For a married couple, Vietnam honeymoon tours could be the most memorable trip in your life. The scene, the citizens here always bring the tourist a warm and lovely welcome.

If you are dating, Vietnam is the right choice. Maybe after this trip, both of you will decide to turn into a further future. You can find a lot of Vietnam honeymoon packages with various suggestions about activities on this trip. But to be clear, there are some things you must-do if you guys want to have the most romantic memory in your life. Let’s see what they are.

Top 5 romantic activities in Vietnam

Walk along the white sands of Sao beach, Phu Quoc Island

Walking hand-by-hand on the beach is an activity that never gets old for every couple.

Sao Beach – Phu Quoc

And the best spot for honeymooners to enjoy a lovely strolling is Sao Beach in Phu Quoc island. Imagine you and your lover holding in hand and walking on a white sandy beach surrounded by crystal clear water — what a gorgeous picture like in a cinema movie. Besides a perfect scene, the tourist service around Sao beach is very convenient. You can order a set of seafood and champagne right on the beach, then enjoy the enchanted scene at sunset.

Sailing on Kayak and discover Halong Bay

What is greater than sitting on a small Kayak, enjoying the majestic scenery around Ha Long Bay – one of Vietnam’s world heritage.

Kayaking in Halong Bay

Ride your boat through each cave and visit many limestone peaks, floating fish village, and even the hidden seasides. Ha Long shows the tourist a perfect charming picture that nobody can forget. Overall, Kayaking in Halong Bay is must be in your Vietnam tour itinerary.

Visit the Valley of love, Da Lat

Valley of Love is one of the most famous and oldest tourist resorts in Dalat city. The French built it to meet the needs of relaxation for the ancient Dalat nobility. The French named this place Valley d’Amour, which means Valley of love.

Valley of love in Dalat

The name tells you all; it’s a place that no lover can ignore when coming to Dalat. The beauty of this Valley is the combination of mountains, rivers, pine forests, and flowers. Every detail here is a single piece creating the theme of love. What can be more romantic than hand in hand walking on the bridge of love, kissing in a lush garden with many colorful flowers, or exploring Vong Canh hill together? Remember to bring your camera; you may want to keep every lovely moment when in the Valley of love.

Enjoy an enchanted lantern festival night, Hoi An

Hoi An has a shimmering beauty at night. If you have never been to this place and experience a beautiful night, so this is the time so that two souls flow into this place.

For hundreds of years, the image of Hoi An at night has always been associated with colorful lanterns. Whenever the sun goes down, the colorful lanterns sparkle immediately and radiate a gentle and warm light across space. This lantern makes Hoi An fanciful in a unique way.

vietnam honeymoon tours
Drop Lantern in Hoi An

Come to Hoi An at night, let troll slowly with your lover to feel the romantic beauty under thousands of lanterns hung all over the streets and alleys. At the late-night, let take a boat on Hoai River to experience a Venice of Hoi An. When all houses turned off the lights, and there is only the light that comes from the lanterns. Imagine you and your lover are sitting on a floating boat and on a peaceful night. Both of you together drop the lanterns on the flow of water and make a wish for each other. What can be more romantic than this one?

Walk hand in hand at Vietnam’s ‘Golden Bridge,’ Danang

Danang Golden Bridge has an impressive design with two colossal hands reaching out from the mountain to support the body of the bridge. This masterpiece is also compared to the hands of God.

Golden Bridge in Danang

Owning a length of 150 meters and locating at an altitude of 1414 meters, the Golden Bridge creates a path in mid-air like a fairy-tale place. Standing on the bridge, you can see the vast primeval forests and admire the breathtaking beauty of nature around. Trolling on this bridge hasn’t much different from walking in the clouds. What an incredible experience! This tourist attraction is definitely the must-see location on your Vietnam tour itinerary.

Hope you guys have a memorable trip in Vietnam

All the romantic activities above can satisfy all the couples in this world. If you find it’s not enough, there are more exciting things are waiting for you in Vietnam.

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