Books are a central part of human history. A person needs to read because it helps him/her expand his scope of understanding and gain knowledge and skills in different areas of expertise. Places which are a good place for such activities have become somewhat scarce nowadays. So, if you are planning on Cambodia vacation packages, here are the Top 6 Libraries & Bookstores in Cambodia.

Top 6 Libraries & Bookstores in Cambodia

For Cambodia vacation packages, these will be some of the locations you should visit.

D’s Books

D’s Books – a long-standing independent book shop in Cambodia – is working hard to reconnect customers with their passion for books. D’s Books is appreciative to the Phnom Penh community for supporting our long-standing independent bookstore in their neighborhood. They frequent the location and love perusing books while learning more about them through monthly classes on design, scrapbooking, photography, culinary, and other topics.

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D’s Books

While supplies last, readers may acquire their favorite books at the company’s largest-ever flash sale, “Phsar Book!@Raintree,” where the store will offer over half of its thousands of titles in both French and English at a discount of less than 30%. Vantha Douk, the owner of D’s Books, encourages individuals who have fallen in love with books.

Royal Bookstore

Royal Book Store at Khan Chamkar Morn, Phnom Penh, has been a reader’s paradise operating for a long time. It is a great option when it comes to Cambodia vacation packages. Since I was little and first returned to Cambodia, Royal has always been my go-to location anytime I was searching for anything to read at school or in between courses.

In the Royal Book Store, you may buy practically every type of book. If you wish to read English, Korean, or Japanese translated novels; this Book Store has an endless variety. Aside from books of many kinds and themes (from Harry Potter to fiction novels), they also have audiobooks on CDs and new releases, so you may find whatever you’re searching for! It also includes a variety of publications and music CDs which are cheaper than you thought.

Scholar Library

Scholar Library is a community library to promote an educational society and economy, particularly among young Cambodians. For the community’s enjoyment, the library offers about 3000 books in 100 categories and newspapers, craft materials, culinary equipment, and other artifacts.

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Places for book lovers

It also encourages individuals to develop local resources for Cambodia while also encouraging educational culture, knowledge sharing culture, information exchange culture, and research within the community.


KINOKUNIYA, an Aeon Mall bookstore about books and book lovers. Kinokuniya is a Japanese bookstore brand that has just established a branch in Mandalay’s Aeon Mall. This “Bookstore of Kii Province,” which opened in September 2016, is accessible by Hazi Daung street, close to the high flow of Mydana Road traffic. Because there are no other Japanese book stores near the locals’ employment, Kinokuniya provides access and convenience.

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Great place for students and scholars

We’ve been painstakingly documenting the history of books, from old-fashioned clay tablets to e-readers that allows you to access your favorite books from anywhere at any time. From on-the-go commuters purchasing spot-welded train tickets to faculty members eating dinner while their families are waiting for them, the shop is always bustling with individuals from all walks of life who share a passion for literature and reading.

Phnom Penh National Library

The National Library of Cambodia has been in operation for almost a century. In reality, the French-colonial authority in Indochina founded the first National Library in 1924. Following Cambodia’s independence from France in 1954, the library was renovated to become a contemporary institution serving Cambodian and foreign communities. It now holds about 120,000 volumes, sastra and palm leaf manuscripts, papers, and legal and administrative records for Cambodia and Indochina, making it one of the complete libraries in Southeast Asia.

The Raffles Library houses a vast collection of over 120,000 volumes and manuscripts, including some of Phnom Penh’s first oil paintings, going back to the 1840s from Cambodia and greater Indochina. This makes it one of Southeast Asia’s most well-researched information sources for scholarly studies — worth bringing to your attention!

International Book Center

The International Book Center embodies over thirty years of literary heritage with a contemporary twist! Come in for a cup of chai as you read the latest bestseller that’s flying off our shelves. Aside from books and periodicals in numerous languages, we also have office supplies that are sure to provide you with quality and convenience at a low cost, so stop by IBC today!

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Visit IBC

Whether you speak English, Spanish, or Mandarin at the International Book Center, you’ll find the book you’re looking for. You can rely on us to make your hunt for outstanding literature easier. You may also stay up to date on current trends in both fiction and nonfiction.

Never before has it been easier to select books from all over the world as we have a vast range of sizes, languages, and genres available. From Japanese manga to Russian textbooks, if it’s written in a foreign language and published outside your own country’s borders, you’ll find it here!


One of the many reasons why traveling is such a popular activity is that it has endless potential to inspire growth and learning. And bookstores, even though they are not as common as they used to be, are still integral in this process! The locations above are among the Top 6 Libraries & Bookstores in Cambodia that we recommend you visit when planning Cambodia vacation packages.

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