Laos private tours have become more fascinating than ever to travelers, thanks to its local foods. The vibrant, colorful, and fragrant dishes of Laos foods can catch your attention for the first time. If you are interested in the worldwide cuisine, sit down and consult our reviews about Laos foods before starting a journey to this country.

Delicious Laotian Dishes You Should Try

Khao Jee

The first dish we want to introduce to you is Khao Jee. This type of sandwich blends with the color of French cuisine called the French baguette. Khao Jee includes pork meat, vegetables like carrot, cucumber, green mango, and cilantro. It also comes with several other fillings such as pate, pork floss, and the Luang Prabang chili sauce.

It is not an exaggeration to say that this is a massive bread with sophisticated ingredients that are chopped, scooped, or smeared. Let’s imagine that you are biting a big piece of crunchy Khao Jee toppings. Wow, it is blowing in your mouth. Rest assured that you can see this street food scattered everywhere once you set foot in Laos. Khao Jee perfectly fits as a meal for your breakfast or lunch.

Laos Sausage

Does sausage sound trivial to you as you can find it whenever, wherever, instead of on Laos private tours? No, we suppose that you might be wrong. This flavorful Laos sausage is quite different and unique compared to the others you have eaten. The main ingredients are pork belly, minced meat, and boiled pork skin, combined with spices and herbs to boost flavor.

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Normally, the Laos people utilize chopped green onions, ginger, garlic, lemongrass, cilantro, dill, and diced galangal to mix the meat and stuff into the casings. Fresh chili pepper is another must-have ingredient to cook this already-great sausage. Also, they have to leave it fermented for nearly two weeks to get the perfect sour flavor. Every millimeter of the dish is undoubtedly a masterpiece that you want to eat again and again. You can immediately feel the firm, smoky, yet still juicy taste in a single bite. It is a must to serve Lao-style sausage with sticky rice. Its taste is so incredibly delicious and balanced that every traveler hunts for it at the night market.


Up next, we want to introduce a Laotian snack called Kaipen. To cook this plate, the manufacturers have to harvest the freshwater green algae from the Mekong River in Northern Laos first. They rinse this Mekong seaweed, press it into a paper-thin piece, and then pour a mixture of tomatoes, garlic, tamarind juice, and sesame seeds. After being dried directly under the sunlight, Kaipen is divided into many small pieces and fried in a pan full of hot oil for only a few seconds.

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Biting a piece of Kaipen, you can feel both the slightly salty taste and a crunchy texture simultaneously. Remember to try Kaipen with some jaew bong or chili paste from Luang Prabang to boost the spiciness of the dish. Although it is quite greasy due to the frying oil, you will not be tired of this food when eating too much. That’s why Kaipen is extremely suitable as an appetizer in your Laos private tours.

Khao Poon

If you want to eat something different, do not miss out on Khao Poon, a spicy soup with fermented vermicelli noodles.
The brightest point in this Laos food lies in the nutritiously long-simmered soup. Its condiments are quite diversified, with pounded meat from pork, chicken, or fish, fish sauce, galangal, garlic, lime leaves, perilla leaves, shallots, and chilies.

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Furthermore, there can be some added toppings, like spring onion, shredded cabbage, beansprouts, banana flower, coriander, peanuts, and more, according to your special taste. Not only the soup but the rice noodles also complement the delicious flavor of Khao Poon. In order to create the sourness, they have to be fermented first. Some people will not get used to eating this type of noodles, but believe us, you can get addicted to it soon. It is nearly a traditional dish of Laos that you should seek out when visiting here. Rest assured that a bowl of Khao Poon can be available at any local market, night market, food cart, or even restaurant.

Or Lam

Last but not least, let’s take a glance at Or Lam, another signature dish that you should enjoy in your Laos private tours. Or Lam is considered a braised buffalo stew originating from Luang Prabang. Laos food often consists of several ingredients to create a unique flavor that you cannot see in others from different countries, and Or Lam is not an exception.

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It contains a variety of meat, from buffalo, chicken, or beef, as well as pureed eggplants, green onion, wood ear mushrooms, beans, lemongrass, cilantro, and chilies. Also, the dish cannot complete its flavor without the appearance of some herbs, like holy basil, dill, or mai sakkan. Thanks to these multiform nutrient components, its broth is super thick that stimulates your mind with all the hearty flavor. Of course, all the ingredients blend perfectly together instead of making a chaotic complex. On top of that, you will be surprised by the “funny” texture. The conventional buffalo version stands out most to us; then, you can try pairing it with sticky rice to see how it is going.

In Sum

There are many choices for the culinary show in your Laos private tours, and we have mentioned some of the must-try dishes above. In general, their foods are nutritious with an aromatic yet unique flavor that attracts travelers at first sight. That’s why you should try them one by one to explore how amazing Laotian foods are. Many delicious dishes are waiting for you. Let’s go!

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