The infamous Coronavirus emerging in China has now made its way to almost all nations and territories over the world. Tourism businesses in many countries have been halted, and Southeast Asia is no exception.

Recent COVID-19 reports have proved Vietnam and Cambodia to be two countries in the region that are tackling well with the outbreak.

So will there be any promising chance for Vietnam and Cambodia travel packages to come back? Let’s now take a closer look!

Is There Any Vietnam Cambodia Tour Package Still Available?

Most Vietnam Cambodia tour package operators are still working. However, to ensure the safety of both travelers and local communities, tourism activities are not predicted to come back until May 2020 the soonest.

This means that you can still book your tour to Vietnam and Cambodia, but the arrival time should fall in May. Many tour operators these days offer more flexible cancellation policies and reduce the cut-off time with a full refund. This positive change thus gives travelers more confidence in booking tour activities.

With that being said, all tourism businesses in Vietnam and Cambodia still have to follow the VISA approval updates from their governments to make their decision. So there is still no exact/confirmed date for the tourism to be back on track again.

Lockdown Situation In Vietnam And Cambodia

vietnam cambodia travel packages
Lockdown Situation in Vietnam and Cambodia

In Vietnam

Vietnam has passed the social distancing order for two weeks, and the quarantine duration is expected to end on 22nd April (or 30th April, depending on the real situation).

This order applies its first week in 2 major cities – Hanoi capital city and Ho Chi Minh city, and the later week in 12 cities and provinces with the highest numbers of positive cases.

Vietnam has just confirmed to have no new infection within 20 days (From April 19th to May 7th). Total cases of infections still remain at 268, with 215 recovered cases, and no fatality recorded.

While it seems early to count victories in this outbreak, it’s fair to say that Vietnam has moved further than many neighbors in shrinking the COVID-19 pandemic.

With these positive signs, Vietnam has started relaxing the lockdown. The daily increase in new positive cases is kept low and steady, all goods are still abundant for purchasing, and the public have been very optimistic about the current situation.

In Cambodia

Cambodia has initiated lockdown in most schools and major manufactures. The total number of cases has been grown as much as in the first two weeks of March.

This country also launched a multi-sectoral action plan against antimicrobial resistance, reinforcing the safety of the community. Putting side by side with Vietnam’s strategy, Cambodia has their own success in slowing down the COVID-19 outbreak.

Cambodia has now reported 122 infections, with 110 recoveries, and no fatality. This is also a hope for this country to keep the virus under better control.

Even though sitting next to China, both Vietnam and Cambodia own affirmative proof that they are well handling the situation.

Vietnam And Cambodia Itinerary To Consider After COVID-19 Lockdown

With the imperative and decisive measures from the two governments to keep the pandemic under their thumbs, let’s hope that the lockdown will soon be lessened within one or two months. And if you are planning your upcoming trip, you may want to give it a go for this Vietnam and Cambodia itinerary.

Vietnam Itinerary

vietnam cambodia travel packages
Vietnam Itinerary

Hanoi – Ha Long – Phong Nha – Hue, Da Nang & Hoi An – Ho Chi Minh City

Start your trip with an adventure in the Old Quarter of Hanoi – the capital city of Vietnam. Savor its delectable cuisine and immerse in the nostalgia vibe of the city. Head further to Ha Long Bay and be ready to fall heads over heels with emerald water, breathtaking limestone karsts, and a diversity of water activities.

Continue your trip to Phong Nha; you can explore nature’s delight inside tropical forests and the unique world’s largest cave – Son Doong.

Travel to the south of Vietnam, it’s your time to discover the culture and local life with outrageously delicious street food, gorgeous beaches, and amazing people.

Cambodia Itinerary

vietnam cambodia travel packages
Cambodia Itinerary

Kampot – Koh Rong Sanloem – Phnom Penh- Battambang – Siem Reap

After your busy travel in Vietnam, Kampot is an ideal place to chill out before traveling to the paradise island in Koh Rong Sanloem. Tear yourself apart from the island; your next stop should be Phnom Penh. It’s ideal for learning all about the history and culture of Cambodia in this capital city, which is full of temples, local markets, and museums.

After Phnom Penh, Battambang will welcome you with spectacular colonial architecture and heritage walks. Then getting to Siem Reap, there’ll be time for you to immerse in either the hectic local life or the relaxing ambiance of Angkor Wat.


Let’s now cross the fingers for Vietnam and Cambodia to be ready to operate their tourism business again. And hopefully, with our recommendations on the Vietnam and Cambodia itinerary, you will soon have a memorable traveling experience in these two countries. Stay safe!

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