As a country of Buddhism, the existence of ancient temples in the Luang Citadel is as simple as life here. They are built everywhere, on this side of the river, on the other side, on the top of the high mountain, and in the middle of the street. Each has architecture, a history, and a different feeling in Laos private tours.

Neighborhoods In Luang Prabang

Wat Manorom

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The Manorom Pagoda – Source: Wikimedia

Wat Manorom is one oldest temple in the neighborhood of Luang Prabang, with its hallmark feature being the central ordination hall. It is also known as one famous sim in Lao. Inside the chapel is one bronze Buddha sculpture that is supposed to trace back to 1372. However, the pagoda has been renovated multiple times. It was built in 1840 with a typical Chuanxi architectural style that makes this place different. This Laos tourist destination was built in the Samsenthai period and is now a very sacred place and is sought by many tourists, monks, and Lao Buddhists.

The design with the sloping roof of the main hall shows an extremely sturdy and sustainable temperament. The walls and pillars are carved in gold, and many small stupas are around this place. Getting to this place is a challenging adventure in and of itself, since you must trek through twisting alleyways to reach the courtyard, but your effort is well worth it.

Wat Sene

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The Wat Sene (Source: Flickr)

Sene Pagoda (Wat Sene) is a large and beautiful destination with Thai architectural colors on the land of Luang Prabang, Laos. It was built at the cost of about 100,000 Lao kips. This place is especially famous for having Laos private tours and visiting a tall Buddha statue. Alternatively, visitors can reach the tourist attraction on foot. They often visit the ancient architecture before visiting the Royal Museum because this is where many precious artifacts of the dynasties of the Kingdom of Million Elephants are stored.

Wat Aham
The Wat Aham (Source: Flickr)

This place is located next to Vesu Narat Temple and has a fairly simple appearance. It is where the oldest Buddhists in Laos live, so this place is very dignified. Two giant Bodhi trees are standing tall in the temple. When local people have bad luck, they will go there and pray under this Bodhi tree.

Wat Aham is located adjacent to Wisunarat, so close that it seems there are no boundaries. Only a small gate was separated from one side to the other because of time and rain. The destination attracted many people not by the splendor of the architecture but by the life of the people wearing the robes. An old monk walked into the courtyard with two old trees that some people could not hug. The orange-yellow shirt glowing in the green space made me stop and startle. The boys with innocent and rustic faces kept popping up in the wooden windows. Their voices and laughter stirred up the already peaceful space.

Wat Mai

Wat Mai (referred to as the Wat May), located in northern Laos, is one beautiful and largest ancient temple. Wat Mai was built in the 18th century, painted by King Anourout in 1780, and expanded in the 19th century. At the end of the 19th century, Luang Prabang was reduced to ashes during the bloody invasion of the Black Flag Army from China to pillage in the war between the kingdom of Luang Prabang and the army of black flags. In 1887, the ancient scenic spot was lucky to escape, still retaining its original architecture, which is why this destination became sacred to the people of the ancient capital.

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The Wat Mai (Source: Wikimedia)

The ancient relic is near the famous Royal Palace and in front of the Pak Kham night market, looking up at the top of Phousi – the “scene of the sunset” of the Mekong River. The unique feature of the ancient temple is its splendid five-story red tile roof architecture. The inside and the outside are generously decorated with black, red, and gold leaf lacquer. The front porch features ornate columns and lavish golden reliefs. The reliefs tell the story of the life of Buddha, the rain gods of Laos, as well as scenes from the Ramayana and rural life. A thin stupa, two tiny stone chapels, one drum tower, and one library building housing Buddhist literature are included on the grounds. In addition, it is a place of regular religious activities. An additional house also keeps the long boats in the Luang Prabang local traditional boat racing competition.

Wat Xienthong

Xieng Thong Pagoda, is among Luang Prabang’s oldest and most prominent monasteries. This destination is situated near the confluence of Nam Khan rivers and the Mekong. The temple was built during King Setthathirath in 1559-1560, and its name means “Golden City Temple”. On the left is a small temple from the entrance, and inside is the royal carriage. The car is massive, featuring gold and decorated with 5 Naga snakes. King Sisavong used this chariot in 1960.
It is a beautiful and renowned temple in Luang Prabang, including its distinctive Lao style and curving roof, which falls to its ground. The main monastery, Xieng Thong, has been flanked by tiny shrines of similar style, making a magnificent environment.

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The Wat Xiengthong (Source: Flickr)

From the outside to the inside, on its walls, we see a lot of reliefs, sculptures, elaborate carvings, and sharp content based on Buddha relics. The interior must be said to be a masterpiece. So is every shrine. On the back of the Wat, on the wall, is a painting of a tree of life, red-orange. Every year, on Bunpimay (Lao New Year), all dignitaries in the Lao Buddhist Church and government officials gather at Xieng Thong pagoda to celebrate the new year with a procession of the Prabang statue from the Museum. After settling down in Xieng Thong’s yard, everyone bathed the Prabang Buddha statue with perfume for a day, expressing their devotion to Buddhism.

Final Thoughts

Not everyone has enough time to explore every corner of the temple or alley of Neighborhoods in Luang Prabang, Laos. With our article in hand, you also try to plan the most interesting Laos private tours.

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