It will be much easier for travelers to research in advance about transportation before coming to any country. Thailand is not an exception. Transport in Thailand may be more interesting than you think and you should know as much information as you can to avoid wasting money. This article will include five kinds of exciting vehicles in Thailand with some tips when hiring them. They are absolutely helpful for your next Thailand vacation packages.

Transport in Thailand

There are many different means of transportation in Thailand for travelers to choose from. We will introduce some of the most interesting ones below. Let’s find out what they are!

Tuk Tuk

The tuk-tuk is not just a famous mode of transportation for tourists; it’s a famous attraction in its own right! Many people love to ride these things, even non-locals. There are more than 35,000 Tuk Tuks on the streets of Thai cities (mainly Bangkok), and they’re convenient. You can get around without worrying about where they’ll go or what they will do if they run out of gas.

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However, it may be hard to negotiate rates with a Tuk Tuk if you aren’t too familiar with the Thai language. If you like to carry their cash with them, beware – once fees and surcharges apply, you could pay up to 150 baht for even something perceived as a very short ride. When haggling for a Tuk Tuk ride, come in knowing exactly how much you want to pay and how much the driver will settle for because there is no standard rate. Be ready to allow some room for the two to negotiate your fair share.

Motorcycle Taxi

Nowadays, there are many different ways to get from one place to another. There is air, land, and sea transportation.
Of all these travel classes, the motorcycle taxi perhaps falls under the fastest mode of transport that can take you from any corner of Thailand; it is fast, convenient, and efficient. The fare depends on how far you want to go and can be negotiated with your driver beforehand.

It would be best if you remember the following things when hiring a motorcycle taxi in Thailand. Motorcycle taxis are the cheapest option since fares are often under 100 baht (20 USD) if traveling only within a district. Since drivers know the city, you can travel with them even if you don’t speak Thai.

Bangkok BTS Skytrain

You’ve probably heard that large cities are notorious for their bad traffic. Getting around a city like Bangkok isn’t always the most pleasant experience. Of course, the only rational solution is to avoid getting stuck in it altogether.

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One option is to take the green BTS Skytrain instead of sitting idly in your car forever, watching tons of other cars driving by alongside you while barely going anywhere yourself. So just be sure to get off the tarmac and onto Bangkok’s elevated railway system – you’ll find it’s a lot more relaxing!


Bangkok taxis are safe and efficient modes of transportation that make it easy to travel around Thailand without worrying about traffic. They may be a little bit more expensive than getting around by bus but are much quicker if you’re in a rush and a lot more comfortable. While some travelers prefer motorbike taxis, Bangkok’s fares make them great for tourists who want their money to go further, so they’ll be worth the investment. There’s no denying that.

Here are some tips for you to book taxis in Thailand. Fares can be different depending on the number of meters installed inside taxis which causes the drivers to charge whatever anonymous fares they please. You can also call the taxi helpline number 1164 – this will help you if there are any troubles with your driver. Taxis’ price starts at 35 Bath, and the price per kilometer is incremented by five BAHT when traffic moves normally. When traffic starts to back up, however, the price rises much more quickly: two BAHT per minute, then incrementally climbing to 10 BAHT per minute until it reaches 2 000 BAHT per minute.


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A songthaew is a four-wheel car modeled off of a truck with two long rows of seats that can be taken throughout Thailand. If you are searching for an inexpensive way to get around this place, it might be the best decision. There are places left inside where people can stand so that they may travel in a Songthaew while holding onto whatever fixed center peg there may be!

When hiring a songthaew in Thailand, be sure to remember:

  • The roof contains buzzers that can be used to signal your driver
  • The halts of most songs are inexpensive, ranging from ten to forty baht, and are appropriate even for afar inter-city travels
  • If you’re pressed for time while traveling with a song, however, it might not always be the best mode of transportation. Make sure you’re aware of what schedule you’ll have and your errands’ impromptu nature before boarding.


Thailand is well-known for its bus transport systems. Bangkok alone has over 676 bus routes that cover approximately 18,029 km of road, and it’s the largest bus system in the country by size. Buses in Thailand provide a great way to get around and will often be the preferred method of transport for locals, particularly when traveling on a budget.

In Bangkok, it’s easy to use public buses as they are plentiful and fairly cheap. For anyone staying at one of the many hotels in Bangkok, though, you may want to opt for private services since they often offer coaches and minivans that allow you to go straight from your hotel door directly to any location in Bangkok. It will cost you 7 Bath when choosing the cheapest option of buses in Bangkok. Other longer-distance buses won’t charge you much more than that. Buses from Bangkok to Hua Hin, Pattaya, Krabi, Chiang Mai, Phuket, and others are an alternative to flying or taking the train for your tight budget.

In conclusion, you should carefully check the tips before hiring means of transportation before going on any Thailand vacation packages to get as many bargains as possible. Transport in Thailand is more exciting than you used to think.

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