Summer days are the best time for a vacation. After a long period of hard work, now it’s time for some days off to “recharge” yourself mentally and physically. However, it’s challenging to find out the country with a high recovery rate during this Coronavirus spread.

Among many countries and territories globally, Indochina is one of the safest regions. Laos, the small country sandwiched between Vietnam and China, is what we recommend to pay a visit. Laos has always been a must-go in most Indochina tour packages with gorgeous wild nature, unique culture, and hospitable people.

Brief Report Of The Coronavirus Status In Laos

Despite its special geographical location – right next to China, Laos has an impressively low number of cases infected. Since the outburst in mainland China in January 2020, many Chinese are traveling overseas, and Laos – the small landlocked nation next to China – must be the top chosen destination then. However, there are only 23 patients overall, with 21 recovered. In the meantime, there are only 2 patients that are receiving treatment for Coronavirus, which is relatively less than other countries in the South East Asian in general.

Given that fact, Laos’ recovery rate is incredibly high, and there is a low chance of getting exposed to the Virus in public. To add-in, the healthcare system is well-equipped enough to take care of patients carefully, which has been proved through the 98% of patients recovered.

Therefore, if you intend to visit Laos, we can see that there is no reason to worry about the Coronavirus then.

Top Famous Tourist Attractions In Laos


Laos is a cultural pot of many ethnic groups peacefully living and acquiring cultures of each other. So, taking a trip to Laos is the way to grasp the knowledge of the country’s glorious history and diverse culture. Vientiane – the city of splendid old times and chaotic modern days – is a perfect destination for that.

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The ideal sightseeing tour around Vientiane is travelling to Patuxai Monument, Wat Si Saket, Wat Phra Keo, and furthermore. If time allows, the night market is where you should visit to purchase some delicious localities.

Additionally, if you love architecture, wandering around Vientiane’s streets, you can satisfyingly sightsee many beautiful ancient buildings influenced by French architectural art.

Luang Prabang

Luang Prabang has always been a popular travel spot in Laos. Located next to the mighty Mekong and Khan rivers, the town has a charming vibe that no Laos city can have.

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The top-rated travelling spots in the city are its gorgeous European style coffee shops lying next to the picturesque river banks and the gorgeous Mount Phousi. Walking across the river bank, tasting some hot drinks in an old school coffee shop, or climbing up to the peak of Mount Phousi to oversee the panoramic scene of the town are some alluring experiences that Luang Prabang offers you.

If you are a fan of trekking, then the delightful Kuang Si waterfalls are where you should go because of its amazing azure cataracts.


Pakse is the capital city of Champasak Province, which lies in the Southern part of the country and near the Vietnam – Laos border. Tourists usually arrive at the town to travel onwards to the famous Si Phan Don, but Pakse’s charm has won the love, making the city an uprising tourist spot.

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Then, what is interesting in this town? We advise you to visit the Xe Pian National Protected Area to enjoy nature and learn more about endangered animals. It will be a rare experience that is difficult to regain when returning to the chaotic city life.

Lying on the bank of the Mekong and Sedone rivers, the town offers many worth-buying localities. Just spend a day at the market, and you can find tasty seafood dishes along the waterfront. Besides, visiting herbal saunas is another great option to consider.

One great point that must be mentioned about Pakse is that there is a Vietnam Embassy located there. There isn’t any complicated visa process required to travel to Vietnam from Laos, so if you are planning a trip to Vietnam after Laos, this town is a must-go.

Safety Guidelines While Traveling In The Coronavirus Period

  • Even though Laos is quite secure, we still advise you to educate yourself with some basic safety guidelines to avoid being exposed to the Coronavirus. Below are some tips:
  • Wear masks in public: It’s impossible to control any kind of Virus exposure in public, right? So, it’s better to wear a mask whenever going outside to avoid any case of fluid transmission like sneezing and coughing.
  • Sterilize your hands with hand sanitizer: The Virus can survive outside the body for up to 24 hours. Thus, it’s a must to sanitize your hands before eating so that all viruses are eliminated.
  • Distance yourself from others for at least 20 meters.
  • Avoid public gatherings with more than 30 people: we recommend you stay 20 meters away from strangers and reduce the gatherings as least as possible because the more people, the higher chance you can be exposed to the Virus.
  • Open and close the door of the hotel room by ankles (or any tools available)

Final Thoughts

By this post, we have introduced Laos’s famous travel destinations and how to protect yourself from being exposed to the Coronavirus while traveling. Laos is the hidden gem of the Indochina area where wild nature is still preserved at its best, so that will be a great place for you to escape from the normal life for a while.

Just remember, wash your hands carefully, always wear a mask, and keep updated with the news, and you will have a safe and sound trip.
Hope this post provides you with much useful insights on choosing the suitable Laos itinerary.

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