Thailand is “notorious” for its humid and tropical climate most of the year. Do you guess what the best solution to escape from the heat is? All hail the beaches! Luckily, the nation has everything that a beach lover craves: impressive coastline, breathtaking stretches of sand and beach, and thousands of mysterious islands. Here are 5 of the most worth-visiting beaches in Thailand for your Thailand beach vacations.

Greatly Beautiful Beaches in Thailand You Should Go

Railay Beach

This small peninsula has undoubtedly owned one of the most sought-after beaches in Thailand that every savvy traveler wishes to set foot on. Being accessible only by boats, Railay captures every beach lover’s soul with its tranquility and photogenic beauty. The melody of birds chirping in the air, the gentle waves kissing the shore, and the bobbing sounds of long-tail boats – all come together to create a perfect getaway from the hustle and bustle of city life.

thailand beach vacations
The photogenic beauty of Railay Beach

If you don’t want to spend the whole day, sunbathing or swimming, there is a wide range of activities to keep yourself busy! A four-island hopping tour from Railay is such a great way to do some snorkeling and local discoveries. Or a rock-climbing trip is enough to use up your excess energy. Not to mention an adrenaline-filled hike to reach the hidden lagoon will lead you to a whole new world.

Ao Manao

Swimming in the sea of people is not your cup of tea? Let’s head to Ao Manao Beach near Prachuap Khiri Khan town to enjoy some peace and quiet. Compared to other more well-known Krabi Province areas, this beach attracts a smaller crowd, but its beauty is not inferior. Accessed through an army base, which successfully evokes anyone’s curiosity and imagination, Ao Manao appears in front of your eyes with a charming half-moon shaped beach and sparkling stretches of coastline.

thailand beach vacations
The gorgeous crescent-shaped coastline of Ao Manao Beach

After a day full of sunbathing and relaxing, don’t forget to feed your hungry belly with delicious Thailand seafood in many restaurants lining up the beach.

If you have become a little bored playing at the beach all day, feel free to visit the War Museum. Few old warplanes, memorials, and sculptures overlooking the Bay have marked the Japanese’s first landing during WWII. A little bit of inspiring local history during your vacation – why not?

Bottle Beach

A 1-day trip to perhaps the best beach of Koh Phangan should definitely be included in any vietnam honeymoon tours as you can have the whole paradise for yourself. As boats are the only means to reach the island, its natural beauty is kept intact and secluded. Besides soaking under the clear blue waters and snorkeling around, conquering the fantastic Bottle Beach Viewpoint is another exciting activity for adventure seekers. From above, the whole island looks purely magnificent and out of this world.

Ao Kwang Peeb

thailand beach vacations
Transparent blue waters of Ao Kwang Peeb Beach

The fourth position on the list of the best five beaches in Thailand belongs to Ao Kwang Peeb. Located on the small island of Koh Phayam, the beach possesses an irresistible charm for those fortunate enough to discover it. Measured at only 300 meters, Ao Kwang Peeb is an ideal spot for swimming as its waters are hardly affected by the strong tides compared to Ao Kao Kwa – another beach area on the island. The rugged rocks rose from the waters. The contrasting colors of blue sky and lush green jungle bring out an undisturbed and isolated vibe to the beach, making this destination extremely peaceful and private.

Donald Duck Bay

Thailand beach vacations
The symbol rock of Donald Duck Bay

It would be a big mistake not to mention the Donald Duck Bay Beach on Island 8, the Similan Islands. It was named after a pile of rocks that formed the head shape of Donald Duck – a famous animated character of Walt Disney. As its interesting name is a part of the reason why many foreign tourists flock here every summer, the beach’s lively beauty with deep emerald waters and dazzling white sand is what keeps them coming back for more.

Besides, the dynamic marine life makes Donald Duck Bay a promising night dive location. Expect to see for yourself the underwater world come back to life – hundreds of shrimp species, crabs, green turtles, and many others lighting up the night with their colorful shells.

Have these Top 5 most beautiful beaches in Thailand inspired you to go on a beach trip with your loved ones? If not, then we don’t know what will! Give these destinations a shot and make your holiday the best one ever!

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