Being familiar with the image of beautiful islands and sacred temples, people always think that Thailand tourism is only suitable for sightseeing activities, sightseeing, or relaxing days by the vast ocean. However, Thailand Tour Packages with interesting outdoor activities are also terrific options for visitors to this country.

Experience Outdoor Activities In Thailand

Hiking Through The Jungle

Trekking through the forest will help you have more authentic encounters with indigenous ethnic groups and tribes.

  • The best places: Kanchanaburi, Khao Yai
  • The best time: October to February


You can go on a wild ride into the jungles of Kanchanaburi. Cross a beautiful river to an enchanting nature reserve and hike to the rainforest to witness the beautiful flora along the Khwae Yai River. Moreover, you can replenish your energy with a tasty lunch with drinks included in the package. After a delicious feast, take a quick snake education course and learn how to handle native snakes in Thailand with jungle survival skills and tips. You should put on a life jacket and prepare to “float” along the river to see fascinating wildlife. More importantly, you can enjoy a hassle-free day tour with roundtrip transfers in Kanchanaburi city!

Khao Yai

thailand tour packages
A Hiking Team at Khao Yai Park (Source: Flickr)

This is a famous national park in Thailand. Khao Yai spans many provinces, such as Nakhon Ratchasima, Saraburi, Prachinburi, and Nakhon Nayok. This natural space is full of green trees. It is the natural home of 300 species of plants, 320 species of birds, and 67 species of mammals. When visiting Khao Yai, you will experience many interesting activities. Visitors can walk through the forest, soak in the cool stream, and go to the dairy farm. Or, those who love wine can go to the famous wine-producing valley in the region.

Rock Climbing

Among the Thailand Tour Packages, rock climbing is a dangerous activity. It is an enjoyable activity but requires a certain degree of fitness and endurance. Therefore, for your journey to go smoothly, you need a comfortable outfit, a pair of soft non-slip days, and the necessary protective gear. If choosing areas with dangerous terrain, learn and listen to the experts’ guidance. Also, don’t forget to bring water and a nice little camera to record your wonderful time.

  • The best places: Railay in Krabi, Chiang Mai
  • The best time: November to March (dry season)


This destination is the perfect terrain for mountaineering. Not only to satisfy personal passion and conquer new challenges, but the climbing journey in Krabi also ends with beautiful scenery when viewed from above, feeling the magic of nature and green trees. And the white sand merges into the crystal clear turquoise water. If coming to Krabi, visitors can choose to climb mountains at Railay beach. There are two trips to choose from: climbing in a half-day or full-day period. If starting at noon, the pick-up time will be 12:30 or 1:00. At Railay Beach, professional instructors will explain all the necessary skills of this sport, such as how to use seat belts, footing points, and how to reduce injury to the body.

Chiang Mai

There are many different routes to experience trekking in Chiang Mai. There are even climbing tours offered at this place. Depending on the mountain range, they are divided into different levels for those who want to take on the challenge. There are areas suitable for beginners and more difficult terrain for professional climbers.

White Water Rafting

This sport is an outdoor leisure activity that involves navigating a river and other aquatic bodies over an inflatable dinghy. It is often performed on white water and various raw sea levels. Whether you enjoy relaxing on softly floating rafts and riding wild waves, Thailand has plenty to offer.

  • The best places: Chiang Mai, Phang Nga
  • The best time: November to February

Chiang Mai

You would board a smooth shuttle from Chiang Mai, then embark on a relaxing cycling journey through Mae Taeng’s untouched, untouched landscapes. Crossing trails surrounded by green nature, the 18km bike ride is complete and leaves you in awe of the beauty of the Mae Taeng River as you pass by plantations and local villages.

Phang Nga

thailand tour packages
White Water Rafting at Phang Nga (Source: Facebook)

A boat tour to discover Phang Nga Bay will give visitors many great experiences when they wander around and explore the beautiful Phang Nga Bay by themselves. You will pass many huge limestone islands with cliffs, towering to overwhelming. The green vegetation covers the cliffs, making them look like they are wearing a beautiful blue shirt, creating a wild, majestic, and poetic look.

Ziplining Through The Jungle

Zipline is an adventurous rope swing originating from a common form of transportation in mountainous areas.
The slide will slide through the forest, through very tall and very large trees, so if you look up, you will see it is sunny and cloudy. If you look down, you will only see trees under your feet. You don’t see rivers and streams, people as small as ants are moving, even though you are sliding on a slide 2m above sea level.

  • The best place: Chiang Mai, Phuket
  • The best time: January to May

Chiang Mai

A special thing in this place is that the slides will be placed in the Dragonflight area to form a lost cutie big belly dragon. If you know this, you will feel that besides flying in the middle of the tropical forest at an altitude of more than 2,000 m, you will also feel like you are flying in a dragon. The feeling that you are surfing in the middle of the tropical green forest, the trees are whispering, and the wind is blowing at a speed of 20km/h. At that time, you only gap at the majestic natural scenery surrounding a small dot. And you don’t know what it’s like to be afraid anymore.


thailand tour packages
Ziplining in Phuket (Source: Youtube)

Named after the Hindu god’s monkey, visit Flying Hanuman for an eco-adventure unlike any other in Phuket and is rated as the top rainforest experience in Southeast Asia. To play the zipline game, you must climb the spiral staircase above and slide at about 400 meters on the rope. The feeling of floating in the sky makes players excited because the slide is not too fast. You will travel through the Thai jungle with various high rope activities. Fly along the 400m ziplines, slide 40 meters down an ancient tree, swing on the Honeymoon slider, and let your heartbeat on the aerial tracks. The most special thing is the challenge of swinging through the thousands of different tall and low forest trees. Feeling the wind blowing against your ears and lingering on your skin and the sound of birds chirping, you will feel like a real Tarzan.


Referring to Thailand Tour Packages, it is impossible not to mention this last famous sport. Surfing is a favorite entertainment game for thrill-seekers.

  • The best place: Pansea, Kata
  • The best time: May to October

Pansea Beach

Pansea Beach may be the top destination for people considering Thailand as a surfing vacation. This destination runs about 400 meters along the west. Moreover, it is located north of the beautiful Surin Beach and is separated from Surin by a small rocky peninsula. The coastline is bordered by a plethora of coconut palms and unique vegetation. While many people mistake Pansea Beach for a beautiful beach controlled by Amanpuri Phuket, this beach is free and available to the public. Although it remains unknown to several surfers, this small secluded beach can surprise even the most experienced surfers.

Kata Beach

thailand tour packages
Phuket – The paradise For Surfing Lovers (Source: Youtube)

Kata is split into two sections: Kata Noi and Kata, and it is more developed and bigger. This beach also ranks among the few sites in Phuket where you can go surfing. Its waves are not as well-known as those in other areas, like Bali, yet if you wish to try surfing, here is the spot to go. Kata Noi remains calmer than its larger neighbor, with various resorts and venues where visitors may get drinks and food. While Kata may not be the most beautiful spot, it is an excellent place to stay since the neighborhood offers superb facilities and amenities to make the next day more enjoyable and thrilling.


Thailand Tour Packages with Interesting outdoors in Thailand always offer the best experiences for adventurers.
Few people know that, in addition to the rows of green coconuts and clear sea water, the Golden Temple surprises visitors because of the large rocky mountains and beautiful jungles, a famous destination for people who love sports activities and exercise. Do not hesitate to plan a wonderful trip with your beloved.

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