Vietnam is a perfect combination of urban and rural – a cultural gem of Southeast Asia. Hence, it is no surprise that Vietnam has received quite a decent flow of travelers and visitors throughout the year. As there are many things you can experience during your Vietnam tour packages, discovering its unique nature beauty is worth trying. Let’s look at a few of the nation’s most beautiful valleys for you to get a taste of what Vietnam’s exquisitely is all about in today’s post!

Recommend Beautiful And Famous Valleys In Vietnam To Visit

Muong Hoa

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Muong Hoa Valley

Muong Hoa valley is situated 10 kilometers away from Sa Pa – a mountainous region north of Vietnam. It is one of Sa Pa’s largest farm grounds, so we definitely advise you to visit the area during harvest season to capture the best views!
The terraced fields, also called “staircase fields” by Vietnamese people, gives Muong Hoa a unique look. Specifically, the scenery is a perfect joint between human efforts and nature’s blessings: the neatly cultivated paddies combined with the mountain ranges give you a unique experience!

Thus, it is highly recommended that you put Huong Hoa Mountain Railway in your list of Vietnam tour packages to ensure that you will not miss this marvelous itinerary!

Muong Thanh

This Dien Bien basin has a heart shape, making it one of Vietnam’s unique-looking destinations!
In detail, Muong Thanh Valley has its fair share of cultural glory alongside its rustic beauty. Within the valley is Dien Bien Province’s capital, Dien Bien Phu, where the decisive battle in 1954 served to free the area of French forces’ control.

Nowadays, when coming to the valley, you can still spot the remnants of such struggles contrasting themselves among the people’s livelihood and peaceful green patches of their surroundings. Muong Thanh is truly a fascinating sight, with jungles, rice paddies, and lakes for you to feast your eyes on and explore! Moreover, the best way to reach Muong Thanh Valley and its central Dien Bien Phu area is to rent a motorcycle from the locals and feel the atmosphere. We recommend using manual transmission ones, as they are more suitable for climbing slopes and hard braking.

Mai Chau

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Mai Chau Valley

Mai Chau Valley is merely 140 kilometers away from the country’s capital city – Hanoi, making it the resting stop for your soul after the Vietnam tour packages full of the city’s glory.

In Mai Chau, the surrounding greens will give you a sense of community belonging rather than detachment. Since many people’s care and love go into the exuberant sceneries, travelers can’t help but join in on the lifestyles. Additionally, you can cycle around the area to enjoy the fresh atmosphere, cook and eat with the local Thai people and absorb the vibes.

We do not mean that the Mai Chau Valley’s wildlife is not beautiful, but you cannot describe the area’s uniqueness without mentioning the special feeling of belonging you feel here. Do not hesitate to hire a motorbike down to Mai Chau, and feel soulfully replenished!

Bac Son

Here is another choice for rural relaxing when you are in Ha Noi! Bac Son Valley is truly one of a kind, as it’s not the usual lower plane of land you can usually see. It lies among the extremely high mountains, and you can only observe its full beauty from the top of those rocky tracks.

As people use the land’s soil for growing crops, the valley is decorated with emerald patches of rice. Those patches will be rich golden, complemented by the warm sun during harvest season. Throughout the valley are villages of the Tay people, easily recognized by the traditional stilt houses. They are generally very friendly folk, so you can enhance your experience by getting to know the people and their lives more! Hop on your bike and get a feel of nature’s simple happiness!

Muong Lo

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Muong Lo Valley

Finally, to end our valley article, we have Muong Lo Valley – the cultural epicenter of Yen Bai Province. The area holds memories of our past leader Ho Chi Minh, many festivals of the Thai people, and vast, stunning sceneries for you to feast your eyes on!

Here, you will find the familiar staircase fields – an effort to utilize mountainous soil from the locals – even more strikingly beautiful thanks to the festivity. You can enjoy the views while joining in the fun and feast on local treats, such as Snow Daisy Tea and Tan Tu Le glutinous rice!

Final Thought

You will see a pattern in Vietnam’s most beautiful valleys: Their position among the mountain ranges and the staircase paddies to show off the locals’ strong survival spirit. It goes without saying that the willpower of Vietnamese people is just as admirable as the scenery around them, and what more could you ask out of a nation?

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