The summer holiday is coming, and this is, without a single doubt, the best time to travel! And what can be better than spending a week or two indulging legit Vietnam family holidays with your closed ones? But wait! The worldwide pandemic of coronavirus is still out there and it can severely affect your plan!

For being able to enjoy a safer tour, dig deeper into our article to discover some golden traveling tips!

Travel In This Epidemic Period?

The situation of COVID disease 19 is quite complicated in different countries around the world. Especially Europe and China as they are in a state of the blockade and blocking all types of tourism.

In Southeast Asia, the situation is, fortunately, more optimistic, and there are more positive developments all around the region, including Vietnam.
So, should you travel in this sensitive position?

Reasons To Say “Yes”

Aviation, as well as travel, are one of the industries that suffer most from this COVID 19. On the bright side, in countries that are relatively stable after this epidemic like Vietnam, the aviation industry is gradually recovering. For that reason, the ticket prices are now amazingly low! They only cost half or one third comparing to regular rates. It’s a bargain for travelers! Obviously, you can take this advantage to enjoy cheap travel and obtain wonderful experiences with a trivial amount of money!

One more reason that can convince you to say “yes” is the Vietnam situation after the epidemic. As we know, Vietnam is famous all over the world for turning the table on the Coronavirus over and over. Currently, everyone wishing to enter the country is required to go through a strickhealth-check procedure and would be sent into quarantine immediately if they show any suspicious symptoms.

Therefore, Vietnam tour holidays are now relatively safe when the number of infected people in the nation hasn’t increased, and everything is all under government control.

Reasons To Say “No”

As we mentioned above, the general situation of the disease is still relatively complex; the destination selection is essential. Traveling at this time is considered risky when your destination is not guaranteed to be completely safe.

In this period, you have to be more prepared for a trip. Besides, maybe some tourist spots have already been rendered off-limits while some restaurants have been shut down so you won’t be able to enjoy your trip fully.

For A Safe Trip

vietnam family holidays
The COVID 19 situation is quite complicated

Protect Yourself

One of the prerequisites that you must do is to protect your health against disease. We bet that no one wants to be infected after their trip! Keep in mind that the mask is always required. You should wear it during your trip, especially when you’re in public places such as the airport or anywhere crowded with people.

Whenever setting foot to anywhere crowded, do your best to limit skin-to-skin contact or lay your hands on any object that is not yours. Furthermore, do not forget to wash your hands regularly to eliminate all the possible risks.

The best method here is to check your health carefully before starting the journey to make sure that everything is okay and under control.

During The Trip

Keeping yourself up to speed about the epidemic situation during your trip is recommended. You need to know where the disease situation is increasing that you shouldn’t go or where you are safe enough for you.

Besides, it would help if you remembered the traveling schedule, where you have gone, or who you met to serve the medical report when needed.

Vietnam Family Holidays – Which Tour Is The Best For You?

If after grasping all the information about the current pandemic and the impact it can have on your trip, your mind is still set on embarking on a journey to Vietnam, let’s start discovering the Vietnam family holiday tours now!

Vietnam Family Holiday Packages

This is a form of scheduled tours available for families or groups of people. Just like the other tours, all the destinations, restaurants, and hotels are all scheduled and arranged by the travel agency.

The unique feature here is that when you travel in groups, you will get a better discount, not to mention the agency always has some special offers for families. This type of travel varies in price depending on your needs and financial status. Overall, the cost of this form is affordable and much lower than other forms of family travel.

Luxury Family Holidays Vietnam

If you are leading a fairly well-off life and are willing to dig deep into your pockets, the luxury family holidays Vietnam just happen to be the perfect option!

It’s not a far cry from the ordinary tours, actually. However, the unique point is that you will enjoy your trip as a VIP! The restaurants you have your meal at, the resorts you accommodate and a wide range of other things offered to you during your stay at the destination will be of the greatest quality.

vietnam family holidays
Being a VIP on luxury family holidays

The disadvantage of this form of traveling is the higẻh price compared to other set departure date tour packages that you will join the holiday with others who you are not familiar with. Anyway, you get what you pay for!

Vietnam Customized Tours

Have you ever thought that you can enjoy the trip in which you plan the itinerary, choose the destinations, and schedule the activities all by yourself? It sounded wonderful, right? The places you are curious to discover, the dishes you want to try, the things you want to do in Vietnam, etc. will all get to be on this trip as you will be the one deciding everything. Therefore, you can fully enjoy your trip!

vietnam family holidays
Enjoy your holiday with customized tours

However, as this is a customized trip for you, the cost will be relatively high, approximately the price of the luxury holidays.

Each type of family holiday has its advantages and disadvantages, so consider and choose the form that best suits you.

Long Story Short

Whether or not travel in the epidemic season is dangerous depends on the destination and how you protect yourself. Anyway, Vietnam family holidays are worth trying! We hope you have a wonderful summer holiday with your family and always remember to take care of yourselves during this sensitive period!

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