The modern world packed full with technologically and architecturally advanced facilities and building could sometimes be quite…tiring despite its extreme convenience.

That is one of the most popular reasons why people enjoy private tours to Vietnam. You can’t travel back in time, but experiencing the Vietnamese culture and lifestyle feels like you have. Did I hit the jackpot on your ideal getaway? It would be amazing if I did, but if I didn’t, it doesn’t hurt to check the recommended places to visit in Vietnam.

Hoi An – A city of the old-time

Not putting it down as a destination in your Vietnam travel itinerary could turn into the greatest regret of your life. Hoi An might not be as big as any modern city these days, but with its retention of most ancient features, it is not that much different than a small city of a century ago.

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There are vendors selling paintings, pottery, handmade souvenirs, and other goods with the vibe of previous era; food shops and waiters still decorated and dressed like the culture of the long-passed era; and sight-seeing service on a boat along the river.

Ben Thanh Market – The supermarket of the old-time

The thing with the Vietnamese culture is that, people do not always head to the supermarket for groceries or any other daily necessities. Ben Thanh Market, the former supermarket of the lost era, still persists until today. Within it, you will find dairy products, snacks, kitchenware, food court and basically anything else you will find in a modern supermarket, but with the assemblance of a distant past.

Shopping for a bit of groceries and grabbing the cultural breakfast like a local doesn’t sound too bad to be on the to-do-list for your private tours to Vietnam.

Dong Xuan Market – Night life of the gone era

The Vietnamese people of the old days did not have night clubs or bars. Instead, they frequented the night market. Dong Xuan is an ordinary market in the morning, but at night, it transforms back to a night market, As if rejecting the passing of time, Dong Xuan night market retains most of its features from decades ago and remains a place to relax and grab a bite at night.

Would you like to know how the local people used to “go to a movie” centuries ago? Cultural performances are still held up to these days. Back in the days, those were the equivalent version of Marvel or DC movies that the locals always hyped for.

Well, the characters and storyline setting are totally different, but it is the feeling of culture that counts.

Thuan An Beach – Journey to the Golden Sand

This is a destination that remains popular to both tourists and the Vietnamese people. On your way to Thuan An beach, you will pass through numerous villages far away from the modern city. It is a road trip that gives off the adventurous sensation with a destination that will astound any first-timer.

Grab some cheap snacks from the street vendor along the way and inhale the air of a secluded part of the world never fails to relax tourists and local city folks alike. Once you have reached the destination, you will see how the place was named in such a way. Don’t be so hasty in leaving the place just yet; there are still activities worth including in your Vietnam travel itinerary; which includes the Kangatour tour, motorbike riding, Hue cooking lessons and numerous other. If you are on private tours to Vietnam, your guide will tell you all about it with greater details.

Personally, the Hue Shining Spa is the one place I will visit without fails whenever I have an opportunity to be in the vicinity.

Are you ready for Vietnam?

The places to visit and to experience the Vietnamese culture are simply too much to be put on a list. Though the above-mentioned places are among those that invoked a certain unforgettable and indescribable sensation within travellers during their trip to Vietnam.

Thus to put it in this article, for the specific Vietnam tour holidays that suit you the most, consult the travel consultant for more destination and activity options.

Also, your buddies are looking to come to Vietnam too? Or perhaps they need some extra convincing to come with you? Show them this article and to spread the traveling enthusiasm to them.

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