Cung rua tay xoa xoa xoa deu (Wash your hands, rub, rub, rub evenly)
Dung cho tay len mat mui mieng (Do not touch your eyes, nose, mouth)
Va han che di ra noi dong nguoi (And avoid those crowded places)
Day lui virus Corona Corona (Push back Corona, Corona)

If you haven’t caught up with the latest Vietnamese viral anti-Coronavirus choreography, then it makes sense to assume you’ve been living under a rock.

This budding world tourist attraction, despite its small scaled economic status, has been a top player in the scene of curbing respiratory epidemics, with both the 2003’s SARS and the 2020’s Covid-19 included.

With such an impressive medical scope, along with rather low medical costs and natural-packed tourism offers, it’s inevitable that Vietnam vacation packages are the talk of the town at the moment.

Instead of going to cramped tourist places such as Halong Bay, Da Nang or Hoi An, why don’t you get loose at Tay Nguyen Central Highland, where sumptuous cash crops, brisk wind and lovely elephants will caress every strand of your hair?

How Vietnam Is Stepping Up Coronavirus Containment Efforts

Up to April 10, 2020, Vietnam has recorded 257 cases positive with Covid-19, 85% of whom were tourists or pilgrims from Europe, 144 were healed. The fatality rate remains 0.

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Medical Hotline in Vietnam

Schools, cinemas, massage parlors, karaoke rooms and any recreational activities stay shut down since early February to prevent crowds from gathering. Many workplaces and schools have developed remote working models and online courses. And since April 1st, all citizen were requested on social distancing in order to reduce the transmission of coronavirus (COVID-19)

The government has raised the maximum alert level via a temporary visa suspension to all foreign people. They even go to greater lengths to grant subsidy packages for aiding domestic airlines to refund international tourists.

If you want an update about Coronavirus in Vietnam in particular, as well as in other SEA countries, you can browse to their individual Ministry of Health websites.

Health Emergency Hotline For Tourists in Vietnam: 1900 3228.

Explore Tay Nguyen Red Basalt Highland On A Motorbike: Top 9 Must-Visit Places

Tay Nguyen’s Untamed Beauty

To thalassophile: “Smell the sea, and feel the sky. Let your soul and spirit fly” – Van Morrison

Prepared to be surprised! In the heart of the scorching 37-39-degree-Celcius basin of Tay Nguyen “high” land hides an abundance of crystal-clear oxbow lochs and kaleidoscope fairy layered waterfalls.

Limpidly Azure Sea Lake in Pleiku

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Sea Lake – Pleiku’s Eyes

The fact that it’s actually a volcanic mouth adorns its contrasting beauty even more. Pleiku’s eyes or Pleiku’s pearl, whatever called, it will always remain the most soothing and healing stopover for Tay Nguyen backpackers.

A drop of pine path is another lovely stroke on Sea Lake’s cinematic panorama. It also exudes a sombre vibe, as legend has it that once upon a time, there was a village called T’nung swept away by volcano eruption, so Sea Lake is a collection of tears from the locals to T’nung decedents.
How to get there: Rent a motorbike or a bicycle and ride it 7 km northeast of Pleiku City.

Lak Lake – Elegant and delicate like a mountainous belle

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Lak Lake – The Pearl Of Ancient Tay Nguyen

Via bird-eye view, Lak Lake curls up like a sophisticated strip of silk crossing Jun village’s primeval jungle. TMI, it’s the largest freshwater lake in Vietnam to date. In the rain season, the lake water level rises up, setting up the habitat for adrifting clusters of lotus and water lily.

Vaguely on a boat can you hear a couple of melody from local fishermen’s chantey:

“Beo dat may troi, chon xa xoi (Water-ferns drift, cloud float…far far away)
Em oi anh van doi beo dat (My love, I am still waiting)
May… troi chim sa tang tinh tinh, ca loi… (Water-ferns drift, clouds float… birds fly, tang tinh tinh… fishes swim)”

How to get there

  • By personal means: Cross Lac Thien Pass on Highway no.27 about 10km.
  • By bus: No.16: Buon Ma Thuot – Highway no.27 – Dak Lieng Junction.

