To get a true sense of the stunning reservoirs surrounded by breathtaking mountain ranges in Vietnam, there’s no better way than going for kayak package tours.

As an emerging country in tourism, Vietnam is full of exciting activities. Besides enchanting golden beaches, striking rice terraces, marvelous culinary cultures, adventurous activities are another specialty of Vietnam travel.

Among must-do Vietnamese experiences, kayaking is always on the top list because Vietnam is an homage to these following five destinations.

Let’s scan from the North to the South of Vietnam to get yourself acquainted with the top 5 places for kayaking in Vietnam

Ba Be Lake, Bac Kan

Located in Northern Vietnam, Ba Be Lake is an ideal choice when you need some tranquil moments amidst the unspoiled wilderness.

The lake belongs to Ba Be National Park, a reserve founded in 1992 to protect more than 300 species inhabited in the primitive forest. Ba Be means “Three Lakes” in Vietnamese. It refers to the distinctive topography which consists of three smaller reservoirs to combine an area of 6.5 km2 of Ba Be Lake. Another interesting coincidence is that there are three primary islets on Ba Be Lake.

Taking a kayak tour in Ba Be lake, you will be overwhelmed by the pristine of the water. Now that there isn’t any traffic noise nor any sound of modern civilization, you can notice the birds chirping around and the quiet flow of the water. Sometimes, a whopping of wild animals seems to tear the silence apart, drawing your daydreaming soul back to the present.

Halong Bay

If you have done any googling on Vietnam holiday packages, Halong Bay may appear on the top search all the time. More than just a declared World UNESCO Site, Halong Bay is truly a magical destination where the mountain meets the ocean. Halong can be translated into the Land of Descending Dragons, which is a symbolic way to depicts 3,000 limestone karsts emerging from the Gulf of Tonkin.

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Kayaking in Halong is a spectacular experience. What can be more enjoying than paddling in the emerald water reflecting the magnificent mossy mountains rooted deep under the sea? A few minutes after that, you will find yourself in a limestone cave with numerous stalactites in mysterious shapes. And before you can realize it, your mouth is wide open; your eyes are staring in awe when seeing the sparkling of the stalagmites.

Lan Ha Bay

Right next to the world-renowned Halong Bay is Lan Ha Bay, another excellent place for a kayak tour. Despite less popular than Halong, you can take advantage of the low tourist density of Lan Ha to relish a leisurely trip.

Within the area of Lan Ha Bay, you will also go kayaking pass some rocky islands with majestic caves. However, floating within the deep old jungle in Cat Ba National Park is what differs this hidden gem from the crown jewel.
Taking kayaking package tours in Lan Ha Bay, to be sure that you don’t miss Cat Ba island where Cat Ba National Park locates. It is the home of more than 30 types of mammal, some of which are the world’s most endangered golden-headed langur.

You may think Cat Ba and Ba Be National Park are similar but it can never be true. Ba Be National Park is much larger in scale, but Cat Ba National Park gives you a closer look to the biodiversity. Your kayak boat can go deep inside the jungles to observe the habitat of such rara animals on the island. This one thing is uncommon in other preverved area too.

You will paddle to Luon Cave with a getway like a frog mouth. The water is so transparent that your sight can reach the bottom of the waterway.

Phong Nha

Unlike other destinations in this list, Phong Nha looks quite strange when it comes to Vietnam tourism. Still, the remarkable nature of Phong Nha is gaining popularity and achieving the public attention it deserves.

Phong Nha Cave is the most critical site in Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park. Scientists found evidence that this is the most ancient karst mountains formed in Asia. Phong Nha Cave may be 400 million years old now.

The cave has an incredible length of 7,729 meters long, with around 14 grottoes. It features a 13,969-meter underground river, so Phong Nha promises to lighten you up with the spectacle of nature. Since mass tourism hasn’t touched on Phong Nha, most of the internal kayaking routes are dark, which makes you feel like joining a real treasure hunt with a torchlight band on your head.

As the cave is deep and most of the further parts aren’t discovered yet, a kayaking tour will lead to the deepest point at about 4 kilometers inside the cave. However, it’s more than enough to make you startle in your Vietnam package tour.

Nha Trang

Last but not least is Nha Trang, a gorgeous coastal city in the middle of Vietnam. If the first four kayaking destinations provide a perfect blend between the natural beauty and the sports activities, Nha Trang is entirely different. Prestigious for being a resort city, you can find a wide variety of luxury accommodation owning stunning private beaches in Nha Trang.

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The crystal coastline turns this place into one of the most suitable destinations for kayaking. Just imagine that you settle on a small boat, dipping your paddles in the transparent water which your vision can reach the bottom. Is it wonderful?

Ninh Van Bay and Nha Trang Bay also feature large area of coral reefs, so you can do the kayaking and admiring the vibrant underwater life.

Kayaking is, without doubt, an extraordinary travel experience in a Vietnam travel itinerary. So make the best out of your Vietnamese expedition by taking a kayak tour in our top 5 destinations.

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