When you travel to Vietnam, you may hear about famous tourist attractions, delicious cuisine, friendly people and many beautiful beaches. But besides all of them, more tourist activities in Vietnam are one of a kind that you hardly have an experience like that in other countries. You can sign in to participate in these cool plays on many Vietnam holiday tour packages.

Want to find out what are they? Let’s follow us!

Top 5 unique tourist activities in Vietnam

Walking under the sea in Nha Trang

Not only owning beautiful beaches and pristine islands, but Nha Trang also attracts tourists with many entertainment services. Walking on the beach is seem pretty normal, so what about walking on the seafloor? It sounds more exciting.

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Sea Walk in Nha Trang

Everyone can join this activity; even those who can’t swim will be able to participate. The duration of this tour is about 15 to 20 minutes. Tourists who join the “sea walk” need to wear an oxygen helmet and follow all instructions correctly by professional divers. You will discover the 50 square meters under the ocean and admiring many kinds of fishes as well as colorful corals. You will find the hat is pretty heavy when you wear, but it’s only when you stay on the land. The hat weighs 40kg with a particular design, but when you dive, the has weight only 4kg in the water. What a great invention.

Mud bathing in Quang Binh cave

Quang Binh cave is known as one of the World Natural Heritage sites. People visit Phong Nha – Ke Bang (Quang Binh) to explore beautiful nature and also enjoy new travel services.

Tourists can join many exciting activities such as kayaking, caving, fishing, stream bathing, etc. And there is one thing that you shouldn’t skip, which is the mud bathing in caves. When you join this tour, you will be taken by a zip line system which is longer than 400m to enter a dark cave. Inside this cave, there are many specialized types of equipment helping you to relax in a huge mud bath.

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Mud Bathing in Quang Binh Cave

After that, you will continue to clean yourself in the water for 16 to 18ºC of Thuy Tien Lake, which is also located in the cave. Then you will follow a row on the Chay River to return.

Traveling on basket boat in Hoi An

In Hoi An, the Bay Mau coconut forest the ideal rendezvous attraction for visitors to take a fantastic ecotour. This forest in Cam Thanh commune brings the rustic and idyllic beauty of the rural countryside in Vietnam. From Bach Dang boat station in Hoi An ancient town, you will take a big boat and go through 4km of southeast reiver to reach Bay Mau coconut forest. After that, you will stay on a basket boat to crept to visit the coconut forest in Hoi An.

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Basket Boat Shaking

During the tour, you will be instructed to make some lovely gifts from nipa palm leaves, or take a boat ride through the small canals of coconut forest to catch crabs and fish by yourself. But the most special is the. It is the experience of basket boat shaking. This activity is a bit risky even for the adult, so if you are on Vietnam holiday with kids, don’t let them play this game.

Become a farmer in Hoi An

For foreign visitors, farming can be an exciting experience that you hardly have. So let visit Hoi An to join a unique agricultural tour. Many travel companies have combined with the farmers to organize this unique activity. The farmer can have more income, and this activity also welcomed by many tourists.

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Work like a farmer

You will become a real farmer and experience things like plowing, carrying water, and irrigation. This must be a rewarding and interesting experience in your journey.

Kayaking and picking up rubbish in Hoi An

You may hear about Kayaking in Halong activity to admire an imposing scenery. So why don’t we do something more useful when boating like picking up trash to protect the environment?

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Kayaking and cleaning the river

With only 10 USD, you will have the most memorable and meaningful trip in your life. Coming to Hoi An, You can join a tour to kayak and picking up garbage. During this activity, you will take a boat ride from Hoai River to the Hoi An old town, and you will be taught how to ride the boats correctly as well as use the scooping tools to clean the surface water.

And It’s all the best unique tourist activities in Vietnam. There are a lot of things to do in this beautiful Southeast-Asia country. But if you want to find a specialized experience, then you have to try one of those suggestions above. Hope to see you in Vietnam.

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