Stemming in Wuhan, China since last December, the coronavirus disease has dropped the human race a bomb we have yet to fully tackle.

Initially contagious from a virus in bats and civets, the novel derivative of coronavirus named COVID-19 then hopped into the human body after a person feasting on bats. Then the disease spreads even more horribly when someone has a close contact with invisible droplets from a cough or even communicating person.

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Slow responsive measures from the outbreak have made France a deadly battlefield

The lung, spleen or intestine environment would facilitate the viruses’ shameless replication. It’s also causing a fuss for our inner immune system. In most cases, our reliable immune system can get up again and take control, while others with weak immune systems cannot. That’s when respiratory failure sets in. This could have a grave effect on you and anyone else. Coronavirus is no joke.

In fact, the coronavirus has brought every single aspect of our lives to a halt. We cannot say for sure how long this will last and to what extent the world will actually suffer. But that’s for later.

What you should do now is educate yourself with credential information on this matter. Maybe you’ve been planning a trip to Vietnam for so long. But now you’re wondering whether it’s okay or not to depart, right? Keep reading to find out the answer.

How To Protect Yourself Against The Virus: Better Safe Than Sorry

As of now, there is no vaccine to prevent coronavirus disease yet. Therefore, equipping yourself with sufficient protection is the most viable option. Follow these instructions from the WHO to prevent the risk of the coronavirus disease for you and your family.

  • Know when and how to use a mask properly.
    • When to use a mask: during social exposure and close contact with people who cough or sneeze
    • How to use a mask: a mask should cover enough the area of your nose and mouth. Plus, there should be no space between your face and the mask. Replace the mask when it’s moist and dispose of one-time masks after using it.
  • Wash your hands properly: a proper wash should last 20 seconds along with hand sanitizer or soap. Make sure every area on your hands is well-touched.
  • Maintain social distancing: stay at least two meters clear between yourself and who is coughing or sneezing. Even when you are on Vietnam customized tours, which are quite safe, do not forget to do this. Prevention is better than cure.
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth: these are the first path that the coronavirus enters your body. Make sure to keep your hands further away from them!
  • Seek help immediately if you think you have close contact with a potential corona patient, or if you have any symptoms of the disease. These symptoms include: fever, tiredness, dry cough, sore throat (some might even have diarrhea, runny nose and nausea). Call these hotlines in an emergency: 1900 9095 or 1900 3228

But most importantly, keep yourself sane on social media and other communication channels, that’ll do you good these days.

Tips To Have A Safe Travel

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Traveling during this time is ill-advisory

During the coronavirus outbreak, it is advisable to strictly follow the rules of quarantine. In other words, stay home as long as possible. However, if you really need to travel somewhere but for some reasons you can’t settle AT ALL, no need to freak out. Vietnam had made every responsive measure since the very outbreak of the virus.

Up to this point, Vietnam has reported 268 cases with no death. This is a good sign compared to other countries. Here is what you ought to do to have a safe journey:

  • Keep a clear distance of 2 meters from other people:
    This is the distance that keeps you from any contact with droplets from others’ coughs or sneezes.
  • Always wear a mask onboard and offboard
    You may surround yourself with others from various countries, even countries mired in the battle against this perilous coronavirus. You cannot know from your eyesight. So please wear a mask.
  • Bring your hand sanitizer along with you.
  • Book private tours to Vietnam.
    This will be your smartest decision after all (I’m just kidding). I mean, a private tour service can guarantee you a well-tailored Vietnam tour itinerary, a safe place to stay in, and most importantly, to taste Vietnam differently from usual times. Our service promises to bring you only the best.

Wrapping Up

After this perilous global epidemic, why not treat yourself to a good getaway with Vietnam tour holidays? Because we can’t see why not.

But remember to be prudent and cautious amid and even after the disease. Take good notes of this article before departing.

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