Koh Phi Phi is an indispensable destination in Thailand holiday packages. It is the highlight and intersection of modern and primitive tourism services, attracting tourists annually. This article will further clarify the appeal of this beautiful area. Don’t miss it if you are planning a trip to Thailand!

Where Are The Phi Phi Islands?

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Ko Phi Phi is an archipelago consisting of six limestone islands in Krabi province (Source: Internet)

Ko Phi Phi is an archipelago in Krabi province, located between the large island of Phuket and the Thai Strait of Malacca. This area includes 6 islands with a total area of 12.25 square kilometers, including Ko Phi Phi Don (9.73km2) – the largest; Ko Phi Phi Le (6.6km2) – the second largest; Bida Nok, Bida Nai, and Ko Mai Phai – large limestone rocks jutting out of the sea. This archipelago has pristine beaches, large limestone blocks, clear blue sea water, and diverse and colorful marine life. Attracting the most visitors is Phi Phi Don, the residence of Thai Malay fishermen before 1940. Up to now, this island has more than 3,000 people living, with the majority following Buddhism.

On the other hand, this archipelago became known to many people only after Phi Phi Le was used as a filming location for the British-American co-production film The Beach in 2000. This second largest area is uninhabited, so the environment is almost pristine, with many beautiful beaches and bays, most notably Vinh Maya.

How To Get To Phi Phi Islands

There is no airport or direct road to the island, so the only way to get there is by water from Phuket or Krabi. Using the ferry from Phuket takes about 90 minutes while taking the speedboat saves you more than half the time, about 45 minutes. For Krabi, travel time to the island can take about 60 to 90 minutes by ferry. The destinations of these methods are the large region, Phi Phi Don, so if you want to go to Phi Phi Leh or the remaining islands, you can rent long-tail boats.

The trips are long and often crowded, so you should arrive an hour early to choose the best seat or book a day in advance. Another way is that you can use the full-stack service of Thailand holiday packages, including airport or hotel pick-up, transportation to the main island, and sightseeing around the whole area.

Best Time To Visit Phi Phi Islands

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November to April is the busiest tourist time in Phi Phi, with fresh and cool air (Source: Encircle Photos)

This area is a year-round tourist destination and is not closed due to any factors. The peak tourist season is probably from November to April. The weather is also divided into several periods:

  • November to February: quite cool; temperature ranges from 23 to 30 °C, and the coolest season is December
  • From March onwards: hottest of the year, temperatures around 35°C and high humidity

It is a great time for outdoor water activities, beach fun, and all-night parties by the campfire. But be aware that prices are often higher during this season. May to October is monsoon season, with humid air and temperatures of 28-29°C. Expect alternating sunshine and heavy rain, but it’s cheaper to travel and less crowded for tourists.

Things To Do In Phi Phi Islands

Ko Phi Phi Don

Phi Phi Don is the main island in a beautiful archipelago. There’s a 20 baht fee per person when you arrive at the harbor, which goes towards environmental protection. The island is mostly limestone with a strip of flat land for resorts and locals. Phi Phi Don is great for snorkeling, unique coral and marine life, and nightlife.

Ko Phi Phi Leh

Phi Phi Leh is the second largest area in the Phi Phi Islands, known for its uninhabited and wild beauty. The Viking Cave is a famous attraction where bird nests are collected for bird’s nest soup. It is also a part of the Hat Noppharat Thara–Mu Ko Phi Phi National Park, with excellent diving spots like Sama, Pi Leh, and Palong Bay, famous for its exotic fish species and colorful coral reefs.

Phi Phi Viewpoint

You would regret not seeing the stunning natural masterpiece of limestone rocks, lush greenery, and clear blue water in Phi Phi. Visit in the morning and follow the signs from Refae Bar to the viewpoints for varying views of the town, island, and Phi Phi Leh. The cost is about 50 baht ($1.5) per person, and the walk to the second and third observation points takes 20-30 and 10-15 minutes, respectively.

Maya Bay

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A corner of Maya Bay, where the movie The Beach was filmed, and brought fame to Ko Phi Phi (Source: Hotels.com)

A corner of Maya Bay, where the movie The Beach was filmed, and brought fame to Ko Phi Phi (Source: Hotels.com)
Maya Bay is a beautiful location in Phi Phi Leh, made famous by the movie The Beach. Visitors can reach it with a 5-minute walk from Loh Samah Bay. There are small beaches with crystal-clear water and white sand for swimming, sunbathing, and diving. It was closed for 4 years due to environmental damage but recently reopened with a renewed focus on conservation.

Snorkeling And Diving

Snorkeling is one of the popular activities here. You can see vibrant coral reefs, tropical fish, and baby sharks. Therefore, the guide always comes along to help you avoid dangerous areas. The Thailand holiday packages always offer this activity in their program, with the best diving spots, with many levels for you to choose from, from beginner to master. Some locations encompass Bida Nok, Bida Nai, Hin Daeng/Muang, Hin Dot, Kled Gaeow Wreck, and Malong May.

How To Get Around Phi Phi Islands

There are no car or motorbike rental services on the island, but you have more than one option to get around when you get here.

  • By boat: about 3000 baht for 8 people on the ship, including the sailor. You can visit neighboring areas such as Bamboo Island, Monkey Bay, Mosquito Island, and Maya Bay. Individual trip fare options are also available but are not cheaper.
  • By Kayak: a unique way to experience. You can explore small nooks and crannies where boats can hardly enter.
  • By bicycle: You can rent it at hotels or resorts. This method may be limited because the terrain is not very flat, but it is also a test with the cool, fresh air here.
  • On foot: like a walk and see the island. You can shop and eat at local shops and bars in town.


Koh Phi Phi is the ideal destination for outdoor activities close to nature, such as sightseeing, swimming, sunbathing, or diving. The Government’s coral conservation efforts have brought clear blue water and fresh air to the entire region. Even though you must move a lot to see it fully, you will realize how worthy it is when you find peace in your soul. If you still do not know where to start, Thailand holiday packages will be a complete solution for your travel, accommodation, and fun activities on the island!

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