Tonle Sap, part of the Mekong River, is Cambodia’s biggest freshwater lake. Also known as “the heart of Cambodia,” Tonle Sap is home not only to the locals living on boats but also to thousands of marine creatures. During the Cambodia vacation package, you will witness one of the most magnificent landscapes on earth and gain valuable experience as a fisherman on Tonle Sap.

Why Is Tonle Sap Lake Important For Cambodia?

Life On The Tonle Sap

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Boat Is The Most Common Transportation On The Tonle Sap

The life of the locals here is associated with seasonal fishing and goods trading on floating markets. The Tonle Sap is the shelter for over three million locals, with the abundant support of fresh water, food, fuelwood, and other crucial supplies. Cambodia and Tonle Sap’s water system provides more than 500,000 tons of fish annually. The huge amount of food, especially freshwater fish, has boosted Cambodian fishery for centuries. This is also the main way for the locals to earn a living.

Thanks to the rich natural conditions, local people live and develop their community in the middle of Tonle Sap, turning it into a liveable floating village and a favorite destination for many tourists. Also, the Tonle Sap floodplain’s ecosystem is fertile, with many wildlife habitats, freshwater species, and flooded forests, creating a sustainable shield from natural disasters.

Tourism On The Tonle Sap

Many visitors travel to Siem Reap to see the Angkor Wat temples. Besides ancient ruins, this historical city has more attractions, such as the Tonle Sap floodplain. If you prefer sightseeing the growth of wildlife habitat and local communities, the Tonle Sap floodplain is your ideal destination. The locals are very welcoming and pleasant so that you will be easily familiar with them. The tropical and seasonal climate ranges between 20℃, which is comfortable to adapt to.

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Tourism On The Tonle Sap Is Developing

Travelers might be interested in the Tonle Sap floating villages. Various floating communities are on and around the lake, each with a unique lifestyle. Staying in Tonle Sap allows you to experience a fresh and unique way of life. At sunrise, you will wake up to the sound of fishermen working, and you will see how hard they are at catching tons of fish. This is the beauty of daily life.

Tonle Sap Floating Villages

Chong Kneas

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Chong Kneas Is A Stunning Place

The first place travelers should visit is Chong Kneas, about 16 km Southeast of Siem Reap. In this fishing village, most people are Vietnamese, not Cambodian, and they are the ethnic minority. Unlike other floating villages, there are not only floating houses around the lake but also catfish or crocodile farms in Chong Kneas. Despite its inadequate facilities and lack of spectacular landscapes, it is an invaluable experience for you to observe the normal activities of the locals from the rooftops. Also, there are vendors and a floating marketplace in the living area with diverse souvenirs. With the Cambodia vacation package, you will comfortably participate in fishing with local people.

Kampong Phluk

While you can only approach Chong Kneas by boat, Kampong Phluk is more reachable in two different ways: by boat from Chong Kneas dock or by road only in the dry season. With three villages of stilted houses, Kampong Phluk is built within a large floodplain. Since Kampong Phluk is a working hamlet, the majority of the residents are preoccupied with their businesses, and tourism hasn’t been deployed here, there are less typical tourist activities available for tourists. Some floating restaurants are open if you want to try authentic cuisines.

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You Can Visit Kampong Phluk By Boat And Road

However, watching peaceful villagers’ daily lives will make you unwind from the hustling city life. Exploring the submerged forest on a small boat is also a precious chance to be close to nature. You can end your day by looking at the cloudless, dazzling sunset and enjoying the fresh air in the middle of the monsoon.


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Local People Are Generous And Friendly

15 km north of Chong Kneas, Mechrey is a quiet village with many picturesque and breathtaking views you can witness via media. Like any other village on Tonle Sap Lake, Mechrey’s life and economy are primarily based on fishing, growing crocodiles, and raising livestock such as pigs. From Mechrey, you can visit the Prek Toal Core Bird Reserve, a paradise for bird watchers. If you really need a place where you can get away from the hectic life of the city while getting satisfied with perfect shots on photographic sites, Mechrey is definitely the appropriate spot.

Kampong Khleang

If you want to find an even farther village, Kampong Khleang, about 35 km from Siem Reap, is highly recommended. As this is the largest community in Tonle Sap, you can witness the daily life of villagers clearly and investigate the issues brought about here. This is the farthest destination among the floating villages on Tonle Sap; thus, few can reach it. As fewer tourists here, you can let your hair down and have limitless chances to get involved in local life, gaining meaningful community experience.

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Local Communities Spread Widely

Besides, specialties such as palm sugar or sticky rice will be the spotlight during your adventure into this magnificent place’s culinary world. You are welcome to experience many stunning things right after you come here. The people are generous, happy, and willing to support you on this vacation.

Final Thought

Tonle Sap floodplain is a worth-visiting destination if you would like to explore the role of natural resources and how Cambodian people live by taking advantage of these beneficial supplies. You will get to know more about the fishery, wetlands, floodplain habitats, and local communities. The local people are so friendly and comfortably share their fishery experiences with you. With the Cambodia vacation package, your trip will be exciting and convenient, and you will never miss wonderful things.

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