Coronavirus’s spread has not been decreased in Asia in general and in Vietnam in particular, but we do expect that everything can be controlled. The reason is that these countries have carried out initial prevention thoroughly and strictly. As a result, you can enjoy Vietnam private guided tours right off the bat when the summertime has not been over yet. If you are still hesitating, why don’t you consult our article to get the right advice?

Why Should You Enjoy Private Vietnam Tours During The Covid-19 Outbreak?

Experience The Most Comfortable Trip

Compared to a spontaneous trip, private tours will create more comfort and freedom for you. Well, a private tour can bring you more time to enjoy yourself than building a traveling plan step by step on your own. You will receive a detailed schedule from the tourist agency, who is responsible for drawing up your private tour.

This schedule suggests all the activities you can do on your trip as well as some places for you to rest, eat, and so on. As a result, what you need to do is to pack your luggage and start your trip. It is undeniably convenient!
Most notably, there is no need to pay for any additional costs arising during the tour. Everything has been calculated carefully to meet your budget as well.

On top of that, you can have your own tour guide, who is experienced in the local’s history and culture to introduce you to all the mesmerizing sceneries and interesting spots throughout the trip. What you have to do is to make the most of your tour in high spirits. Hence, if you are planning a trip to Vietnam, just pick a reliable tourism company and let them do their job. How comfortable it is!

Safe Environment

If you are too anxious to travel to other countries during these troubling times, let’s think about Vietnam. Vietnam is surely a safe destination for tourists to visit during this summer because here, the pandemic has been under proper control for quite some time. The number of infected cases does not increase as quickly as other countries in the world.

Although Vietnam is relatively safe for tourism activities, you should not be subjective about going around without carrying out any preventive measures. Less cases does not mean the virus has given up trying to root itself here.

Additionally, if you prefer a quiet and warm place to amuse with your family, Vietnamprivate tours will meet your need by bringing some destinations that are nature-friendly and have few travelers.

Some Ideal Destinations For Private Vietnam Tours

When you opt for some private tours to Vietnam, have you decided on where to go yet? If not, we can help you with the list of three suitable destinations below. Let’s check it out!

Ha Giang

When it comes to some famous places in Vietnam, all of you must have thought of Da Nang, Nha Trang, or Phu Quoc. But they are incredibly prevalent to travelers, so we do hope that you can have different opinions. Have you ever heard of Ha Giang, a majestic yet idyllic land in Northwest Vietnam? Once setting foot on Ha Giang, you can have a chance of viewing the immense and breathtaking fields, or conquering the imposing Ma Pi Leng Pass.

Furthermore, the atmosphere here is quite pleasant throughout the four seasons. The weather in spring and winter is quite cold, and sometimes there is a thin, dreamy fog covering all the town. Meanwhile, summer and autumn climate is cool with the draught and bright sunshine. We bet that you will not feel regret when traveling to this area.

vietnam private tours
Can you conquer Ma Pi Leng Pass?


Another destination we highly recommend is Sapa. This region is quite humble, quiet but full of wonderful natural beauty.

vietnam private tours
Sky Gate in Sapa

It must be mentioned that there are lots of activities waiting for you to do in Sapa. For example, you can climb the highest mountain in the Indochina Peninsula called Fansipan, or immerse yourself in the magnificent landscape while standing at the sky gate. It sounds interesting only by hearing, so why don’t you experience these things by yourself on your upcoming private tour?

Da Lat

If you love enjoying the fresh air during the hot summer, Da Lat must be included in your traveling list. Da Lat’s atmosphere is always cool, bringing you a pleasant and relaxing feeling.

vietnam private tours

Let’s imagine yourself waking up in your room, amidst the middle of the pine forest, getting the chance to contemplate the first sunlight through the window. It is peaceful, right?

You can also recycle around the Xuan Huong Lake, or challenge yourself to overcome some hazardous slopes here.

In Conclusion

It can be assumed that traveling while the Covid-19 roams the world is still safe if you consider some private tours in a place with low infection rate. We have summarized useful information to strengthen this opinion for you. After reading our article, have you been able to clear away your concern? Hopefully, you can feel free to enjoy a private trip to Vietnam after hard-working days.

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