Are you planning to take Thailand vacation packages? And are you wondering what your trip will be look like? Aside from its one-of-a-kind street food, splendid temple complexes, and mesmerizing beaches, Thailand is also known for being the paradise of nightlife. There is nothing like Thai nightlife. Thai bars set themselves apart from others for their rebellious image. Specifically, they are located within Asian culture, where delayed gratification and self-repression are the mantras. These bars and pubs are often associated with endless hedonism. Thus, Thai nightlife is often seen as something distinctive or something that breaks the mold. Let’s explore what they hold!

Best Thailand Bars for Nightlife

Maggie Choo’s

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A corner of Maggie Choo’s

When you first encounter Maggie Choo’s, you will find yourself overwhelmed by blinding lights of various colors: Blue, yellow, red, or orange, you name it. In combination with the groovy jazz, the brightness may instantly sedate your senses, making your heartbeat intensely to the musical rhythms, your legs dance like tentacles.

Moreover, what makes us particularly like Maggie Choo’s bar is its decor, inspired by the retro Hong Kong style. It gives you a warm yet playful vibe. To add to the atmosphere, you can wear a cheongsam to the club. We guarantee you the misters will not be able to take their eyes off you. It is not even an understatement to say Maggie Choo’s is the best club in town. With their jazz virtuosos, quality service, and your naughty partner, your night out will be complete.
However, the drinks here cost comparatively more than other local counterparts. Please be mindful of that.

The Iron Fairies

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The splendid Iron Fairies’ interior

Believe it or not, this is an earthly place, not an imaginary haven. Hence, the Iron Fairies is widely labeled ‘eccentric extravagance’ by a lot of international journalists. Like Maggie Choo’s, the Iron Fairies make a name for itself thanks to its unique retrofuturistic style. This style is accentuated with rustic metals and worn-wood interiors, lit up with some ceiling touches, making you instantly lost in a world of omnipresent aesthetics.

Still, the best part at the Iron Fairies is its French gastronomic sensations. The meticulous Award-winning professional Kullanit Vorawanichar cooks every dish here. Don’t forget to pay a visit to the bar when coming to Bangkok.

Bada Bing A Go-Go

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The Bada Bing A Go-Go club

Located at the heart of Bangkok, you can visit Bada Bing A Go-Go club from the Thanon Patpong 1 and Silom Road entrances to Patpong Alley. Now, let’s find out what’s inside!

Venturing into the bar, you’ll be surrounded by a lot of sexy staff in nurse, bunny, or student costumes. Indeed, even if the bar is well air-conditioned, the atmosphere inside is very “hot.” In other words, this is exactly a place that defines a club life.

HOBS (House of Beers)

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A close capture inside House of Beers

Unlike other bars mentioned above, the House of Beers located in an open space on the 6th floor of IconSiam Mall. From there, you can direct your gaze out the windows to observe the nice river view across the city. The bar specializes in a variety of beverage choices, but not a lot. Personally speaking, even though the beer is delicious, we love its coffee most.

Another special feature about this bar is that it is specifically catered to the needs of vegetarians. Thus, it’s another reason to include this bar on your trip, isn’t it? As the bar is built inside a crowded mall, its price range is rather high if you come alone. We suggest that you come in a group of four or five to split the bill.

Memories Beach Bar

thailand vacation packages
The Memories Beach Bar

Let’s move away from Bangkok a bit. This bar is situated in Khao Lak and has long been a famous hang-out site among families, backpackers, or surfers. The bar obtains every element of a tropical beach bar, just like in a teen movie you may have seen. But precisely speaking, this is not merely a bar. It’s more like a summer sanctuary for a retreat with a bar, a restaurant, bungalows, and surf shops. You can only tell it’s a bar because of a live show called ‘Candle Night Dinner’ every Thursday night.

During this live show, you and your companion can sing together as in a choir or choose to take a sip of the chilly night by the sea. For us, we choose to just observe our kids sleeping soundly on the hammocks after an unforgettable yet exhausting Vietnam family vacation. This is what the Memories Beach bar is favorited for: Allow everyone to enjoy their own pace.

Final Words

And that wraps up this article. Experiencing Thai nightlife is only one step in your Thailand vacation packages. If you want more information, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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