Vietnam is a very diverse country with different types of landscapes. Each place you go to has its own charm, which makes this country a great country to discover. As a travel-lover, we offer Vietnam customized tours which will allow you to have a more interesting experience by discovering some unusual locations here.

Best Unusual Places to Discover In Vietnam

Hanoi’s Snake Village

A trip to Vietnam is incomplete without a visit to Hanoi Snake Village. A part of Hanoi’s tourist sights, this place is also known as Le Mat village, located in the north and 7km from the capital center. It is a popular tourist destination known for its snake wine, products made of snakes, and the Snake Festival.

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Currently, over a hundred snake-raising households in the village, dozens of restaurants specializing in snake specialties, and many cultural activities centered on snakes take place there annually. Le Mat is considered the center for trading all snake species within North Vietnam and being a famous snake village internationally. Each year, the Vietnamese celebrate the Festival of the Snake on the 23rd of the third lunar month, drawing crowds of hundreds of tourists. During the festival, you will have a chance to participate in many activities, including a parade, a snake food market, snake-worshiping rituals, folk games, and cultural shows. The festival, which combines religion with traditional customs, is believed to bring good luck, health, and prosperity to the village and its residents.

Ho Thuy Tien Park

Ho Thuy Tien Park is a public park in the center of Hue. It’s well known for its amusement facilities, although the whole place looks like a ghost town now. The park was built in 2004, but due to a continuous lack of maintenance and neglect, it was closed in 2006, after just two years of being open. The water slide had collapsed into a pile of junk, most rides were broken, and equipment was left to rust.

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Visitors are advised not to swim in the pools and only to take pictures. Despite the rough condition of the park, its abandoned and unfinished buildings, slides, and artificial lake attract lots of visitors every year and become one of the most visited places in our Vietnam customized tours. It is because the park is a great venue for photography with many mysterious, fascinating, and wild scenes. In the middle of the park lies a huge lake with overgrown trees and grasses. The whole place feels like a scene straight out of a Vietnam horror movie.

Crazy House in Dalat

If you are planning a trip to Dalat and are the adventurous type, then a visit to the Crazy House in Dalat is a must. Crazy House was the nickname of Hang Nga Villa (Palace). It was so-called because of the unusual architecture, which resembled the shape of a quaint castle in a fairy tale.

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The inside design features caves, winding stairs, winding corridors, unique furniture, and oversized animal statues. This particular crazy architectural feature is what makes Hang Nga Villa such a unique and interesting tourist attraction.
In the middle of a city where most villas are built in romantic architectural style with practical resort nature, this place has a unique, bohemian, flying, and disruptive design. The combination of an original yet practical idea of modern art and its location makes it highly sought after to host guests – most of whom are foreigners. Many famous publications that deal with travel and/or architecture rank this house as a memorable destination and one of the strangest architectural works in the world.

Hell Cave

Da Nang’s Am Phu cave is one of the most famous caves in the city and the country. The locals also call it “Hell Cave” because of the terrifying entrance that makes it look like you are descending into the netherworld. But that is not the only reason why it is worth visiting. This tourist spot is about 9km from the center of Da Nang city and is located in the Marble Mountains.

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Opening up to the sea, the “heaven peak” area at Am Phu cave faces the outside world with spots of sunlight pouring in through crevices on rocky walls and sparkling like diamonds. Standing at “hell peak”, you can only find yourself surrounded by darkness. Boasting a complex and formidable network of caverns, this is one of the fascinating destinations in our Vietnam customized tours. It’s famed not only for its magical surroundings but for having legends that contain spiritual meaning, making it all the more captivating.

Fairy Stream Mui Ne

The Fairy Stream is one of the most popular hidden attractions in Phan Thiet. It is a long small creek that flows beneath the sand dunes. The Phan Thiet Fairy Stream is formed by a combination of underground rivers, streams, and seawater through the stone and dune sand. This untouched place has become a worldwide attraction, and it comes with a stream full of fairytale-like enchantment. Many have come to see and experience this place, and they have written the Fairy Stream on their list of “things to do before dying”.

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Unlike most Vietnamese beaches’ streams, the stream’s water here is colored an orange-red, tinted with sediment from the nearby hills. At certain times of day, the light gives it a pinkish glow, and often, photographers will come here to admire this stunning phenomenon. But just because we want to take pictures doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy ourselves!
While here, wearing shoes is not necessary. Instead, we can walk in the streambed and find smooth white sand that gently caresses our feet as water moves around us. This is where you can have fun, relax, and be lazy while surrounded by enchanting nature!


We hope you enjoyed our article on the most unusual tourist spots in Vietnam. With this knowledge, we know that you can make the most of your travels and see some fascinating places when visiting this country.
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