Southeast Asia, the wonders you can find from the sunshine coasts to the majestic rainforests and traditional culture, could give you the most joyful experience. You might hear of the endless amazing Laos tour packages. So to continue the wonderful trip, let’s explore the best Laos national parks with us!

Beautiful National Parks in Laos

Bokeo Nature Reserve

This park is a famous spot you can try during your Laos private tours. The lush green tropical forest, the jungle view treehouses, and all the monkey bridges will amaze you once you visit Bokeo Nature Reserve. Execution and protection of the place is the Gibbon Experience who offers ecotourism tours to preserve nature while creating jobs for the locals and encouraging sustainable agriculture.

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Part of Bokeo Nature Reserve

Located in the northwestern province of Bokeo, bordering Thailand and Myanmar, the forest is the home to rich biodiversity with animals like Black-cheeked gibbon, chimpanzees, tigers, and numerous birds. Bokeo Nature Reserve does give its visitors a real experience of living in the 40 meters high tree houses, flying from place to place by thrilling zip lines, trying out unsteady on the monkey bridges, and trekking through the jungle. How stimulating it is!

However, the focal point lies in its unique, unspoiled wilderness that makes you overwhelmed right the moment you step into this majestic landscape and feel like you got lost in a wildland from a movie. You can reach the park after about three hours of driving from Huay Xai. Services are available there, so you do not have to worry too much about the basic needs. Just head for this wild landscape and enjoy your stress-free moments.

Nam Ha National Protected Area

The area is famous for its outstanding natural beauty, breathtaking mountains, and cultural interest in ASEAN Heritage Park. In collaboration with UNESCO, the Laos National Tourism Authority decided to launch the place as a nation-protected area to remain home to the biodiversity of national importance.

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Nam Ha NPA Forest

Nam Ha is the fourth largest national park in the country and has a high population of mammals and birds. According to wildlife services, though large animals are not easy to see, more than 30 mammals such as tigers, gaurs, leopards inhabit Nam Ha. Moreover, this area also welcomes over 300 bird species, including silver pheasants, blue and eared pitas, and various bulbuls.

The mixed deciduous forest covers most of the Nam Ha NPA. Along the top of spectacular mountains running through the area are the dry evergreen forest and the grassland. Its watershed is the first major tributary of the Mekong River, which provides great support to agricultural production and electricity generation along the Luang Namtha plain. Renting a kayak watching the lush watershed of the four rivers will free you of your outside motley life.

Phou Khao Khuay

Phou Khao Khuay, which means “Buffalo Horn Mountain,” features diversity from dense jungles to misty pine forests with great waterfalls and rivers. The National Park is about 40 km northeast of Vientiane, accessible by Route 13 headed to Tha Khaek. Besides being home to various wildlife, the reservoir is where the two ethnic groups Lao Loum and Lao Sung inhabit.

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The wild adventure offers you chances to watch spectacular views and meet endangered species such as Sun and Asiatic black bears, sambar deer, clouded leopard, etc. And the whole trip can not lack swarms of birds flying around the jungles. The mixed atmosphere of this area has created a great condition for up to 157 bird species in the forest. To arrive at the eco-site, you can use public transportation instead of your vehicles. So along the way, you can fully enjoy all the picturesque lakes, striking waterfalls, ethnic villages, wild orchids, as well as dense jungles and pine forests.

Dong Natad National Protected Area

This sacred, semi-evergreen national protected forest is around 15 km northeast of Savannakhet International Airport.
Other Laos private tours might introduce you to various traditions and customs. However, in Dong Natad National Protected Area, you can dive into the life of ancient villages in the depth of the forest. Two age-old villages have been coexisting with the forest for 400 years. Villagers used to live on forest products like fruits, mushrooms, honey, and insects.

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Red Ants in Dong Natad NPA

Savannakhet Tourist Information Centre provides different services, ranging from long-term homestays to one-day bike trips. One interesting point in the tour is that you can ask for a native tour guide-the villager. he village guide is such a great source of information about the village’s culture and society. You might have a good chance of joining villager’s daily activities like collecting red ants and cicadas or some other critter, which are staples in their diet. Trekking is one of the most popular activities here, wandering around spotting wildlife and animals. Come to Dong Natad; you can emerge yourself in the sound of nature, enjoy the very taste of fresh air and explore the age-old customs.

Dong Hua Sao

Dong Hua Sao, the 1100-sq-km National Protected Area in the south of Paksong, has lowland plains covering half of the protected land. This park is home to huge tracts of pristine jungles with almost evergreen forests in the lowland, while the upland forests seem drier and mixed deciduous somehow.

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Dong Hua Sao Zipline

The area protects the important low wildlife population such as gaur, sambar deer, civet, large butterflies, wild boar, leopard cat, smooth otter, and rare hornbill. There are also 26 bird species and 41 reptile and amphibian varieties under the park’s responsibility. In Dong Hua Sao, you can experience an adventure jungle lodge for zip-lining through the forest, going abseiling down waterfalls, or trekking around spotting wildlife such as the yellow-cheeked gibbons. It would be great to fly over the jungle and view the impressive 120-meter height Tad Fane Twin Falls.

The Last Words

These five Laos National Parks to emerge yourself to nature, enjoy the jungle trek, cherish the fantastic moments and spot the striking views out of motley life would be the best places to head for. If you wish for a Vietnam Cambodia Laos itinerary, go searching for our Laos tour packages to make up your dream trips!

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