Vietnam is famous for spectacular and pristine natural spots such as Halong Bay, Son Doong cave, Ha Giang road, etc. These famous places partly fade out the rustic and peaceful countryside scene, but the true beauty lives on. In today’s article, we offer you a Vietnam customized tour of the top 6 charming villages in Vietnam that you must visit once. Let’s go!

Top 6 Charming Vietnamese Villages You Should Visit

Bat Trang

Bat Trang is a traditional ceramic village in Vietnam that gives birth to many masterpieces of art. Starting in Van Giang District, Hung Yen Province, it takes about 30 minutes from the center of Hanoi Capital to this beautiful and interesting place. According to history, Bat Trang has built up their traditional ceramics and pottery handicrafts for more than 700 years. After a long period of development, Bat Trang’s products have spread worldwide, attracting many visitors annually to admire its uniqueness and gain new experiences.

vietnam customized tour
Museum of Bat Trang Ceramic

Coming to this peaceful village, you can join different appealing activities such as shopping for ceramics and potteries for household, ancestors worship, or decoration, admiring the skillful hands of the potters in this traditional village and visiting the Museum of Bat Trang Ceramic. The most special activity in the Vietnam customized tour to Bat Trang is making your ceramics and potteries. Some common products you can work on are our cups, bowl, and plate. For tourists’ products, it takes about 1 hour to fire only, while the official products take about three days. After 1 hour, you can start painting on your own with available colors. With $3, you gain an interesting experience and bring a handmade product home. Isn’t it great?

Pom Coong

It is about 130 km from Hanoi Capital to Pom Coong – a rustic village in Mai Chau, Hoa Binh province. No matter when you come to this land, you can feel the peace and the fresh air of the spectacular forest. The village still lives on stilt houses of wood, bamboo, and palm. Visiting Pam Coong, you will dig into Thai daily routine, including drinking Austrian wine with a stick, dancing in the festivals, wearing traditional Thai clothes, etc.

vietnam customized tour
The peaceful beauty of Pom Coong in the morning

Although this place attracts many visitors annually, tourism hasn’t developed like other famous cities in Vietnam. You are recommended to bring your personal belongings if you tend to stay overnight.

Cat Cat

Cat Cat belongs to Sapa – a tourist city in Lao Cai province. This place is well known for Fansipan peak, 4-season weather in a day, and the glorious beauty of Tay Bac forest. On the one hand, Cat Cat also owns the unique beauty thanks to Mong culture and the endearment of Mother Nature. Tourists can enjoy incarnation into the Mong with their stunning traditional costumes and a colorful umbrellas.

vietnam customized tour
Cat Cat Waterfall

If you land here in the spring, you have a chance to enjoy Mong festivals in melodious rhythm from flute and syrinx and admire the dance of the Mong people. It’d be a mistake if you do not buy artistic handicraft products from the native residents, such as woven scarves/ purses/ bags and silver necklaces/bracelets. Cat Cat is also an ideal place to take mesmerizing photos. Cat Cat fall, giant water wheels, Mong’s house, and flower garden are the most attractive destinations to the visitors.

Stepping to this Tay Bac land, you cannot miss enjoying local cuisine. In this Vietnam customized tour, we would like to introduce some mouth-watering and unique dishes such as Thang Co (horse meat soup), Com Lam (sticky bamboo rice), hot salmon pot, dried buffalo meat, etc.

Cu Lao Gieng

Laying near the Mekong River, Cu Lao Gieng is one of the largest islands in this area, with an elliptical measure of 14 km. Older people say that this place was a large harbor in the French colonial period, leading to the existence of several classical architectures. Once setting foot on this land, you can admire the beauty of Cu Lao Gieng Cathedral and Providence Monastery, which have kept their pristine beauty since the 19th century.

vietnam customized tour
Phuoc Thanh Pagoda in Cu Lao Gieng

Many Buddhist cultural footprints also spread on this island. Among them, Ba Le Pagoda, Thanh Hoa Tu Pagoda, and Phuoc Minh Pagoda are the three favorite destinations of Buddhists. Up to now, Cu Lao Gieng is renowned for a deep imprint of gardening culture. You will immerse yourself in the rustic and fresh beauty of tree-laden orchards, peaceful rivers, and cultural handicrafts.

When planning a Vietnam customized tour to Cu Lao Gieng, we always add cycling and sailing to the schedule. Nothing is better than sweating in the gentle heat of Southern Vietnam or adrift on the boat while enjoying yummy fruits and admiring the simple beauty of the Vietnamese village.

Vung Vieng Fishing

Vung Vieng Fishing village is named “A Fairyland” in Halong bay – one of 7 World’s Wonders. This land attracts visitors not only by its scenic sights but also by the hospitality and friendliness of the people here. Vung Vieng Fishing village enchants visitors with green limestone islands that look like green pearls, a line of floating boats, and a peaceful ocean atmosphere.

vietnam customized tour
Vung Vieng Fishing village from the air

On the Vietnam customized tour of this fishing village, you will experience an adrift life with fresh seafood and salty air. When the sun goes down, a night trip begins, showing you the vivid lifestyle of the Vung Vieng people.
Vung Vieng offers all of them if you love resting on a beautiful beach, exploring pristine caves, or jogging in a natural forest.

Cam Thanh Eco

The last destination in this Vietnam customized tour is Cam Thanh Eco – a village in Quang Nam province. With more than 30ha of palm forest, Cam Thanh Eco is also called Coconut land. You will have a chance to learn the handicraft made from coconut, paddle on the bamboo basket boats, enjoy the shady green palms, and visit numerous historical spots.

vietnam customized tour
Bamboo basket trip to palm forest in Cam Thanh Eco

Some local cooking classes are available so that you can bring some recipes home. By joining this experience, you get more than a cooking class! You will learn about local fruits, how to deal with the vendors, and have fun with the cooker and other friends. It is 5 km from Hoi An’s old Quarter to this cultural destination. You can travel by bus or motorcycle within 20 – 30 minutes only. A hat, scarf, sunscreen, and sunglasses will help you enjoy the trip perfectly.


These six charming villages in Vietnam show you the different beauties of this tropical Southeast Asia. However, you can describe them with many adjectives such as rustic, pristine, spectacular, historical, cultural, stunning, interesting, etc. By joining the Vietnam customized tour, you have a chance to enjoy fully local daily activities with fun and laughter. Where will we visit the next time? Let’s plan together!

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