Indochina tour packages are popular and interesting to all. The area’s cultures and beauty exudes a mysterious and calming vibe no other places can match. If you’re interested in a trip to Thailand – Land of the Smiles, here’s a comprehensive list of Hindu temples you might want to stop by!

Top 5 Religious Hindu Temples In Bangkok

Sri Maha Mariamman

Maha Uma Devi Temple, the Sri Maha Mariamman, was also built in 1879 by Vaithi Padayatchi – a Tamil Hindu immigrant. It is located on 2, Si Lom Road, Si Lom Subdistrict, Bangrak District of Bangkok.

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Sri Maha Mariamman

The temple has greatly detailed carvings of various Hindu gods and goddesses in many colors. Right after the entrance, you can see a 6-meter gopura tower, ornate with various deities in all angles. With an exterior like that, you can bet how gorgeous the temple is on the inside!

Since it was Vaithi – the leader of Tamil Nadu immigrants, who constructed the temple in Bangkok, the Sri Maha Mariamman was inevitably extremely important to the Tamil Hindu community. Thus, the Tamil people hold a plethora of festivals in this temple to their calendar. We recommend you visit the temple around September or October to participate in the Navratri Festival!

Wat Vishnu

Wat Vishnu, or Vishnu Temple – is a Hindu temple in the Yannawa district of Bangkok. It’s quite well-known among the Uttar-Pradesh region for people who worship the Hindu god Vishnu, or Narayana as their highest god. This massive architecture is currently the oldest temple in all of Bangkok city from 1920.

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Marble statues At Wat Vishnu

Wat Vishnu is well-known for possessing several gorgeous marble statues of 24 different Hindu deities for worship purposes. The main part of the temple is the first floor, which you’ll have to walk up a massive staircase to get there. The main hall is elaborate with many floral arrangements and five small shrines right at the entrance.

As soon as you set your foot in the temple, you’ll know why it’s so popular. The space is extremely great for meditation due to the peaceful and tranquil atmosphere; people are also friendly and helpful for those who arrive at the temple with good intent. Overall, it is a wonderful place to visit. And just a hint: There is great Indian food on weekends for worshippers, and several festivals are here for you to join throughout the year in Wat Vishnu!

Goddess Lakshmi Shrine

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Lakshmi Statue Over The Plaza

You can find the Goddess Lakshmi Shrine in Gaysorn Plaza – a shopping mall at the Ratchaprasong junction. Moreover, the area is famous for shrines of Hindu gods, which bless all in the neighborhood. Now with the addition of the Goddess Lakshmi Shrine, the area is more bustling than ever.

Gaysorn Plaza is a place of opulence and luxury, as you can find all high-end brands here. You will feel strange as the shrine is in the middle of a shopping mall until you know that Lakshmi is the Goddess of Fortune, Wealth, and Prosperity. Ask the people around the area about the shrine, and they’ll lead you to the roof garden of the plaza.

The only shrine in the junction worshipping a goddess is placed at a peculiar angle; it looks as if the goddess is overlooking the entire neighborhood. Additionally, the beautifully adorned Lakshmi statue glitters under sunlight and blesses all her worshipers with peace and hope.

If you want to explore more, you can visit the shrine and the plaza in October. That’s when people celebrate the Deepavali (Diwali) festival of lights, and all Hindu homes start their preparations to welcome Lakshmi. As the lights start to glow, the people pray to the goddess to bring good fortune.

Erawan Shrine

Formerly known as the Thao Maha Phrom Shrine, the Erawan Shrine houses the statue of Phra Phrom – the shrine’s main attraction and worship figure. It is across the street from the Goddess, as mentioned earlier, Lakshmi Shrine.

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Erawan Shrine

The temple indeed holds religious importance, meaning of worshipping the figure of Mahabrahma – the ruler of Brahma’s realm. But the Erawan Shrine also harbors a long history of disturbance and violence. The shrine went through many near-destruction points throughout its lifetime, yet now it remains a landmark and home to the god of mercy and impartiality.

The Erawan Shrine receives a great influx of visitors and worshippers every day due to its location on one of the busiest streets of the Ratchaprasong junction. Additionally, you can also stay and wait to see a dance performance in the shrine! It’s a great place to visit once you’ve finished planning a trip to Vietnam!

Trimurti Shrine

The shrine is a landmark situated right in front of CentralWorld in Siam, Bangkok. Those who longing for love come to the shrine to respect Trimurti – the Hindu god of love and pray to find their soulmate.

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The Trimurti Shrine

There’s an open area around the shrine with seats for worshippers and visitors to rest. The golden statue of Trimurti is in the middle of the square, which has endless bushes of bright, red roses and burning hope for romance around it.

If you want to find more places to visit after your Vietnam tour holidays, these five temples are great choices!


It will be such a waste if you don’t explore all aspects of a new destination before leaving. This is even more true for Southeast Asia, as the place is brimming with cultures and wonders. We hope you plan for these stops for your entire tour of beautiful Southeast Asia!

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