Thailand has a long-standing cuisine reputation for its delicate tastes and traditional delicacies, which draw visitors from all around the world. There seems to be no doubt that Thai people like eating, and they particularly enjoy their conventional street cuisine.

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While Thai eateries can be found everywhere in the world, eating genuine Thai street food in their homeland is a very other experience. The tastes are more intense, and the ingredients are much fresher, so there is a greater range of foods and flavors to pick from. To help you get started on your Thailand tour package, we’ve compiled a list of 6 of Thailand’s most mouthwatering street food options.

6 Best Street Foods In Thailand You Must Try During Your Thailand Tour Package

Pad Thai

Pad Thai is unquestionably one of Thailand’s most famous dishes. Almost everyone knows this dish, and it is a fantastic way to start your Thailand tour package street food. As the name indicates, Pad Thai is a genuine Thai cuisine made with rice or noodles. The popular stir-fried food is commonly cooked with shrimp or chicken, blending the sweet and savory flavors of tamarind, peanuts, bean sprouts, fried egg, and lime.

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When it comes to noodles in Pad Thai, the most common ones are glass noodles and yellow noodles. You may order Pad Thai with tofu for a vegetarian version. Even though Pad Thai isn’t as popular in Thailand as in other countries, this popular Thai comfort meal can be found throughout the country. This is a meal you’ll remember long after you’ve left Thailand.

Massaman Curry

Because it was awarded as king of all foods by CNN, Massaman Curry deserves its citation. It’s a moderate Thai curry with respect to the nation’s Muslim culture. Massaman Curry is also one of Thailand’s most popular street dishes in the south, where there is a substantial Muslim community.

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Thai curries are available in various forms and sizes, as well as nearly every color of the rainbow. Massaman is a foreign visitor to this bustling spice business, with distinct Persian characteristics and ingredients. Massaman, like its contemporaries, is created with a typical foundation of coconut milk, chicken, and potatoes. Toasted nuts, cinnamon, bay leaves, tamarind chutney, and frequently a luxurious dash of sugar are added as a finishing touch. This is a terrific alternative for those who prefer mild curries; for vegetarians, you can replace the chicken with some delicious tofu.

Guay Teow

Another worth-mentioning popular street food in Thailand is Guay Teow. Guay Teow is a term that refers to any form of noodle soup. Large boiling pots may be found at Bangkok street food markets and around the area, with sellers ready to serve a steaming bowl of noodles. It’s possible to make Guay Teow using chicken, pig, or beef stock, as well as rice or egg noodles. The recipe has so many varieties that, much like most Thai cuisines, it’s a little different every time you have it, but it’s always steaming and comforting.

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Most stores also include veggies, chopped pork, meatballs, or wontons in their offerings. So, what makes it Thai-only? Dry chilies, sugar, lime juice, and fish sauce are among the ingredients used. Guay Teow is a hearty, filling dish that benefits the soul.

Gaeng Kiew Wan Gai

If you want to tone down the heat without sacrificing any of the curry’s flavor blast in your Thailand tour package, go for a bowl of Gaeng Kiew Wan Gai, aka Thai Green Curry. The legendary Green Chicken Curry is a sort of Thai street cuisine that is well-known across the world. When encountering this dish, the first thing that springs to one’s mind is, “Why is it so green?”. This is owing to the green curry paste is quickly stirred into the coconut milk.

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The green curry paste is mixed with slices of delicate chicken, bamboo shoots, coriander stems, and sweet and fragrant basil. Green Chicken Curry is gentle, flavorful, and incredibly full of flavor, thanks to generous amounts of coconut milk.
You may add your favorite meat, such as chicken, and it’s normally served over a bowl of hot rice. If you want something different, consider yellow or red curry, which is cooked with colorful aromatics like turmeric or red chilies. This recognized internationally Thai staple is much tastier in its hometown when served with a glutinous rice dish.

Som Tam

Som Tam is a famous Thai dish that can be found on practically every street food stand in the area and will immediately get to be your go-to mild and refreshing dish. This meal is increasingly popular among visitors because of the excellent combination of sweet, sour, and spicy flavors.

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The recipe is mixed with fresh lime juice, chilies, sugar, prawns, tomato, bean sprouts, and other ingredients. This causes a tingling feeling on your tongue. This is unquestionably one of Thailand’s most delectable dishes. A note of warning: even if you believe you can handle hot dishes, definitely request that your Som Tam be made without chili. Since mortar and pestle are used to combine the ingredients, it nicely combines the tastes but is also powerful!
Because this food is usually rather hot, depending on your acceptable limit, it’s a good idea to ask for little or no chilies.

Khao Pad

Last but not least, we need to mention Khao Pad. In Thai, Khao refers to rice, whereas Pad refers to a stir-fried dish. Fried rice is a typical meal that can be seen all over the world, but the Thai rendition outperforms them all.
This simple Thai dish may look uninteresting initially, but after you experience the combination, you’ll see why it’s the original Thai comfort meal.

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Khao Pad comprises meat or shellfish and is prepared with Thai Jasmine rice. When the Thai cooks make the jasmine rice with the veggies, it emits a wonderful scent. Different food sellers usually add seasoning blends according to their unique recipes. It is, nevertheless, absolutely delicious and aromatic. What’s the best part? It may be customized Khao Pad in any way you like. You’ll keep returning for more of this irresistible meal, no matter how you enjoy it.
You’re missing out if you don’t include Khao pad on your Thailand tour package. This traditional Thai street dish is a must-try for all visitors.


Street food is an important aspect of the country that you should try at least once during your Thailand tour package. Thailand’s street cuisine is a beautiful swirl of flavors that can make anyone feel like floating on cloud nine. In Thailand, let your gourmet senses loose. The cuisine will undoubtedly satisfy you. It’s certainly worth a go. Good luck with your meal!

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