Thailand is an interesting destination that attracts many tourists yearly, especially in the summer. It has a diverse cuisine and is also a paradise of many tropical fruits. Therefore, you cannot ignore the natural refreshments here. The following article is the top 6 best local drinks that most Thailand vacation packages suggest you should not ignore. Let’s read and enjoy them!

Delicious Thailand Drinks You Cannot Ignore

Grass Jelly Drinks

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Grass Jelly served with coconut milk, and brown sugar is a typical Thai dessert (Source: Asian Food Network)

It is made from the plant Platostoma palustre, which is sweet and bitter. Therefore, many sellers have diversified their taste with other flavors such as chocolate or fruit. But some others still prefer its original flavor. The jellies are beautifully sliced and used as a topping for your drink. Crunchy, chewy, and fresh is the feeling that this dish brings. Sellers will combine them with drinks such as coconut water, teas, juices, milk teas, or even ice creams. Combining it with brown sugar and coconut milk is also a good choice for creating a traditional Thai dessert. The price of grass jelly, when mixed with other drinks, is about 40 baht (equivalent to $ 1.14).

Pomegranate Juice

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Cool pomegranate juice provides a lot of vitamin C and other nutrients for health (Source: Fodors Travel Guide)

This juice has the Thai name Nam Thabthim, a refreshing, pure, and sugar-free beverage. Vendors will squeeze pomegranate juice in front of customers before putting it in a bottle and selling it to them. The cool Nam Thabthim with a mild sour and sweet taste is the ideal solution to quench your thirst and help you regain strength. It provides abundant vitamin C, along with many antioxidants and fiber that are good for the heart, digestive system, bones, and joints and lowers cholesterol in the body. You can easily find this juice at sidewalk stalls, malls, or restaurants. Its price fluctuates around 50 baht (about $1.42).

Coconut Water

The clear liquid inside the coconut, a tree belonging to the palm tree family, provides high nutrition. Chilled coconut water with thick, fragrant and sweet copra is a dish not to be missed in the land of the Golden Temple. Some places chill the coconut first, and when the customer orders, they cut a small hole to let the water out, then cut it in half and scrape the copra. Thus, this new dish retains its fresh and delicious taste without the need to add ice. Its price is less than 10 baht (about $0.28), and following the Thailand vacation packages, you can easily find it at any market or water stall in this country.

Sugarcane Juice

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Sugarcane juice has a natural sweetness, suitable for a tiring day of walking (Source: HealthifyMe)

Nam Oy, or sugarcane juice, is the sweetest natural drink you can enjoy, extracted from the plant of the same name. Sugarcane is a common plant in Southeast Asia, North Africa, Latin America, and the Indian Subcontinent. This main ingredient to make sugar is pressed at the store and bottled for customers. If you can not stand its sweetness, you can add ice to dilute it. Otherwise, sip a juice to feel the fruitiness melt evenly on the tongue and gradually absorb into the throat. The price of a glass of water will range from 20 – 30 baht (under $1), and you will enjoy the drink pressed directly from this sugarcane.

Thai Iced Milk Tea

Unlike Taiwanese milk tea, Chai yen or Thai milk tea often has a low-fat taste and strong local tea flavor. It is considered a traditional drink as most people here start the day with this cup of tea in hand. It has a bright orange color combined with tea and sweetened condensed milk. Usually, sellers add a few toppings to attract visitors, such as grass jelly, pearls, or pudding. Because it uses condensed milk, it has a fatty and slightly sweet taste, not too harsh, enough to up your mood during a tiring travel day. You may see many sidewalk shops, restaurants, or even milk tea shops selling this dish at various prices, depending on the topping included. Along with that is Nom Yen or Thai pink milk, a typical drink like the one above but often found at elementary school gates. It is also made from condensed milk with syrup or strawberry juice and cubed ice. Thus, its unique flavor is a blend of strawberries’ slightly fatty, sweet, and sour flavors, which gives it its characteristic pink color.


As a tropical country, Thailand becomes a fertile land for many types of fruit to grow where you can go sightseeing according to Thailand vacation packages guidance. Some must mention mango, dragon fruit, carrot, coconut, banana, durian, etc. Most of them are sold on stalls from wholesale and retail to pre-peeled or used to make desserts such as sweet soups or cakes. In addition, local people also blend them into smoothies or juices and sell them on the streets.

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Smoothies from tropical fruits will make visitors both satisfy their taste buds and quickly restore their strength (Source: Thaiger)

They are not only specialties of the “land of Golden Pagodas” but also provide excellent amounts of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients for your body. These year-round fruits are a fresh, healthy, and nutritious choice for any traveler visiting this country. Depending on the type of fruit, the price can range from 30 – 50 baht ($0.85 – 1.42), and you can also choose to mix them.

Final Thoughts

With the typical hot weather, Thai people have the opportunity to diversify their local drink menu from ingredients close to nature. Visitors can find them at affordable prices at any restaurant, shopping mall, or sidewalk stall. Thanks to that, tourists may safely roam to explore this country with their Thailand vacation packages and replenish their energy afterward with fresh and delicious beverages!

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