Is it too risky for a Vietnam and Cambodia itinerary during this time? What do you need to know about travel in COVID 19 pandemic? All will be revealed in this article!

Tourism In COVID 19 Period

Travel during the COVID 19 pandemic? Many people think this is a crazy idea and dangerous to do. However, what is the truth? Tourism is one of the industries that suffered the most from the COVID 19 pandemic. Some nations have even ordered the closure of hotels and restaurants or more serious is banning travel.

As travel will increase the risk of infection due to cross-border movement and make it more difficult to control, people certainly don’t want to take risks!

vietnam cambodia itinerary
COVID 19 is still dangerous now

But at this time, is it still dangerous to travel? We have many answers to this question. Why? Because there are some countries now have come over pandemics and are relatively safe for you to visit.

You need some suggestions? Based on the actual situation, we highly recommend Vietnam and Cambodia to be your next destinations.

Scroll down to know the reasons!

The Reason Why Vietnam And Cambodia Are Great Destinations

Vietnam and Cambodia make a name for themselves as the ideal point of arrival, especially in Southeast Asia. If you still doubt, we firmly believe that the following reasons will conquer you.


As we mentioned above, the most severe problem now is that COVID 19 pandemic is rife all over the world, which affects directly to your health and safety.

Hence, the prerequisite for selecting a tourist destination is safety – which both Vietnam and Cambodia can meet. The number of people infected in these two countries is quite small, and the recovery rate is exceptionally high. More significantly, for a long time in these two countries, there were no new cases, and the disease situation is strictly controlled by the government now. Therefore, Vietnam and Cambodia can be your best choice!

Low Cost

There are two reasons that will save you a lot of money when traveling to Vietnam and Cambodia in this period. Do you know what?

The first, travel cost decreased due to the epidemic. The tourism industry needs to recover after being severely damaged by the plague, so the air tickets, hotel costs, and so many more are pretty cheap.

And another one, living costs in Vietnam and Cambodia are inherently quite low compared to other countries in the region. As usual, when you travel at other times, the cost is also absolutely not high. Moreover, it will be such a bargain if you travel in this plague period.

Places To Visit

You are addicted to climbing? Or you are a beach lover? No matter what you want to do on your trips, these two countries will satisfy you all! Vietnam and Cambodia nature are always praised for their diversity and abundance. The climate varies from North to South, especially in the winter, so the vegetation and landscape in different regions are various.

vietnam cambodia itinerary
Sihanoukville beach in Cambodia

In Cambodia, there are some must-visit places such as Sihanoukville beaches, Angkor Archaeological Park, Koh Rong Samloem, Tonlé Sap Lake, etc.

How about Vietnam? It will be flawed if you don’t visit Da Nang city, Hoi An Ancient town, Nha Trang beach, or Phu Quoc island!

Spend Your Holiday For A Vietnam To Cambodia Itinerary

Now, if you are ready to take a trip, we will reveal the vital key – some best types of travel that you shouldn’t miss!

Vietnam Cambodia Travel Packages

This is the most popular form of tours that everyone can join. Everything of these tours is arranged by agencies such as time, schedule, restaurant, hotel, and so on. All you need to do is register, then pick up your backpack and go.

This type of travel is common as you can try it without any experience and will be supported from A to Z. The Vietnam Cambodia travel packages usually last from 7 to more than 20 days, depending on the itinerary (at). Because of its popularity, packaged tours have pretty reasonable prices.

If you have no idea about the destination and your budget is tight to some extent, it is a perfect choice!

Private Tours Vietnam And Cambodia

All the adjectives that people can comment on private tours are special, comfortable, and suitable for each person. Private tours are simply understood as tours designed for you only with a personal driver and a personal tour guide.

vietnam cambodia itinerary
Wonderful time in Halong Bay

Furthermore, you will have the opportunities to enjoy personalized services and explore the new world in the way you always dream.

Perhaps, there is no need to say more about the advantages of this form. However, because this is a customized tour, so the cost you have to spend on it quite high.

Vietnam Cambodia Motorbike Tours

You are too familiar with the usual types of travel and need something novel? Vietnam Cambodia motorcycle tours are worth a try! You will be able to ride a motorbike by yourself and enjoy the surrounding scenery throughout the trip. That means you will stand a good chance of riding across national borders!

vietnam cambodia itinerary
Vietnam Cambodia Motorbike Tours

This type of travel will bring you a lot of surprises and challenging to train your skills. If you are brave enough and willing to try, why don’t you say yes?

A significant requirement here is that you have to possess the International Driving License to be able to take a motorbike.

Bottom Lines

Pay attention to your health before making decisions about travel in this pandemic. If you’re ready to start your journey, don’t forget to consider our article to have more information about Vietnam and Cambodia itinerary! Anyway, be careful! See you next time!

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