Traveling in Laos private tours may be one of your best tourism experiences this summer since this country provides beautiful landscapes and delicious food. And if you love watersports, check out our helpful list of kayaking places in Laos to make your trips more memorable!

Where You Can Kayak in Laos

Mekong River

Regarding kayaking, no one can leave behind the spectacular Mekong River in Laos – one of the best places to travel on the water. You will enjoy breathtaking Laos nature views and the beautiful landscape of Luang Prabang on the way.
You can either choose to relax with smooth kayaking trips or choose to challenge yourself with smaller river rides on multi-day tours. No matter which experience you choose, kayaking in the Mekong river will give you memorable times and memories.

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Ride the sea-kayak on the Mekong river’s tributaries to experience wideness and freedom. That’s when you can experience some of gorgeous Laos’ unspoiled countryside regions that not everyone can ever travel to!

Nam Khan River

A lovely river named Nam Khan is located in the center of the Luang Prabang capital. Thanks to such a special and convenient geographic location, many domestic or international travelers come to this river to experience many interesting watersport activities, including kayaking.

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For those who love adventure, Nam Khan river is a phosphorus river to get hands-on with the wild kayaking sport, while for others, this is the place to relax and return to nature as they can jog and have a picnic on the river bank.
Those who had an unforgettable time kayaking in the Nam Khan river state that this river deserves to own the title of “Top Attractive Destinations for Kayaking in Southeast Asia” in the Laos private tours.

Once you have decided to get along with this activity, your Laos tour will become more memorable than ever. The best time to travel to this place is during the rainy season, from June to December. During this period, water flows regularly and gently, while flowers bloom and breezes flow, creating an artistic environment to kayak. If you get on the boat to kayak this time, you will be greeted with the scenery transformation from Luang Prabang to Xieng Khouang. It will be an amazing yet tranquil day to remember! Browsing along the river, tourists can also access the closely located Tad Sae waterfall to dig in the cool water or take some souvenir photos.

Si Phan Don

The ideal third place for kayaking in Laos is Si Phan Don. Although the name sounds quite distinct, you will start to love and grow curious about this place once you know how profitable it is for kayaking! Si Phan Don, which means 4000 islands, is an archipelago with numerous tourist attractions for you and your family to enjoy while traveling in Laos private tours. People love this place because of its unique natural landscapes. There are various hammocks, wet caves, diverse landforms in different sizes and shapes, and more to discover! If you are a true adventurer, this island will haunt you for days due to its versatility!

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However, there is also a side of Si Phan Don where it is full of relaxation, as it provides tourists with riverside hangouts, fresh summer beverages, river sunset cruising, etc., to ensure everyone has the best time staying and spending valuable time on this island! One thing to remember is that Si Phan Don is also surrounded by the Mekong River, which provides an excellent environment and condition for kayaking.

All you have to do is get a kayak, jump onto it, and let it take you along the beautiful curving waterways and magnificent waterfalls, and if you are lucky, you can even witness dolphins in real life! The kayak guides you to explore caves, enjoying the freshness of the water like no other! If you are looking forward to visiting Si Phan Don for kayaking, leave the schedule until November to January, as it is the best time to visit the bloodline of SouthEast Asia. You will experience cozy yet cool weather, which will be suitable for the best kayaking rounds in Si Phan Don. The times to avoid are June to October, as there are possibly natural disasters and bad weather.

Nam Song River

And last but not least, if you visit Vang Vieng, there is a place to enjoy kayaking like no other place, the Nam Song river.
If you haven’t known yet, Vang Vieng used to be the hot area for bars and parties with live music every day for young tourists to live their lives to the fullest. However, you can only find a quiet, calm atmosphere when visiting this region, as the government has impacted stopping these unhealthy tourist attractions.

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Instead of joining bars or clubs with loud music, experience a different Laos with caves, lagoons, and rivers while heading onto a kayak along the Nam Song River. Beautiful sceneries will open in front of your eyes, and you will remember why you chose to visit Laos in the first place! It is best to paddle in the Nam Song river in the early morning, as the weather is cooler with less humidity and more pureness in the air. Who wouldn’t love their Laos private tours experience to be healthy, right?


And that’s every place to kayak in Laos for your Laos private tours experience! If you love this watersport, visit one of these four amazing destinations to get the best out of this Asia country!
Thank you, and we will see you soon! Enjoy Laos in your best ways!

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