Ea Sno Lake – Dak Nong’s Signature Beauty

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Ea Sno Lake – The Focal Point of Dak Nong’s Tourism

Ea Sno is a giant natural hewn mirror that reflects every aesthetics of ancient Tay Nguyen. If you sail a boat along the lake, you can reach from majestic falls Gia Long, D’ray Sap to ethnic villages like Choah, Ol, Leng.

How to get there: From Gia Long Junction, trail along provincial highway no.4 to reach Dak Mam town and conquer the rough track through locals’ guide.

D’ray Nur Falls – The Witness of A Heart-wrenching Love Story

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D’ray Nur Waterfalls

D’ray Nur falls deprived itself from the mighty Serepok river. In fairytales, Serepok was splitted into two falls, D’ray Nur and D’ray Sap after an indigenous couple jumped into the river to commit suicide in despair of family oppositions.

Another rumor says D’ray Nur means golden bamboo rat, representing the Mercury son’s incarnation on his way back home after tying the knots with two human princesses.

Besides the enigmatical origin, D’ray Nur has much more to offer, ranging from water sports, cave expeditions to Ede authentic homestay service.

How to get there:

  • By motorbike: Ride about 9km along Le Duan – To Huu – DT682 route in Buon Ma Thuot, or navigate Bridge 14 on Highway no.14 and turn left around 10km more.
  • By bus: Bus no.13: Buon Ma Thuot – Krong No which drops you at Cu Jut on provincial highway 684.

To nemophilists: “The earth has music for those who listen” – William Shakespeare

Surf The Wind Cross The Roof of Lam Vien Plateau – LangBiang On A Jeep

Situated 2,167m above sea level, Mount LangBiang, or Mother Mountain, possesses two prominent peaks, depicting K Lang and Ho Bian, a permanently separated couple due to their families’ long-lived hatred.

For greater thrills, you can rent an open-top red jeep and turn on a heavy metal rock piece while letting the relentless wind cuddle your skin to conquer Radar peak, Ong and Ba mountain. Paragliding is also an exciting take for extra fun.

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How To Trek On LangBiang

How to get there:

  • By bike, motorbike, scooter or taxi: Ride 12km away from Da Lat centre.
  • By bus: Bus No.5 from Da Lat central market station from 6a.m to 5p.m.
  • By foot:

“Yes, I do” at Da Lat’s Valley of Love

It should be the first on a bucket list synthesizing all Vietnam honeymoon packages. Right at the gate of this 242-hectare premise will you be greeted with a golden statue of two hands exchanging rings.

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Engagement Rings At The Gate Of Vallée D’amour

As if it wasn’t romantic enough, couples could rent swan-shaped boats to paddle around Da Thien Lake for some private quality time. Indulge your eyes and your nose with aromatic flower beds covering misty pine forests up to Vong Canh and Paradise Hill.

The Valley seems to be too cheesy for you? Then join all the exciting festivals and activities such as tandem cycling, horse riding, paragliding or speed racing for a mood change.

How to get there: Get on a bus from Phu Dong Thien Vuong street, the valley is 5km north of central Da Lat city.

Befriend With Domesticated Elephants at Bustling Don Village

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Cross Seperok River On An Authentic Elephant Ride

Don village, similar to Hoi An’s Silky Road, was once a trade place for Ede and M’nong tribes with Laotian and Cao Mien people. It is located 40km from central Buon Ma Thuot city and resides next to the vivid Serepok river.

The locals are skillful elephant expert trainers, as they are the proud descendants of Khunjunop (Elephant Hunting King) N’Thu K’Nul, who successfully knocked down a white elephant as a gift for the Thailand King.

