To fully experience Vietnam, there are many things you have to do it our way to feel like a local. That includes crossing the road, eat and live like a local. The things we do aren’t that much different to yours but in a different way.

Your Vietnam tour holidays would be much more meaningful if you experience Vietnam as a Vietnamese.

How to tread like a Vietnamese local in our country

Crossing our road like a Vietnamese

Almost every tourist coming to visit Vietnam as their first time would get dumbfounded standing before our crossroads. Before travelling to Vietnam, if there is any chance, ask any of your friends who have already visited Vietnam, how they felt about crossing the road here, it is not surprise if at least 8 out of 10 would rant about the chaotic scooters current first, then go on to being amazed by locals a phrasing through it like they do it for breakfast.

There is a trick, give way to most cars and all vehicles bigger than a car, cross slowly and the scooters will navigate around you. Remember, no sudden and quick movement. Traffic lights do help out a bit, but for streets that don’t, it is best that you stick to our way of crossing.

Enjoy food like a Vietnamese

Expensive restaurants and a thousand dollars dishes are good and all, but Vietnam is the haven of street foods. The variety of food from the North to the South of Vietnam, has astounded numerous tourists. Anyway, some local food which you must try including during your trip to Vietnam but not limited to: broken rice, fermented shrimp paste noodles (if you can stomach the smell), Pho, sugar cane juice and so many more. Better yet, try those on the street like true Vietnamese.

The Pho made in Vietnam by Vietnamese people have a unique taste that is impossible to replicate elsewhere. The broth flavored by the local secret recipe, and herbal spices harvested locally, combined with the specially cooked beef tendon have left many tourists hungry for more.

The irreplicable feeling of Vietnamese food does not just come from the food, it also comes from our method of enjoying them. To fully experience the street food haven in Vietnam, don’t be shy to visit that street food vendors on the pavement in Hanoi; or join the lady on the boat selling her rice vermicelles in Hoi An. It magically amplify the flavors of the food carving a deep impression in your heart forever.

Embrace our lifestyle

Essentially, what we do aren’t really different to your daily activities. We also drink beers with our buddies, watch football, and chill mostly. However, we just do it differently and even have a word to describe it specifically.


“Nhậu”, maybe quite strange name, is an activity where we gather with our friends, eat and drink, and generally talk about everything about anything. The difference is we don’t do it at a pub or bar, we do it at street shops or local restaurants.

Also the food being served is different too. Screw peanuts, mixed nuts, chips or whatever. To be considered as Nhau, you have to be specific with the food choices, and those are fired tofu, seafood, snails, hotpot, and so on. Combining with the taste of local beer, getting drunk and shouting with friends, it is the best stress relief method.

Don’t worry about being loud, as it is a normal thing for people here during “Nhau” session. Though shouting in a workplace or inside a building isn’t the norm despite common belief.

Watching football

We locals also enjoy watching footballs on a big screen while drinking, eating, and chanting the name of our favourite team, but we do it on the street or local beer/food shop.

Yes, we love our streets and do most things on them, but seriously, there is a distinctive feeling to it. It’s generally more lighthearted than watching it in a bar, more casual, and most excruciating courtesy is ignored. There are street milk tea or smoothies shops that even offer to bring out the massive screen from home just so customers can enjoy with friends. How cool is that?

Walk our country like a local

That’s it, you could walk on Vietnamese soil like a local now (more or less). You know how to cross the roads, what sort of local food we eat, what we do. You are ready, my young padawan.

Nah, not really. There is still much more local lifestyle you do not know yet. So tune in for more lifestyle news and private tours in Vietnam, and your private guide will personally tell you all of it.

Bye now, my beloved readers. I will see you in Vietnam yeah? If you are already here, welcome to Vietnam, and I hope you have fun experience life as a Vietnamese

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