“Which destinations should I bring my loved one to for our honeymoon” is the frequently asked question by many newlywed or soon to be married folks.

vietnam honeymoon tours

With many beautiful, vibrant places and plenty of breathtaking sceneries, Vietnam will definitely be an ideal choice listed in your travel bucket list, and it will undoubtedly offer unforgettable experiences to the couples.

If this sounds like what you need, consider the following activities in your Vietnam honeymoon tours

Dine in a cave

A fancy candlelight dinner service with delicious foods awaits you and your significant other inside the cave of Ha Long Bay guaranteed to carve those unforgettable memories within the couples.

Ha Long Bay, located in northeastern Vietnam, is definitely a familiar place for tourists who love traveling around the world. This place is proudly listed as one of the New World Wonders for its stunning landscapes and the geographic value.

The Cave of Surprise (or Hang Sung Sot in Vietnamese) is the one destination you have to go see for yourself. Don’t quote me on this, but I am sure the name was derived from its ability to surprise tourists or perhaps even locals. The peculiar yet mesmerising lighting of this cave will leave you stunned for hours.

Afterward, if you still have a day or two to spare in your trip to Vietnam, do not forget to visit Titop island. Do underestimate it because of its relatively small size and weird Russinan sounding name (story of its name actually is related to the Russian though), the strange yet peculiarly relaxing sensation from sunbathing and kayaking on this island, is the reason why many couples refuse to the airplane going back home.

Experience tradition of royal tea

Locating in central Vietnam, Hue is famous for its ancient architecture and once the emperor’s home in the Nguyen Dynasty from 1802 to 1945. The royal lifestyle and local customs have a great impact on the characteristic of local people. Therefore, couples can experience the traditional royal court music as well as enjoying high-class royal tea when travelling to Vietnam through North to South.

The city has a lot of must-see tourist spots such as Hue Imperial City, Perfume River, Thien Mu Pagoda, especially for couples who want to experience the aura of the medieval times.

A must after your royal tea session is to enjoy Hue cuisine, the dishes are quite different from other regional cuisines in Vietnam in terms of the serving size, which is relatively smaller, and it is often spicier.

See the river of floating lanterns

Hoi An, another “must” for your private tours to Vietnam, is well-known for its old town with many small unique houses, quiet streets and friendly locals. This could be considered as one of the ideal places for honeymoon in Vietnam.

At nightfall, this place will turn into a dreamy land with vibrant color lanterns which are decorated in every corner of the town. Imagine holding the hands of your loved one while wandering or sailing boats by the rivers of floating lanterns; it is the perfect romantic getaway for many couples.

During your visit at Hoi An, Fujian Assembly Hall, the Japanese Covered Bridge, and Hoai River are the must-see spots with tons of hand-made souvenirs and other local products.

Embrace the tropical lifestyle

Being situated on the South Central Coast of Vietnam, Nha Trang which is surrounded by beaches with dazzling white sand and the clear and blue seas. For couples who enjoy some thrilling water sport activities, this will be the best destination with various types of entertainment such as snorkeling, diving or windsurfing, etc.

Besides the coral reefs in crystal blue waters, you can indulge yourself with fabulous spa treatments, hiking mountain trails, or just simply lying on the white sands with the unique scenery.

Nha Trang also has plenty of places to visit from historic spots, water activities, mud baths. Also, a wide range of beautiful resorts with quality services is offered, which could be the ultimate choice for couples who are looking for places to spend a peaceful and relaxing holiday.

Tread along the soul soothing sceneries

The destination with many dreamy attractions which should not be missed such as Valley of Love, Da Lat Flower Park, in which you can enjoy a variety of flowers, bonsai trees treasured and adored by both local and tourists.

The lovey-dovey couple could also ride a scooter around the city and fully enjoy the romantic aura of the famous Tuyen Lam Lake and Xuan Huong lakeside, then pay a visit to the sacred temples or walk hand in hand in the center of the city at night time if you feel like prolonging the romance.

There you have it, hopefully this article has hyped you up as well as providing some useful advice you were looking for. Good luck with your Vietnam honeymoon packages hunt.

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