Cross a hanging bamboo bridge, you will enter Don village. From here, take an elephant ride to see the seven-layered waterfalls or to pass Serepok river and crack into Yok Don National Park.

Or if you’re young, wild and free, go on and challenge your inner child by participating in folk games like walking on stilts or smashing pots while blindfolded instead of boat fishing or lotus sighting.

How to get there:

  • By motorbike: Go straight along provincial highway no.1
  • By bus: Bus No.15 from Buon Ma Thuot to Don Village’s Hanging Bridge

To Architecture Aficionados: “We Travel For Romance, We Travel For Architecture, and We Travel To Be Lost” – Ray Bradbury

Confess your guilts and worries to Mother Maria at St. Nicholas of Bari Cathedral

There are plenty of names for you to call: St. Nicholas of Cathedral, Dalat Cathedral, Cathedral of Dalat or Rooster Church Dalat. It’s not just your ordinary Roman Catholic Church, it has a giant chicken sitting on top of the bell tower.

The overall architectural style is typical of that from Europe, with symmetric pillars and well-balanced lines which are weirdly in harmony with flashy motifs. The round arched windows, tiled roof, close-spaced blocks, pink walls and Louis Balmet self-decorated penthouse are exact miniatures of European buildings.

How to get there:

  • By foot: From Dalat central market, cross Mr. Dao bridge to Le Dai Hanh street and climb uphill will you reach your destination.

Travel back in time at Government Ascribed Cultural Heritage Site – Dalat Railway Station

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Old Dalat Railway Station

Dalat Railway Station is the highest railway system in Vietnam, seated at 1500m above sea level. French architects Moncet and Revéron proved their one-of-a-kind aesthetics via their 3-peak LangBiang inspired station design and a Dr. Yersin-commemorated clock at the front hall.

Choo! Choo! The train has set off and carried its multinational passengers into a computer graphic-like backdrop with the infinite Than Tho lake and vast arboretums of persimmons, peaches, artichoke buds and strawberries.

How to get there: By foot if you are at the central Dalat market:

  • Mr. Dao Bridge – Tran Quoc Toan Street – Lam Vien Squares
  • Yersin Street – Nguyen Trai Street – Quang Trung Street

Explore An Ethnic Tribes’ Cultural Rich Tay Nguyen

Gong Culture

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The Dawn Embracing Tay Nguyen Ethnic Tribes

When first introduced, gong was considered a means of communication between villagers and their gods. Gong is also the initial sound of a newborn’s ear blowing ceremony, as well as a wedding, a housewarming party, a farming ritual, a hunting session. And gong is the final farewell to the deceased before burial.

Tay Nguyen’s Epics

Epics are what Tay Nguyen’s history, culture, poetry, myths, customs and religious beliefs join forces to compound. Since the debut of the Ede’s khan Dam San in 1927, over 20 other epics have been revealed. Up until nowadays, epics are still recited in Tay Nguyen tribes’ communal performances.

Traditional festivals

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Space of Gong Culture in Don Village

These festivals indicate Tay Nguyen’s ethnic groups’ primitive outlooks of life, customs, human race and spiritual world. Striking examples include Ede’s water resource ceremony, the Jrai and Bahnar’s new rice festival or housewarming rituals.

They’re representative of Tay Nguyen’s crop culture and only here can you see gaudy outfits and jewelry, colorful bamboo woven baskets in harmony with steamy straw liquor.

Bottom Line

Vietnam holiday tour packages have been all the rage even before the heated worldwide response to the trending anti Covid-19 dance thanks to its untouched hidden gems, with Tay Nguyen as no exception.

Discover Tay Nguyen’s wind and soil on a backpack, enjoy the unswayed beauty of a lofty sky, travel-friendly mountains, hospitable ethnic groups, cobalt blue lakes and an ambrosial taste of bamboo rice or freshwater fish soup.

Hit the gong and sip a quaff of warm stem liquor before dancing on stilts around the fire. That’s the taste of life to the utmost, my friends!

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