In the meantime, the Coronavirus has been spread worldwide, causing the death of millions of people. As a result, traveling is considered a dangerous thing because you will have a higher chance of being exposed to the Virus.

However, many countries are now in the recovery phase, and the Virus exposed rate is declining, such as the South East Asian region. So, it’s totally safe to travel to countries there like Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos.

Through this post, we will introduce some great traveling spots for you and provide safety guidelines so that you can enjoy your trip at best.

Brief report of the Coronavirus outburst in the Indochina

The Indochina region is located next to China – the origin of the Coronavirus, Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia were at high risk of coronavirus infection. And they really were. However, with the modern medical system, all have gone through the outburst phase now.

According to statistics in September 2020, there are more than 1000 patients with 35 deaths. Meanwhile, there are just 23 people infected, and none is dead. Cambodia even has a more impressive achievement: 274/274 patients recovered.

Given that fact, Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia are safe to travel around now. The government has had effective policies, and the healthcare systems are well equipped enough to cure Coronavirus.

Recommended traveling spots for you

Phnom Penh

This is the most famous city of Cambodia in the international tourism spectrum. Being both a capital city in modern days and a cultural center in ancient days, Phnom Penh is literally the whole nation’s heartbeat.

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At first glance, tourists will be surprised by the transportation there, with car horns and chaotic motorbikes. However, that is not its top-rated traveling spot, the Tuol Sleng Museum is. Most visitors vote this place as a worthy experience because it displays many proofs that provoke the miserable days when Cambodia strives against the Khmer Rouge.


Vientiane is the charming cultural city of Laos. Officially, this place is the country’s capital city, where the ancient past and modern times collapse.

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It used to be a former French post-trading center. Therefore, Vientiane is under the strong influence of French architectural art. Most of the buildings in the city today are made during the French colonial period.

Walking around this charming town, tourists can find many structures that influence the Laotian signature decorative art such as the Patuxai – Laotian version of Arc de Triomphe in Paris.

Luang Prabang

Laos is the hidden gem of the Indochina region. The country still stands in its shadow from its glorious old days, situated next to the enormous China and Vietnam. However, that doesn’t mean that traveling to Laos is boring. Instead, if you are looking for Laos’ serene heart, Luang Prabang is a go-to place.

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Lying on the mighty Mekong and Khan rivers, the town is known for its European-style coffee shops located along the scenic river bank. This famous destination is so delightful that it was recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.

Going further into the city, tourists find temples and pagodas, decorated in Laos’ signature symbols. If you love trekking, the Kuang Si waterfall is your must-go traveling spot.

Da Lat

If you are finding Vietnam honeymoon packages, then Da Lat absolutely reserves a spot on the list. Located in the mountainous area, surrounded by hills and rivers, this city is born for romance.

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The spring is slowly replaced by winter. Waking up in the morning, you can feel the wind flowing through hairs like winter has come. The temperature will gradually rise to a peak at 12.00 p.m, then, of a sudden, the degree drops. It will slowly turn cooler and cooler till midnight comes.

With picturesque scenery, cool climate, and blooming flowers, Da Lat is a great place for couples to enjoy the romance that is in the air.

Mui Ne

Mui Ne is another famous traveling spot in central Vietnam. In the past, this is just a small, coastal town with a few residents. However, after a solar eclipse in 1995, the city has risen to stardom and remains on the top trending travel destination.

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What people love about Mui Ne is its “yellow sand portable hill.” Each year, because of the wind, the hill moves to another spot and changes the color. In some years, it is yellow, but other times, it is orange.

During special weather time, the sand can change into red, either. Climbing up the wobbling sand, sliding along the hill while seeing the sunset are all experiences that Mui Ne gives you when you visit it.

Safety guidelines

Even though Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos are relatively safeguarded countries with high Coronavirus recovery rate, you should still educate yourself with safety tips because this Virus is unpredictable. Below is some helpful advice for you:

  • Always wear masks in public: It’s a must to wear masks in public in some cities like Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam), so having a mask is not only to follow the rule but also to protect yourself.
  • Wash your hands in hand sanitizer immediately after going outside.
  • Avoid touching your face with bare hands: Your hands are literally the dirtiest place on the body, so touching your eyes or mouth is the fastest way to transmit Coronavirus directly into your body.
  • Open or close the hotel room’s door by your wrist, not by bare hand to avoid direct touching.
  • Remain 2 meters minimum from others: You can’t control the sneezing or any means of body fluids transmission, so the best way to prevent virus exposure is to stay away from strangers as far as possible.


This post has gone through a brief report of the coronavirus status in Vietnam and some top recommended Vietnam, Cambodia Laos itinerary. We also discuss how to protect yourself while traveling. Even though the CoVid-19 is still outburst in the area, you will be safe if you follow the guidelines above. Hope that this post provides you with much useful information for your trip.

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