Coronavirus disease is the “nightmare” for many people from all walks of life. For office workers, that is the reason why they were fired. For the medical staff, Coronavirus puts them in danger. And, for us-travelers, this disease is the reason to cancel all the great trips in 2020.

However, the situation is getting better. More and more patients had been recovered, and the number of deaths stopped skyrocketing.

Among many countries worldwide, the Indochina area is considered as the top safe region. This post will introduce you to the hidden gem that many Indochina tour packages usually ignore – Cambodia.

Brief report of the Coronavirus status in Cambodia

Despite the special geographic location – right next to China, the Coronavirus’s origin – Cambodia has an impressively low number of patients.

The first infected case is recorded on January 27, and that patient is a Chinese man coming from Wuhan, as expected. Since then, the virus has spread widely throughout the country. At the moment, there are a total of 275 cases of exposure to Coronavirus, 274 of which are fully recovered. Given that fact, Cambodia has only one patient receiving treatment now, which means the recovery rate is more than 99%.

According to records from Cambodia authority, 221 patients over 275 are male, accounting for nearly 70% of the cases. However, the outburst in Cambodia doesn’t happen from domestics spreading but from a group of people attending a Muslim event in Malaysia. We can find that the risk of being exposed to the virus in public isn’t significant.

In a nutshell, the recovery rate in Cambodia is remarkably high, and the chance of being exposed by public interactions is low. Tourists can be satisfied that they can be safe during the trip because the healthcare system, based on the high recovery percentage, seems modern and well-equipped.

Must-go traveling spots in Cambodia

Phnom Penh

Welcome to the capital city of Cambodia, where modern life and grievous past blended. Many people called Phnom Penh as “the heartbeat of the nation “because it is Cambodia’s center of economy and politics nowadays.

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The “signature” of Cambodia in specific and Southeast Asia countries, in general, is the chaotic streets abuzz with car horns “lifestyle”. You can find it annoying at first glance, but after living in that lifestyle for a week, you will get used to and love it.

According to the tourism community, Tuol Sleng Museum and Choeung Ek are some of the city’s top visiting traveling spots. Visiting these places, and you can learn about the difficult times when the country suffered under Khmer Rouge rule.

Angkor Wat

Angkor Wat must be the most famous attractions on this list. The temple city, which was the center of economy and culture during the prime Angkorian period, now becomes the top-rated ancient sites that any single Indochina tour packages must include.

Traveling from Siem Riep in 15 minutes, we could arrive at the majesty construction. Built between AD 802 and 1432, Angkor Wat is considered as the largest city, not even in Indochina, but in the world during the medieval age. It is also the house of the Khmer Empire, whose footprint had printed across the Indochina region.

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What makes this city distinctive is its bizarre architectural culture. Khmer Kings wanted this city to be a powerhouse, a proof for their power, so they invested all the money and time to build the glamourous city of Angkor.
And they were right. Even though years had gone, and the cruel war destroyed the ancient constructions, the remains still amazes the people for its beauty.

The temple of Angkor Wat is the biggest religious building in the world till today. It takes you three days to explore this sprawling circuit of temples. From the Angkor Wat, walk 10 minutes to see the beautiful ancient Angkor Thom and Bayon Temple to understand the wonderful civilization of the bypast Khmer Empire.

Tonle Sap Lake

Tonle Sap Lake is the most important waterway in Cambodia. The wonderful lake is also considered as a natural border between three countries sharing it: Vietnam, Cambodia, and Thailand. Thus, if legally available, you can sit on a local boat and glide across the lake to arrive at Vietnam’s area and go inside to Vietnam’s territory from there.

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Because of the special location, this lake has become a must-go spot for those who want to travel to Vietnam Cambodia and Thailand in one trip. Just take the confirmation at Embassy, then, stay on a local boat, pass by the lake while sightseeing the busy fishing life of residents there, and Vietnam is on your sight.

If you are planning a trip to Vietnam from Cambodia, we recommend you this way because it is the cheapest and also the most interesting way.

Banteay Chhmar

Apart from other temples across Cambodia, the Banteay Chhmar impresses people for its Indiana Jones-style alikeness. Located in the lonely Northwest jungle of Cambodia, the mammoth temple complex was built in the 12th century for the purpose of portraying the beauty and power of Angkorian king Jayavarman VII.

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Getting to the temple, you can discover the Medieval ages Art of Cambodia people by watching decorative patterns along the construction. Alongside the walls are depictions of historical battle scenes and Avalokiteśvara, the sacred God of Cambodian people, which will amaze you by the glamorous Angkorian artistry.

Safety guidelines for you

Even though the country is safe now, it’s better to learn some safety tips while traveling during the Coronavirus time, because “It’s better prevented than curing”, right? Here are some guidelines for you:

  • Always wear a mask in public: Having your mouth and face covered by a mask not only protects you from viruses but also blocks the dust and pollution, which is high in Cambodia.
  • Wash your hands with soap or hand sanitizers: Immediately after going outside, please remember to sterilize hands in alcohol-based hand washing liquid
  • Avoid touching your face or anyone else’s: Touching your face is the most direct quickest way to transmit the virus to the body.
  • Stay at least 2 meters away from others: Body fluid can be transmitted from person to person by sneezing or coughing, and it’s impossible to control that progress in public, so it’s better to remain 2 meters from strangers to prevent from being exposed.
  • If possible, open and close the door by your elbow to reduce body interaction with unsterile objects as much as possible.

The bottom line

The post above has given much useful information on traveling to Cambodia during the Coronavirus times. Cambodia is a peaceful country with picturesque scenery, diverse culture, long history, and a bunch of amazing spots awaiting you to visit.
We want you to strictly follow these safety guidelines above and, most importantly, keep updated with the news to take action appropriately.
Hope you have a wonderful holiday by following the information provided in our article.

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