Many visitors suppose that taking photos, exploring new cultures, and tasting traditional food are a must during their Cambodia vacation packages. However, your trip can not be fulfilled if you miss buying practical things like souvenirs for your family and friends. They will also bring you more chances to connect with locals. Are you considering what to purchase when traveling to Cambodia? If yes, do not skip on the list of meaningful and unique souvenirs from Cambodia to bring home.

Best Souvenirs from Cambodia


Krama is known as a famous traditional garment of Cambodians. You can easily catch sight of locals wearing it, from the elderly to young people, from men to women, and from the countryside to the cities. The Krama comes in various sizes, suitable for each person’s use. As was the Cambodian’s habit, small sizes may be utilized as a hammock for babies, carrying goods, or wearing a scarf around the neck. On the other side, the larger ones can even be utilized as a towel. When working under the intense heat of the midday sun, farmers always wrap the Krama around their heads to protect their skin from the daylight and absorb perspiration droplets.

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Cambodian lady with Krama

Nowadays, modern Cambodian Kramas offer visitors various colors, designs, and qualities. This multi-purpose fabric consists of a gingham pattern and normally comes in white and red colors. To be perfectly honest, the Krama is a classic souvenir to give someone when you come back home! More interesting, some Kramas grab the attention of tourists from first sight as they contain the Cambodian flag with meticulous stitching. They are available for purchase in almost all the markets all over Cambodia, with the cheapest ones costing between $1 – $2 per krama.


Another ideal item of art to bring home after traveling around Cambodia is Lacquerware. This craft has a deep-rooted history and reached its heyday in the 12th to 16th centuries in Cambodia. Lacquer goods feature Khmer-style designs or portrayals of traditional Cambodian life.

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Cambodia Lacquerware

Skilled artists these days create exquisite lacquer boxes, ornaments, bowls, vases, and Buddha images by combining ancient techniques with modern designs. If you want to observe the process of producing lacquer products first-hand at the workshop and shop for a wide choice of Khmer designs, you can choose Theam’s House, located in Siem Reap, as a perfect destination.

Sculpture Reproductions

Thanks to the exceptional skills of artisans, Cambodia has become an ideal place to contemplate beautiful intricate carvings or sculptural works at reasonable prices. The walls of Angkor Wat and other ancient temples throughout Cambodia are typical examples illustrating their talents.

These days, Cambodians create and sell various sculpture reproductions at affordable prices, ranging from enormous statues to small ones. To service the needs of tourists, artisans devote hours to delicately sculpting pieces of stone, wooden, or copper objects into elaborate designs.

Many perfect works of art are miniature reproductions of Buddha, Apsara women, God Spirits, and various animals. In addition, wall art in the form of carvings and hand-carved wooden screens are also available. Be assured that there is no lack of choices for souvenirs to purchase in Cambodia; you can have a field day buying things at night markets in Siem Reap, Phnom Penh, and other tourism hubs.

Silverware & Silver Jewelry

Another gift that you can bring home is Silverware. Silversmithing of Khmer’s was highly developed in the early years of the 11th century and has been one of the main traditional jobs of Cambodians today. During that period, silver things were considered luxurious items for the rich people and royal palace, including coins, weaponry, betel boxes, and ceremonial pieces utilized in funerary and religious sites.

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Cambodia silver jewelry

With the growth of the tourism industry, Khmer silverware has become well-known far beyond the country’s boundaries. From enormous plates with exquisite designs to collections of ornate boxes, pendants, and other souvenirs, Cambodia has become a treasure mine of unique hand-craft silver products.

To make more trendy goods, local artists integrate Cambodian silver and semi-precious stones into their designs. Various local stores selling silver may be found practically anywhere in Cambodia, particularly in the two largest cities, Siem Reap and Phnom Penh, and rural villages. What could be more beautiful than these breathtaking pieces of art to take home as a souvenir for your family and friends?

Handmade Paintings

To fill out the list of the unique souvenirs after your Cambodia vacation packages, we cannot finish without mentioning handmade paintings. Talented local artists describe Cambodian life, cultures, and tradition through graceful and lively drawings. There are many materials they paint in, but oil seems the most popular one – remarkable works of art capture traditional Khmer patterns, local landscapes, and Buddhist themes.

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An original hand-painted picture from Cambodia

There are multiple choices for tourists to choose when buying paintings and artworks. If you want to own high-quality paintings, Asasax Art Gallery in Phnom Penh will be a must-place to visit. Or, in case you expect to purchase an affordable handmade painting, come to Central Market in Phnom Penh or Old Market in Siem Reap to be spoilt for choice.

Interestingly, the best part is about incredibly reasonable prices. Even in these locales, one-of-a-kind art can be purchased at bargain prices. At first sight, you will easily catch sight of many photographs of historical sites like Angkor Wat. Therefore, you should go from shop to shop to look and then buy the most affordable one. Surely these works of art will not disappoint you; instead, they are excellent on your walls or as a thoughtful gift for your friends.


Cambodia is truly a beautiful country with diversified cultures and artworks. A good way to understand more about the locals and cultures during the Cambodia vacation packages is to bring home their signatures. Hope you can choose the best suitable souvenirs for your beloved ones through this article.

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