Muang Ngoi Neua is considered one of Laos’ lesser-known tourist destinations, but it has slightly surged over the last few years. Whenever you want to explore scenic walks and breathtaking vistas, this place is recommended for you. If you are still undecided about going, do not be worried. Keep reading to discover what to anticipate while booking Laos tour packages to Muang Ngoi Neua.

Muang Ngoi, Laos

Muang Ngoi is a riverbank on the Nam Ou River along with the Nam Ou’ Beach,’ where you can rest and enjoy the environment in Laos tour packages. In the past, this ancient hamlet was constantly quiet and maintained an uncomplicated and customary manner of life. Still, in recent years, it has become well-known among foreign travelers, particularly adventurers, for its impeccable state and tranquility. Most travelers will begin their journey from the municipality of Nong Khiaw in Luang Prabang by taking a public or private boat trip upriver.

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Muang Ngoi Neua – source: Tripadvisor

The riverboat voyage lasts roughly ninety minutes and passes through vast tracts of natural jungle and a few small communities. The Nam Ou River is large and forceful, and the ferry ride may be thrilling in places. Suppose you visit this rural area for just one day. In that case, you will experience a sense that you have stepped back in time: the immediate proximity of individuals, the laughter of kids of all ages, and, notably, the lack of vehicles and other artificially created commotion. The greatest way to completely lose yourself outdoors and experience the easygoing Laos lifestyle is to rent a bicycle and gently ride it about the small town. You can additionally go about and see other communities and do hill climbing.

Is Muang Ngoi An Attractive Destination to Visit?

Yes or maybe no, depending on individuals’ feelings. This place attracts many people because tourism here is quite wild, peaceful, and close to nature. Yet, sometimes, a drawback also makes some people quite concerned.


Muang Ngoi is a tiny hamlet with only a few dozen lodging options and no ultra-luxurious lodgings. There are plenty of signs that this village will not absorb the expected influx of tourists during the tourist season. A few visitors may be put off by the wet, dismal, and bug-infested hotel room.

Because of overload, visitors must hire homestays or guesthouses in the neighborhood. However, some adjacent small towns may not have power; thus, visitors should always double-check before staying in any homestay. Because the streetlights will be switched out after eleven in the evening, prepare a flashlight if you want to go out.

Only A Few Locals Benefit

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Boat landing in Muang Ngoi – source: iStock

When you arrive by boat, the residents are ready to greet you at the boat landing, or so it appears. In reality, a few lodging facility owners attempt to persuade freshly arrived travelers to make reservations at their establishments.
Several were vexing. If you do not follow the owners’ arrangement, you can face terrible things when traveling, such as being yelled at, cursed at, threatened, or homeless.

Unhappy Locals

Furthermore, the mood around town is gloomy. The inhabitants may blame the increase in tourists for wrecking their idyllic community. Instead of respecting the self-respect of the local culture, for example, foreign females wander about town in their bikinis, and guys without a shirt treat the city like an overseas frat club. As a result, everything makes the locals feel uneasy. Their unpleasant feelings cause them to act in an unprofessional manner. Greetings given by visitors to indigenous people on the paths were regularly without response, leaving them disappointed that they weren’t truly desired as guests.

Best Things To Do

Disregarding the difficulties in facilities, Muang Ngoi is the wildest, closest to nature. Here are some beautiful sights you should visit when traveling to Muang Ngoi in Laos tour packages.

Nam Ou Beach

Surprisingly, Nam Ou Beach is not on the coastline but on the riverside. The greatest time to visit the beach is during the dry months when the beach extends out to the retreating water, and you may swim or relax on the sand. The beach is additionally peppered with sellers who may lend you an inflatable sunbed, and several restaurants provide refreshing beverages that are ideal for quenching your thirst on a scorching summer’s day.

Eat At Seng Phet

If you can visit only a single eatery in Muang Ngoi, make it SengPhet. It may not be the most inviting choice, but it serves the village’s greatest meals. The cruise from the street stalls is incredibly delicious in the morning. For about 0,78 dollars, you may energize your day with coconuts and steamed rice, crispy banana cakes, and luscious sticky rice muffins.

Tham Kang Cave

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Tham Kang Cave – source: nasaplanet

When visiting Muang Ngoi, you are bound to develop a strong desire to see the spectacular Tham Kang Cave. It’s worth noting that the significant caverns served as evacuation centers during the Vietnam War. People navigate the Tham Kang cave by using the torch on their smartphones. They are going to arrive at a tiny waterfall. This safari adventure is novel and exciting. Let the rhythm of pouring water soothe your senses.

Visit The Local Temple

A tiny but maintained Buddhist temple may be seen on the right edge of the settlement while towards the river. The temple is modest, with no frills, yet it has a lovely atmosphere, particularly when viewed with the greenery of the mountains in the backdrop.


Muang Ngoi provides something for people of various ages with a passion for nature. However, this is not a great place for travelers who like to experience high-class luxury. This blog will tell you some famous places to learn about food, society, and cultural events in Muang Ngoi. The tips and recommendations will make Muang Ngoi the ideal place to calm down and truly appreciate nature in Laos tour packages.

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