Laos is a real gem; that’s why many visitors come here. The unique personality of this country will captivate you and keep you here for some time. Don’t hesitate to visit the city and see all the interesting sights it offers: historic sites, beautiful architecture, fun nightlife, and much more! Among the places you can visit, we would like to recommend the Best Cafes in Laos for Laos private tours.

Where You Can Enjoy Cafe When Coming To Laos?

Laos is a real gem, and any tourist visiting this country will be pleasantly surprised by its warm and laid-back culture. Laos private tours won’t be complete without experiencing the exotic places.

Novelty Café

With a couple of sites currently on the beach strip and another planned for the road leading to the beach, Novelty café has a good handle on location selection. It is presently one of the most popular cafés and serves some delectable dishes.

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Novelty Café

Whether it’s coffee, tea, or shakes, all dishes are produced with fresh ingredients and taste fantastic! The brunch menu at Novelty is a favorite among regulars, featuring a variety of exquisite salads and heartier lunchtime choices like filled chocolate chip pancakes. Their supper menu is a one-of-a-kind blend of foreign cuisine that tastes as amazing as it looks!

Here are a few savory meals near the counter that appear popular; all of these dishes have been locally farmed and obtained as organically and sustainably as possible – ideal if you’re looking for something warm and delicious on a chilly winter’s night! Oh, and did we mention that there’s plenty of delicious vegan cuisine available not only at Novelty? Strongly recommended!


Passaneyom Coffee Shop is a Southeast Asian institution and one of our favorite spots. It’s very peaceful early in the morning; however, some local street sellers are wandering around attempting to sell a few of their goods, which contrasts with the tranquil environment generated by clients that I’ve grown to anticipate at this time of day.

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Experience Laos in ways that you have never seen before

You might not equate coffee shops like this with getting work done, yet the atmosphere inside Pasaneyom’s is quite close to what many identify with this picture. The place appears to be a small garage with more oddities than I could count. Religious statues and pictures are hanging upon filthy walls, giving a very bold appearance of the indigenous people here. You will probably have a great conversation with guests here, from Tuk Tuk drivers to active young people.

Le Café Ban Vat Sene

Le Café Ban Vat Sene is a gorgeous, modern business that exudes the finest of current French culture, making it an absolute delight to return to. With some of the most generally regarded healthy eating alternatives available today, it is clear from just a glance at their delectably varied but simple menu that much attention has gone into every part of the café.

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Europe vibe in Laos

Le Café Ban Vat Sene continues to distinguish itself by utilizing solely raw products collected from numerous farmers and bakeries in both regions. The name ‘Ban Vat Sene’ is derived from the French and means “drink wine with me,” demonstrating how much this establishment reflects its heritage. The menu has delectable sandwiches or salads, cheese pastries, and pastries with chocolate and matcha. If you’re on a diet or want something less deep-fried than normal, go for something light!


Luang Prabang is a little town in Laos that holds more promise than its reputation as a spiritual center suggests. Because of its modest aspect, it is one of the most attractive spots to visit. Its subtle beauty draws many travelers who love spending time away from the hustle and bustle of large cities. Several charming tiny boutiques and coffee shops to spend a peaceful afternoon at, such as Dexter Café & Bar, where French coffee and juice fans may unwind.

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One of top rated cafes in Laos

Consider it a location where you may relax and possibly even feel renewed. Imagine yourself sitting there, absorbing it all in a while, shaking off the day’s tension. Surprisingly, this cafe also offers some very good coffee and juice, which keeps you energized as you enjoy the ambiance inside and reflect on the streets. Imagine enjoying your drink outside with all the other people going about their days while witnessing youngsters riding their bicycles with their buddies nearby.

The bad news is, due to the Covid pandemic, Savija Pannark, the owner of Detex had to close Detex. Hope that she can reopen it again soon when Laos resumes tourism and the disease is gone.

Kaogee Café

If you’re looking for a café to work in time for Laos private tours but don’t have the funds to acquire some of the supplies you’ll need for an intense session of writing or researching, Kaogee could be the place for you. We can provide you with whatever best suits your needs here, in an atmosphere that feels like coffee shops from back home and our country’s modern hustle-bustle playing around you on the streets outside where families are out and active, kids roam on rollerblades. At the same time, teenagers ride bicycles through traffic lights.

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Unique Style in Kaogee Cafe

At night, Kaogee Café is the hotspot in Central City. There are many seats, so you don’t have to worry about a coffee shop ambiance, yet it does have a romantic vibe, similar to Amsterdam nights. If you’re looking for a place to work that is both peaceful and active, this is the place to be!

Final Thought

Laos will steal your heart with its characteristics if you visit it as a tourist destination. The nation has so much to offer that you’ll wish you could stay for a long time! You’ll never grow tired of visiting this lovely area, whether for its historic landmarks, magnificent architecture, or exciting nightlife.

Don’t forget to stop by the Best Cafes in Laos included in today’s post during Laos private tours. You will undoubtedly be amazed by the magnificence that it provides.

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