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Top 5 Stunning Places to Visit in Vietnam

Ho Thuy Tien

If you imagine this is an ordinary lake place, it is completely wrong, and this is a famous abandoned water park in Hue city. Specifically, Ho Thuy Tien is located in a fairly green area and belongs to Huong Thuy town of Hue. If you go to the experience place on the banana cake road, you must stop by Ho Thuy Tien. To reach Ho Thuy Tien, visitors will go through cracked roads and creaking green grass because this place has not been restored for a long time, and nature has overwhelmed the structure of the road. Don’t worry! You can still move to that place most easily.

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When coming to the central part of the water park, you will be surprised because appearing in front of you is a large-scale metal dragon decorated on the top of the globe-shaped. To get to the center of this dragon, you have to go into one of three mysterious bridges leading directly to the center.

During the initial period of decommissioning, the owners cleaned up and forgot some crocodiles. This problem looks quite dangerous, but these crocodiles are also quite pitiful. However, recent reports have indicated that they have been removed from the park by a wildlife rescue park. Don’t know when abandoned places have gradually become extremely interesting and mysterious tourist destinations loved by many tourists. With the popularity and many people frequenting this place, many locals have collected entrance tickets to get money.

Con Dao Prison

Con Dao Prison (Con Son Prison) is a famous place with a history that used to be a notorious prison with many scary stories. The French colonialists built a prison complex in Con Dao during the years of resistance to hold prisoners.
If you participate in Vietnam vacation packages, this will be a place on your sightseeing list. Specifically, this place is where political cadres and Vietnamese patriots are detained, and they fought together to protect the country, and the French colonialists detained them.

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The tiger cage area is the most prominent element when you visit the prison. This area was built under the Vietnamese state and French colonialism with 5,475 meters and included 120 small parts. Moreover, there will be 60 cells built in a roofless style, and this is also one of the most intense torture places for prisoners. Next, under the Republic of Vietnam and the United States, another area was built, called Camp Phu Binh, with up to 25,768 meters and 384 small areas used for detention. This entire prison is built of concrete, and the prisoners inside are not provided with any personal assistance such as sleeping places and toilets.

Nghia An Hoi Quan Pagoda

This pagoda has an ancient beauty because it was built before the 19th century. Moreover, it has also been restored to preserve all artifacts. You will easily recognize the temple as it is very classical and stands out amid a modern city in Ho Chi Minh. When entering the temple area, you will see a large courtyard plus a lake. Surely these scenes will give you a quiet, heavenly, and extremely peaceful atmosphere. With outstanding architecture, this is also one of the hottest photography locations in Ho Chi Minh.

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The pagoda is covered with red as the main color and bold Chinese design style. The front part is decorated with a screen and has a large incense burner. The right and left sides are decorated with two large statues of Ma Dau General and Phuc Duc. Nghia An Hoi Quan Pagoda is decorated mostly with small and large pictures and statues made of wood and stone. In particular, the lanterns hanging on the ceiling will be the point that makes you feel overwhelmed by the ancient beauty.

Golden Bridge

The name Golden Bridge has recently become a very hot tourist destination when you join Vietnam customized tours. The railing of the bridge is gilded with sparkling gold, hence the name Golden Bridge. This bridge has a length of about 150m and a height of about 1,400m above sea level. This bridge is located in the tourist and entertainment complex of “Bana Hills”, but its great influence has helped it gradually become a tourist symbol of Da Nang city.
The highlight that makes the Golden Bridge stand out is the giant hands made of stone supporting the bridge.

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Moreover, there are many reviews that these giant hands are like the “Mountain God” hands. You will feel the majesty, deep blue, and more attractive than ever when setting foot on this beautiful bridge. Not only that, the details such as the dome of the bridge combined with the giant hands have created a majestic scene that makes many people think that they are walking on the clouds.

Po Shanu Cham Towers

On the top of Ong Hoang hill (also known as Mr. Heaven), there are impressive temple ruins called Po Shanu Cham Towers. Specifically, this relic includes three worship towers with an ancient style built in the late 8th century.
Accompanying the Po Dam Towers area is My Son Sanctuary. These two relic areas are wonderful cultural imprints created by the ancient Champa Kingdom to exist today.

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To get to the tower, we need to go about 7km to the northeast of Phan Thiet city. The main tower of Po Shanu Cham Towers has a height of up to 15 meters, and a side tower is 12 meters high, and the next one is 5 meters high. At this main tower, there is an altar to worship a few mascots, including Lord Shiva. On the typical holidays each year, the Cham ethnic community comes to hold the festival at this place.


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