After a long exhausting working, traveling must be the best choice to give yourself a treat. However, during this painful period of the world, going abroad can be dangerous due to the Coronavirus spreading.

Hence, if you insist on traveling, it’s better to find some less-infected-case areas to head for. And the Indochina countries are such a great option for that.

This post will provide you with some safety guides while going abroad and some must-go spots if you travel to Vietnam, Cambodia, and Thailand.

The current Coronavirus status in the Indochina countries


Vietnam had the first confirmed case in January 2020. Since then, more than 1000 people have been tested positive with the virus, and 696 are recovered. Given that fact, the recovery rate is incredibly high, proving the excellent healthcare system of Vietnam.

Danang is the town with most infected cases now. More than 390 people, accounting for 40% total patients, are living in this city, making it a complete shutdown in the meantime for a better cure. Recently, Hai Duong, the town with many suspended cases, also claimed its shutdown status.

Meanwhile, in less-serious cities such as Hanoi and Quang Nam, authorities took action on slowing down the spreading pace like banning more-than-30-people gatherings, suspending “non-essential” businesses, promoting safety guidelines, etc.

In brief, each province in Vietnam is conducting particular administrations depending on their risk rate. Tourists should look for the town’s policies before getting into to prepare for the best.


Located near China – the origin of the Coronavirus – Cambodia is at high-risk of having infected cases. As a result, the first case was confirmed on 27 January 2020. Since then, there are more than 273 CoVid-19 patients, but fortunately, 264 of them were recovered, and no death is stated now.

To be more specific, the province that has the highest cases is Phnom Penh, with 171 people, but 143 from them were discharged. Most confirmed cases are male, varying from the age of 20 to 80. The group that is the riskiest is 20 – 29 years old male.

However, that is also why Cambodia remains zero deaths now because the young people’s immune system is confirmed to be strong enough to fight against the virus. With the youth, this virus may just like the flu.


Similar to Vietnam and Cambodia, Thailand recorded the first case in January. After 8 months, there are over 3,340 cases in total, with 58 deaths, and 3,200 people recovered. It’s evident that Thailand’s health system is so modern and developed regarding its remarkable recovery rate.

To add-in, the town that has the highest number of patients is Bangkok, with 1670 cases and 24 deaths. There are only 101 people receiving treatment now, which accounts for less than 5%.

Recommended Indochina tour packages for you


travel to vietnam cambodia thailand

Welcome to the holy capital city of Thailand. We recommend you start a day there by having a ride on the traditional klong boat along the city’s winding canals and glide through sacred temples and modern skyscrapers. Seeing the city by its past and present to feel its flow of history will be the experience that you never forget!

Ha Long Bay

If you are planning a trip to Vietnam, then Ha Long Bay is worth-trying spots that you should absolutely pay a visit to. To arrive at Ha Long Bay, you first have to take a flight to Hanoi, then take a 3 hours drive, and Ha Long Bay is on your sight.

travel to vietnam cambodia thailand

Recognized as the World Heritage Site, the destination is where thousands of naturally-carved colorful limestone islands arise from serene waters. Sitting on a wooden boat, gliding across thousands of stunning karst formations, and absorbing yourself in that dreamland is the journey that Ha Long Bay will provide to you.

Phnom Penh

Now, it’s time for the representative of Cambodia to showcase. The city was the center of “killing fields” by the brutal Khmer Rouge, which assassinated more than 17,700 people during its 4 years of ruling.

travel to vietnam cambodia thailand

Visit the Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum, where the proofs of the tragic 20th century past are displayed, to see and feel the Cambodia people’s miserable period is the most favorable experience for tourists there.

What you should know to protect yourself?

travel to vietnam cambodia thailand
How to wear a mask correctly

Even though Vietnam, Cambodia, and Thailand are relatively safeguarded countries, you should still acknowledge yourself with safety tips to protect from being infected. Below is some advice for you:

  • Always wear masks in public: In some areas like Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam), it is illegal not to wear your mask. You can be fined up to 300,000 VND, which isn’t a happy experience you want to have.
  • Wash your hands in soap or hand sanitizers immediately after going outside: Virus can survive in any objects you touch like the chair, the doorbell, the bus, etc. so it’s better to sterilize your hands.
  • Avoid touching your face or anyone else’s: Touching the face is the quickest way to get the virus (if had on your hands) to your body.
  • Remain the minimum 2 meters distance from others: It’s impossible to control sneezing or any other means of body fluids transmission. Staying 2 meters away can prevent yourself from being exposed to the virus contained in these fluids (if had).If available, open, and close the hotel door by your elbow or shoulder to reduce the interaction with unsterile objects as much as possible.

The bottom line

By this post, we have gone through some essential information on Indochina tour packages and safety guidelines to protect yourself from the Coronavirus. Just remember to wear masks in public, sterilize your hands usually and keep updated with the news, then, your trip will be at ease. Hope this article provides you with helpful advice on your upcoming trip to the Indochina countries. Enjoy your holiday!

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