Pho is a typical traditional dish in Vietnamese cuisine and has become an indispensable dish on Vietnam holidays. Pho appears everywhere, from village streets to city alleys, from sidewalk eateries, popular shops, luxury restaurants, and on-street vendors. People eat pho as a breakfast dish or can also have lunch, dinner, or dinner, but it is difficult to feel bored because pho contains a special flavor that does not want to leave. This article will show you top Vietnamese pho restaurants that you should try once.

Delicious Pho Restaurants In Vietnam

Based on some reviews and the experience of most foreigners and natives, we will show you a list of pho restaurants you should try on any Vietnam vacation packages.

Pho Bat Dan

Bat Dan heirloom pho, also known as the old town pho restaurant, is located at 49 Bat Dan, Hoan Kiem. The space is quite clean, neat, and cozy, but because the number of people coming to buy is too large, people often choose to take it away mainly. If you want to enjoy it right at the restaurant, we recommend sitting outside on the sidewalk to eat a bowl of hot pho while enjoying the weather.

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Pho Ban Dan (Source: Mia)

The broth is carefully simmered from beef bones and mixed with spices only available at Pho Bat Dan. The broth is not artificially sweet from the main noodles but from the bone broth. It is the plus point that creates the success of the bowl of pho. Moreover, when exposed to bone broth, the flat, thin, and soft noodles also make diners have to stop once again. The outstanding bowl of pho is slices of rare beef, encrusted with fresh meat, feeling the unique smell of beef.

Pho Tung

Pho Tung in Hoi An has a unique and different taste than no other place; try it once, and you will remember it forever. People cook dry pho noodles in pho broth until it’s soft, then take them out into a bowl. Eaten with pho is the meat that has just been cooked to perfection or has beef tendon or encrusted, sometimes even poached eggs for those who order more.

In the bowl of pho, in addition to scallions and cilantro, it is always sprinkled with finely pounded peanuts. It is also this finely pounded peanut that the bowl of Pho Tung has a strangely fatty taste. Pho Tung Hoi An is especially delicious in the accompanying seasoning, the plate of pickled papaya, sprouts, and Tra Que herbs. Depending on taste, you can add lemon, purple onion soaked in vinegar, sliced fresh chili, or spicy Central satay chili.

Pho Minh Saigon

Living in the heart of Saigon without ever enjoying Pho Minh is a big omission. Originally from the outside world, but through the process of importation and variation by the owner, the heirloom above the shop has reached perfection.
Looking at the bowl of pho, you will see that the appearance of this dish is not much different. However, when you taste the broth and sip the noodle soup and meat, you will immediately recognize the uniqueness of this brand.

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Pho Minh Saigon (Source: Internet)

The shop cooks the broth with two spices, ginger, and grilled onions, without adding cloves, star anise, or cardamom. Therefore, they have a characteristic mildness and light taste. Not only that, the noodle part is soft but still has firmness and toughness; The beef is crispy with the ribs, soft in the meat, and rich, sweet, and fragrant. In particular, the shop always serves with price, red soy sauce, black sauce, basil, coriander, and green onion to please customers’ taste.

Pho Hoa Pasteur

For many tourists on some Vietnam vacation packages, Pho Hoa is a destination not to be missed when coming to Vietnam because it is not only a dining address but also a symbol and memory of Saigon. The broth here has a sweet taste, greasy fat, and rich taste from the well-brewed tubular bones. The noodles are soft and small, not as big as Hanoi pho, fragrant beef, eaten with bean sprouts, herbs, coriander, lemon slices, and chili leaves.

Pho Hoa’s usual bowl of pho is sold in 5 styles according to diners’ tastes. There are also pho, beef pho, chicken noodle soup, meatless pho, or beef noodle soup. If you are not addicted to a certain dish, you can order a mixed bowl with a full range of styles.

Pho Cao Van

After more than 60 years of operation, Pho Cao Van restaurant welcomes many guests who love the taste of Northern Pho, still quietly making its mark every day among the countless new noodle shops that spring up. The development of the bustling and luxurious life in Saigon.

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Pho Cao Van (Source: Internet)

The pho here has a bar broth, not much fat, but it is very rich, so you must be a real lover of Pho Bac to enjoy the flavors of this pho fully. With many years of experience and unique recipes, all have created a taste of Pho Cao Van that has captivated many diners.

Pho Hai Trieu Saigon

Pho here is high quality and processed according to the restaurant’s recipe, so it has a special taste, unlike other places. It is a great choice for you to start an energetic morning. The pho at this address is not as small as the noodle soup of the South but also not big and thick. The beef is sliced big and wide, cooked to, when eaten, you will feel the sweet and soft taste. Pho broth is clear and clean because it is only cooked with the bones of a cow. In the pho bowl, there are many scallions and thinly sliced onions.

Coming to Pho Hai Trieu, you can order a cup of chicken seed soup to increase the flavor of pho when enjoying it. Because the noodle soup here is very rich and sweet, not greasy when eating, there is no feeling of boredom even after eating almost 1 bowl of pho, so it has attracted many diners to come here.

In Sum

Above are the famous pho restaurants you should try when experiencing Vietnam vacation packages. An extraordinarily long journey of Vietnamese noodle soup, from the simple but bold flavors of Vietnamese pho, this dish has now registered itself on the menus of many countries worldwide.

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