Vietnam is a famous country with lots of hidden beauties awaiting you to explore. Besides its famous travel sites like Da Nang, Nha Trang, Dalat, Ho Chi Minh City, there are many amazing places that you will surely be surprised by such a wonderful experience they bring!

In this article, let’s dive deep into the top 5 must-visit villages in Vietnam that excellent Vietnam vacation packages should include! Each destination is in a different state. No need to waste more time; let’s begin!

5 Famous Villages In Vietnam

Bat Trang Village

The first travel destination we want to mention in the top 5 Vietnam tour packages is Bat Trang village. Located at the center of Hanoi, Bat Trang village is famous for its long-maintained porcelain and pottery-making tradition. In the 14th century, Bat Trang villagers started making porcelain and ceramics. Particularly, their high craftsmanship is well known across the country. Unlike other traditional craft villages that get gradually depleted, Bat Trang village can still keep its fame until now.

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Bat Trang ceramics

What is so famous about Bat Trang village? Bat Trang artisans know how to marry tradition and modern techniques beautifully to make impressive, unique porcelain. They also open a “visiting the production place” service so that foreign tourists can visit and learn more about Vietnamese culture. To travel to Bat Trang village, you only need to take the No.47 bus from the city center, costing 15,000 VND to reach the village.

Sinh Village

Sinh village brings a totally different vibe compared to Bat Trang village. It is the most famous village in Hue with a long-preserved painting-making tradition. If Dong Ho and Hang Trong are top famous in this field in the North, then we have Sinh village in the center of Vietnam.

Most of the paintings produced at Sing village are related to worshipping. They have 400 years of experience in this profession, which means that their paintings have been used in worship and religious events by Vietnamese since the 15th century. Impressive, right?

Sinh village is located next to the beautiful and graceful Huong river. From the city center, you only need to travel about 10 kilometers by motorbike to reach the village. During the festive times – from January to March, there are lots of traditional wrestling festivals. You can visit Sinh at this time to have a fuller experience in the village.

Cat Cat Village

Coming back to the Northwest side, let’s visit the Cat Cat village of Sapa! This is where the picturesque view, pure atmosphere, and glamourous trekking routes are in one place. Cat Cat village has been long known by the travel community, both domestically and foreign. It is just 2 kilometers from Sapa town and 6 hours of traveling from Hanoi by car.

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Scenic view from Cat Cat

Until now, there have been about 80 Hmong ethnic households living in this village. Fortunately, they still retain their traditional customs in fashion, lifestyle, and house building. Visiting this village and getting a homestay at one Hmong house is a great chance to learn more about ethnic culture!

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Life at Cat Cat

There is a unique custom of Hmong people that remains until now – abducting wife. If a boy likes a girl, they will plan to “kidnap” that girl to their house, and in a few days, if that girl agrees to become their wife, then the marriage will happen. If not, everything may be back to normal.

Pom Coong Village

Mai Chau is the most famous travel destination in Hoa Binh town, and Lac Village may be the most well-known site. However, there is another beautiful place we want to introduce you to – Pom Coong village. What is special about Pom Coong village? There is a haven-like atmosphere, pure air, and a safe-and-sound vibe with ethnic minorities households.

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Pom Coong Village

Unlike Cat Cat village, most ethnic villagers at Pom Coong are Thai. They still keep their traditional customs in fashion, fabric patterns, house building, cuisine, and lifestyle. If you are lucky to have a homestay at one Thai house, you will be amazed by their craftsmanship and unique aesthetic.

During festivals, Thai villagers at Pom Coong will perform their famous traditional “xoe” dancing. Sometimes, the bamboo dancing will be showcased as well. The atmosphere, the celebration events, the cuisine, and most importantly – the Can wine are some amazing things you can enjoy at the Thai festivals at Pom Coong. Therefore, if you have a chance to visit Hoa Binh, please never miss a chance to visit Pom Coong. Most people will choose Lac, but in our opinion, Pom Coong is a great choice as well!

Cam Thanh Eco Village

Last but not least, we want to introduce Cam Thanh Eco village to your Vietnam customized tours list. Located in Hoi An at the center of Vietnam, Cam Thanh may not have a picturesque view with high mountains and glamorous trekking. However, it still has a unique beauty – the coconut palm forest and handicraft-making tradition.

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Cam Thanh Eco Village

Going to the southeast of Hoi An city, at the downstream side of Thu Bon river and Cua Dai beach is Cam Thanh village. With such a special location, you can imagine how beautiful, peaceful and windy the village is. Along the Thu Bon river are coconut palm trees, which are the top exported products of the neighborhood. The palm forest is a place for harvesting and earning money, as well as an ecology preservation resource for the central area of Vietnam.

When staying here, you can visit the palm forests in the afternoon when the day starts going down, enjoy the mild wind crossing through the skin, and breathe the pure air while photographing such a scenic view.


We have introduced the top 5 villages you should look for in great Vietnam vacation packages through this post. What is great about this list is each village is located in a different province, so if you are looking for a travel destination in each state, just go to the villages we have recommended! Is there any topic you want to discuss? Leave your comments!

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