Nowadays, vegetarianism is no longer just a matter of religion; many people are vegetarian to improve their health and keep their minds pure. Are you a vegetarian and looking for delicious vegetarian dishes that are easy to make? Vegetarian cuisine is also very rich, with a variety of processed dishes. Refer to this article for an update on the most delicious vegetarian dishes you can come across in Vietnam tour packages.

7 Most Delicious Vegetarian Vietnamese Foods To Try

Vegetarian Vietnamese spring rolls

Vegetarian spring rolls are a favorite dish of many people. Ingredients include green beans and other components such as corn, carrots, and taro. The way to make vegetarian spring rolls is quite simple, and you bring taro and carrot into fibers, finely chopped black fungus, and fried crispy tofu. All are mixed, seasoned with spices, scooped into each piece of pia rice paper, and deep fried in oil.

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Vegetarian spring rolls – Source: Pxhere

Spring rolls, after frying, have a beautiful golden brown color, crispy outer shell, and fragrant inside, eaten with vermicelli and raw vegetables dipped in sweet and sour fish sauce. The rich aromatic fat of the filling and the crispy outer layer of rice paper will conquer your taste buds. A satisfying vegetarian spring roll must, first of all, retain its crispiness and attractive golden color. The filling is rich, and the ingredients blend.

Vegan Steamed Buns (Banh bao chay)

Delicious, nutritious vegetarian dumplings are suitable for vegetarians or those who want to change their taste with pure dishes. Instead of a flavorful filling with normal meat, vegetarian dumplings can have no toppings, toppings with vegetable ingredients, or a topping of beans or sweet potatoes.

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Vegan Steamed Buns – Source: Rawpixel

There are 2 basic types of vegetarian dumplings, and a vegetarian dumpling is filled with beans with a sweet, aromatic taste of beans. The other is a dumpling filled with tofu baked with carrots and onions, giving it a strangely delicious taste. The recipe for vegetarian and shell-shaped dumplings is very simple, mainly two types: garlic bun and round shape. Vegetarian dumplings are available everywhere, from roadside stalls to high-end restaurants.

Vegan Vietnamese Pho (Pho chay)

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Vegan Vietnamese Pho – Source: Flickr

It can be said that pho is the most famous dish representing Vietnamese cuisine. Step into any restaurant in many Vietnam tour packages, and you will surely be delicious beef pho. So have you ever tried vegetarian pho? Vegetarian Pho is a simple, easy-to-make dish with one frugal taste but still very attractive. Although cooked from vegetables, vegetarian pho has the same delicious taste as salty pho. The pho broth is usually clear, fragrant, and has the natural sweetness of vegetables. Pho noodles are soft and chewy, served with straw mushrooms, tofu, and sweet and gentle vegetables.

Lau Chay – Vegan Hot Pot

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Vegan hot pot – Source: Wikimedia

On the way, if any tourist is bored of eating a lot of meat, fish, and grease, but has a delicious, frugal hot pot to enjoy, what’s better? Natural sweet hot pot sauce blended with vegetables, mushrooms, and vegetarian sausages is extremely attractive. The frugal and refreshing taste of tofu and vegetables, mixed with the sour and spicy taste of Thai hot pot, will create a delicious and nutritious dish for the whole group. Both the sour and spicy vegetarian hotpot and the mushroom hotpot get a cool and bold flavor that provides new and unique experiences while also being high in nutritional value.

Vietnamese Curry Vegetarian for Indian

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The vegan curry – Source: Flickr

In India, vegetarian curry is a very famous dish. This recipe is also a dish often used by Buddhists on the full moon day or the 1st. The ingredients’ purity and elegance, combined with the chef’s ingenuity, create an enchanting heart. Squeeze a piece of bread into the curry and enjoy; you will immediately feel the broth’s and the broth’s richness. Sweet potatoes and potatoes are soft, sweet, fragrant with coconut milk, extremely delicious, and attractive. Adding a piece of curry juice to the vermicelli is equally delicious! Eat a bit and want to eat forever!

Vegan Banh mi

In Vietnam tour packages, you will often see many types of Vietnamese bread on the roadside. When it comes to bread, we often think of meatloaf, but few people know about frugal but nutritious vegetarian bread. When you are used to greasy, fragrant bread with the flavor of egg meat, vegetarian sandwiches will be a suggestion for new and delicious flavors without being bored, especially for those implementing a diet, nutritious diet or those who worship Buddha and have a vegetarian habit but still want to enjoy the taste of bread.

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Vegan Banh Mi – Source: Source: Foody

Banh mi is one of the street foods that many people love, thanks to its unique and varied flavors. Vegan bread is both crispy and fragrant, very suitable for vegetarians. There are many types of vegetarian bread with different flavors and colors suitable for each person’s taste. Still, the most popular are three types of vegetarian bread: vegetarian braised bread, vegetarian steamed bread, and vegetarian sandwich.

Garlic Bok Choy

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Garlic Bok Choy – Source: Wikimedia

Bok Choy is a vegetable commonly used in cooking in Southeast Asia that has dark green leaves on thick, white stems. In addition to being low in calories and high in nutrients, its mildly sweet flavor and crunchy texture make bok choy a suitable ingredient for most dishes. Served with a cup of hot rice will be even more delicious. Not only vegetarians will love this dish, but also those who don’t eat a lot of vegetables because of the great taste that oyster sauce makes the deliciousness of Bok Choy.

Final Thought

The trend of vegetarianism is becoming increasingly popular in modern society and is being responded to by many people. Many people think that vegetarian dishes are often monotonous and boring. Still, the above vegetarian dishes for parties will change your mind because of their delicious taste and full of nutrition.

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