Many natives and international visitors are passionate about mountain climbing, and all have been drawn to Vietnam’s stunning mountains. These fantastic landscapes can help them escape from the city’s busy life and crowds.

It’s a nice feeling to explore nature and conquer the Vietnam travel itinerary with fantastic mountains and forests. Check out the below list of Vietnam’s five most beautiful mountains right away!

Incredible Mountains In VietNam That Hikers Want To Conquer

Fansipan Mountain

Fansipan will be the first candidate in your mountain to visit list. This mountain has a height of 3143 meters, which is also the highest peak in Vietnam. Thus, people often referred to it as “the roof of Indochina.”

When you reach the edge of the range, you will adore the stunning views there at once. Thanks to the mist and hazy clouds, every scene feels lyrical and poetic here. Hence, you can find a sense of calm and peace that can soothe your weary soul from the busyness of the city.

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Fansipan Mountain In The Sunset

Explorers, visitors, and climbers from all over the world come to Fansipan with a desire to conquer nature. The best time to visit Fansipan for climbing is usually between September and March. On the other hand, the flowers on the mountain usually fully bloom at the end of February each year. During this time, the mountain panoramic was all of poetic beauty.

Also, you could find thick primeval forests with vibrant vegetation there. It’s fantastic to learn about the flora and fauna diversity in Fansipan. Such will be great experiences in your life!

LangBiang Mountain

When it comes to Da Lat, the Lanbiang mountain resort is a must-visit site. Langbiang stands at the height of 2167 meters. Although this location has a stunning fairy tale charm, it is also related to K’lang and Hbiang’s beautiful but harrowing love story.

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The gorgerous scence of Langbiang Moutain

With many explorers and tourists, Lanbiang has a wild and enigmatic beauty. It will be a mistake if you visit Dalat and fail to see this prominent place. Furthermore, the travel services here are excellent. Visitors will be satisfied with welcoming resorts and attentive service workers. Other services such as tennis courts, karaoke, gong shows, barbecue specialty restaurants, canola wine, campsites, tour cars, and other amenities are also available. Thus, Lanbiang mountain is one of the perfect choices for Vietnam family holiday tours.

White Horse Mountain (Bach Ma)

Have you ever imagined yourself conquering Hue’s iconic Bach Ma mountain with a group of best friends?

When you come here, what beautiful things will you see and feel? The winding paths to Bach Ma Mountain’s peak would be breathtaking and majestic. The more you climb, the more stunning Bach Ma Mountain becomes.

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Bach Ma National Park

You can see the magnificent Lang Co Bay and the panoramic majestic mountains and forests, as well as the temples and shrines of the ancient capital, from the Vong Hai Dai – the highest point of this mountain. The Perfume River flows softly through Hue’s ancient capital, full of poetic and fluttering elements, and it is even greater when you watch these sceneries at sunset.

When visiting Bach Ma Mountain, do not overlook Ngu Ho (5 lakes), a “cuisine paradise” with many restaurants next to cold spring pools and breathtaking Do Quyen waterfall (which is 300 meters high and blooming with azaleas flowers).

Ham Rong Mountain

In the Hoang Lien Son range, the Ham Rong mountain is relatively small at 1800 meters. The hill is about 30 kilometers from Sapa city. The mountain owns this name because it resembled the head of a majestic and colossal dragon. This mountain’s beauty is a harmonious blend between natural beauty and artificial scenery.

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Ham Rong – Sapa

When ascending to the summit of San May Peak, Ham Rong Mountain, you can see the clouds float softly. Stone steps and small streams line the route up the mountain. Along the way, there is also an orchid garden with over 400 different species of orchids of various varieties, which attracts many tourists. You will also see several new flower species, such as lilies, pomegranate bulbs, lavender, etc.

Besides, this is the perfect destination for tourists who want to climb to the top and enjoy the mountainous area’s wild and natural scenery. You could see small streams underneath the ground when walking along with the stone steps and a winding trail on the Ham Rong mountain path.

Ba Vi Mountain

The best seasons to visit Ba Vi are in autumn and summer. The trees and the air are incredible, cool, and peaceful here.

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Homestays in Ba Vi National Park

Also, Ba Vi National Park is just 50 kilometers west of Hanoi (i.e., about 2 hours to get there from Ha Noi). Ba Vi is one of the best places for Vietnam family holiday tours. The perfect time to visit this mountain consists of:

  • From April to October, it will be the best to escape the hot summer sun in cities and travel to Ba Vi with a family. During this time, Ba Vi’s cool, calm, and quiet air will help you escape the oppressive city sun.
  • The wildflowers are in bloom from October to December. More stunningly, the sunlit wildflowers forest will color the whole corner of the sky.

In A Nutshell

Nowadays, VietNam’s tourism industry is rising and attracts many visitors from all over the world, both domestic and international. The country’s famous and unique listed mountains will make you want to pack your belongings and travel right now. We wish you a wonderful trip filled with unforgettable experiences!

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