a result, you may purchase unique jewelry to make gifts like rings, bracelets, or necklaces.
If you visit Sa Pa, you can’t miss out on the Dao cultural bathing experience. Ta Phin hamlet is regarded as one of the best and most intriguing locales in this regard.

People frequently employ leaves from nearly 100 types for years now with good results on many different conditions. They plant and pick leaves by themselves before cooking and serving to tourists. In addition, medicated baths contain plant toxins that may help against flu, muscle fatigue, bone aches, etc. This is why Ta Phin is usually popular among travelers on Vietnam family vacation.

Fansipan mountain

Fansipan Mountain is located 9 kilometers from Sapa Town in Lao Cai Province. As of June 2019, its height is 3,147m, and it takes about two days to hike on it. All hikers must be accompanied by a native guide, easily acquired through Sapa tourism companies. Before beginning the climb, he will assist passengers in registering with security stations.
When you’ve just begun the climb, it’s a lot of fun to walk through the forest. But, of course, there will be a few challenging problems to overcome.

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While you are climbing higher, the view of nature is always breathtaking for your spirit; as you get closer to your objective, the vision gradually improves. Northern Vietnam’s sunrise is, simply put, one of its most gorgeous.
If you aren’t a hiker but would still like to see the city from the top of Fansipan Mountain, there is now a cable car that will take you there. As a result, the 3-day journey reduces to 15 minutes to ride.

Ham Rong mountain

Ham Rong is known for its one-of-a-kind characteristics that are not seen anywhere else. The mountain behind Sapa church is shaped like a dragon with its head raised to the sky. Because of its unique form, it is known as Ham Rong.
Several types of plants flourish on the mountain. Ham Rong mountain offers you the chance to see up to 6000 vegetation and taste a variety of fruit from Sapa like plum, peach, pear! While the bamboo flutes of Mong Boys echo in counterpoint with the floating clouds, the view looks like heaven.

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Ham Rong is a beautiful place for individuals who want to reach a height while admiring a hilly area’s lovely and pure environment with clouds floating over them. In addition, the flower garden is a must-see for anthophilos, with bright-colored blooms in the misty air and delicious smells.


The best way to enjoy a Vietnam family vacation is by getting out of Hanoi and exploring the Sapa village. We hope you enjoyed our post about Sapa. Suppose this is your first time planning a family vacation to Sapa. In that case, we recommend reading through the information in this article and checking out some of the resources above for more help creating a fantastic holiday experience!

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