With gorgeous landscapes, hospitable locals, along with delightful street food, Hanoi has always been one of the most incredible tourist destinations in Vietnam.

Although the 2020 pandemic causes tourists to postpone their plans, the Vietnam Government has made a great effort to change the situation. So, domestic tourism activities could keep going soon.

To have an excellent preparation, we would like to suggest the safe & awesome destination in Hanoi, Vietnam after Covid 19. Let’s enjoy!

Hanoi to Ensure Tourist Safety

Since the Covid-19 broke out, the Vietnamese Government and all the domestic tourist companies in Hanoi have been working together so well. All of them regularly update information and take action to repel the pandemic.

Updating information

According to the Department of Tourism of Hanoi, tour operators are responsible for updating Covid-regarding information following governmental guidance. On top of that, the Government launched mobile apps, websites, and social networks so that everyone can update information on the pandemic situation all the time.

Taking preventive measures

Hanoi authorities request the tourism industry to follow the official regulations seriously. They include quarantine implementation, medical declaration, and hygiene.

  • Medical declaration: Everyone must submit a form stating their health status online or offline when entering/leaving buildings as well as crowded events. Also, this step is mandatory for both international tourists and overseas Vietnamese returning to the country. Then, all the tourism operators involved in the process have to make a daily report about these people to the authorities.
  • Social quarantine: During the pandemic, avoiding large gatherings plays an essential role in preventing the spread of the virus, especially in public places. Plus, people must keep a safe distance between each other and check the body temperature regularly. The local authorities require suspected infection cases to implement quarantine. They can stay at home or the community isolation centers.
  • Hygiene: Another essential requirement for keeping the Covid 19 situation under control is for all citizens to wear a face mask and sanitize their hands frequently. To improve the effectiveness of the law, Hanoi as well as other cities impose the administrative monetary penalty for those going against it.

Where You Should Go in Hanoi – Interesting Suggestions for You

The following is a list of four safe & awesome destinations in Hanoi when travelling to Vietnam after Covid. If you happen to find them the very spot for your dream vacation, do not forget to add them into your plans.

Imperial Citadel of Thang Long

This is a construction built under the Dinh Tien Le Dynasty in the 7th century. In 2010, this historical site was recognized by UNESCO as a world cultural heritage for being one of the rare ancient structures carrying the distinct traits of the lost dynasty that were still standing strong.

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Imperial Citadel of Thang Long

The Imperial Citadel of Thang Long owns some typical relics, namely, Ky Dai, Doan Mon, Kinh Kinh Thien, and so forth. All of them bear the values of culture and become the most exciting places to learn more about the ethnic historical story.

Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum

Spanning an area up to 18,000 m2, Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum is one of Vietnam’s largest museums with important historical values. In 1945, President Ho Chi Minh read the declaration of independence of Vietnam. And 28 years later, this museum was built at that location. Many valuable artifacts of President Ho Chi Minh are in one crucial historical and cultural destination.

Hoan Kiem Lake

Hoan Kiem Lake or Ho Guom is the heart of Hanoi with three streets surrounding, namely, Hang Khay, Le Thai To, and Dinh Tien Hoang. Due to its favorable central location – the intersection between the old and modern quarter, the lake becomes an attractive destination for tourists.

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Hoan Kiem lake

Around Hoan Kiem Lake, there are many beautiful places that you cannot miss. Ngoc Son Temple is right on the small island of Hoan Kiem Lake, in addition, there is The Huc Bridge with unique architecture bearing many cultural and historical values with extremely distinctive red color. Visitors can also visit the garden with a statue of Ly Thai To, Hoa Phong tower. Or you can walk around 36 streets of Hanoi, or observe the ancient Turtle Tower to immerse in the cultural beauty here.

There are many beautiful places around Hoan Kiem Lake to visit. For example, the Ngoc Son Temple is right on a small island of the lake. Or you can admire the unique architecture bearing both cultural and historical values of The Huc Bridge.

Additionally, we highly recommend exploring the Hanoi Old Quarter nearby. You will have a chance to admire the ancient houses built around the 18th century.

Ba Vi National Park

Located about 60km from Hanoi, Ba Vi National Park is a destination with diverse vegetation, many spectacular natural landscapes, and fresh air for tourists of any age. This place is especially suitable for outdoor activities such as walking, team building, and camping.

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Ba Vi National Park

Following the path from the entrance, you will get to a pine forest. Honestly, its vastness is like a beautiful land. Or, you can visit the cactus greenhouse with more than 1200 species of cacti. Another option is to drop by the Do Church in the old forest.

Final Thought

Do you have any idea for your private tours to Vietnam after the pandemic is over ? Well, more and more places are worth visiting in this special city of Vietnam such as West Lake and Hanoi Old Quarter. For any requests or suggestions, feel free to drop us a line. We are eager to hear your own ideas.

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