You have a lengthy, melancholy summer vacation and want to freshen it up with a Thailand holiday tour. If you’re looking for a distant island experience away from it all, head to Koh Tarutao, a fully unspoiled island. This blog has created thorough Koh Tarutao travel information to assist you in discovering the mysteries of this lovely island. Let’s scroll down to find this beautiful place.

How To Get To Koh Tarutao?

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Ko Tarutao (Source: Internet)

Tarutao is not as well-known as other Thai islands, such as Phuket and Koh Phi Phi. Ko Tarutao is one of 51 islands in Thailand’s Tarutao Marine Park. This location is around 950 kilometers from Bangkok’s city and is accessible via plane. Specifically, you may travel from Bangkok or Phuket airports to Hat Yai international airport to reach this magnificent, untouched paradise island. Then you proceed to Pak Bara Pier for a rail ticket to Tarutao.

Nevertheless, based on your location, there are multiple methods to get to Koh Tarutao from different arrival ports in Thailand. For instance, a fast boat can take you from Koh Lipe to Koh Tarutao. The trip is within an hour and is priced at about $20. On the other hand, Pak Bara is the nearest mainland Thai port where you may get a boat to Koh Tarutao. Yachts arrive at Koh Tarutao in about 30 minutes and are fairly common. Even though this route appears to be long and requires extensive travel, your journey is well worth it once you get on this pure, pristine island.

Things To Do On Koh Taruatao

This island features various camping areas and cottages for individuals who want to be in harmony with nature while exploring secluded beaches and unspoiled woods. So, on this Thailand holiday tour, you may experience the sensation of being in the wild.


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Kayaking in Ko Tarutao (Source: Internet)

Koh Tarutao is a fantastic area to hire a kayak and investigate, with an enormous mangrove system winding around the northwestern portion of the island. Kayaks can be rented for $3/hour or $15/day. It is possible to kayak onshore to the crocodile’s cave, but you can’t get inside. The journey to the shelter will take between fifty minutes and two hours, contingent upon wind and tidal factors.


A visit to Ko Tarutao would be incomplete without a walk up the Pha Toe-Boo Cliff, which towers magnificently over everything in the vibrant tropical backdrop. It just takes about fifteen minutes to walk to the peak, which offers breathtaking views. Hiking up the bluff at sunset is an amazing experience.

Lying On The Beach

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Relaxing on the beach (Source: Internet)

Coming to Koh Tarutao, you can enjoy and see many beautiful and remote beaches. The sunsets here are stunning; the water is everything you dream of. Under the bright golden sunlight, the beauty of Tarutao becomes even more wonderful, true to the fresh, wild tropical nature. You can bathe in the beautiful sunshine of this deserted island.

Mountain Cycling

Koh Tarutao is a wonderful island for biking. A mountain bike may be rented for $8 within 24 hours. In this manner, you may still go across the island. Bicycles are available for loan at the base station and the park’s ranger stations. Plenty of paved roads that you may use to reach some of the more remote regions of the island and explore the interior forest. While the streets are in acceptable shape, there are also a few steep hills to contend with; hence prepare yourself for a tough workout.

Where To Stay In Koh Tarutao

Koh Tarutao has no extravagant accommodations, yet you may prolong the night.


The coastal camping spots on Koh Tarutao are extremely spectacular. Koh Tarutao features a few of the finest beautiful camping spots, including Ao Pante Malacca, Ao Mo Lae, and Ao Son. You may hire the entire set, including a tent, two mattress mats, two sleeping bags, and two cushions – a price of $10 each night, comprising the camping charge.
Secure your costly belongings and baggage at the guest’s center. The center opens the doors overnight, so getting hold of your belongings after the shift is not an issue.


If you don’t want to stay overnight in a tent, you may sleep in a simple cottage for a group of two to four individuals. The bungalows on Koh Tarutao may be reserved for as little as $10 through the Thai National Parks site. Ao Pante Malacca and Ao MoLae have extremely cute, simple bungalows straight on the beach, with sea view alternatives costing extra. All rooms offer air conditioning, a mosquito net, a private bathroom, and hand towels. As a result, you should strongly consider spending at least one evening in one of them. Because there aren’t many contemporary tourist services on the island, you should come prepared with personal things, refreshments, and, notably, phone chargers, batteries, and so on.

Where To Eat In Koh Tarutao

There are various eateries on Koh Tarutao, guaranteeing you won’t go hungry throughout your vacation. Having a meal will cost you between $5 and $10. Ao Pante Restaurant is near the National Park Headquarters. Thai mainstays include Pad Thai, curry dishes, the rice crop, and noodle meals. Yet, while eating, you should notice those pesky monkeys that will sneak up on you. The restaurant in Ao Son is about a 40-minute bike ride away. The meal is delicious, with nutritious Thai staples.

In Sum

Every year, adventurers and nature lovers regularly visit Ko Tarutao Island. It is an adventurous biker’s dream, with mossy paths piercing profoundly into the wild, leading trekkers and riders to discover rivulets rushing through unspoiled forests. Although the facilities here are not perfect, with the sharing in the above article, this place will be the ideal destination for tourists traveling on a Thailand holiday tour.

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