The Coronavirus has spread around the world and has become the primary fear for most foreign travelers. There are many ways to get exposed to the virus, making it harmful and hard to control. Plus, it is becoming stronger and stronger gradually, and the theory that “young people cannot be dead by the virus” isn’t right anymore. So, it’s a must to reduce the public gatherings as much as possible to protect yourself.

However, it doesn’t mean that you can’t travel at the moment. In fact, you just need to follow the safety guidelines, and your trip will be great. Are you going to travel to Vietnam? Wonder how is it in Vietnam now? Let’s read this post to find out what you should know and expect.

The current status Coronavirus pandemic in Vietnam

Coronavirus originated from mainland China in January 2020, with more than 85,000 cases. After 7 months, it has spread worldwide, making 24.6 million people infected. In Vietnam, more than 1000 people have been diagnosed with the disease.

Even though the number of cases in Vietnam is high, there are only 35 deaths, and up to 676 recovered patients, which means the recovery percentage is significantly high, and tourists don’t need to worry about the healthcare system.

Since the mass infected cases confirmed in the middle of July, Vietnam government has published some ban on festivals, events, and large gatherings with more than 30 people. Businesses stated as non-crucial like karaoke, bars, pubs, and massage parlors have to close to prevent the virus from rapidly spreading in public.

Additionally, the policy for each province is different according to the number of patients from it. To be specific, Danang, which has the highest confirmed cases, must be shut down completely.

Any traveling from and to Danang has to be canceled under any circumstances. People who just came back from Danang should go check-up for the virus test. Recently, Hai Duong’s government has just applied the same action as Danang’s for their town.

In some less-serious cities like Quang Nam and Ha Noi, authorities tried their best to encourage residents from public gatherings like banning “non-essential business,” promoting safety guides, severely fining violators, etc.

In case you have just departed in Vietnam, you must remain in quarantine for 2 weeks and report your health status to the government for further actions. If the isolation period ends, it’s legal to travel around, but please remember to wear masks in public; otherwise, the tourist can be fined up to 300,000 VND.

In brief, the Vietnamese government has been applying strict administrations to avoid the Coronavirus as much as possible. Given that fact above, you can comfortably travel around the city without too much anxiety. Just remember to wear masks in public, and you will be fine.

Safe travel spots for your Vietnam tour holidays

Can Tho

During the second CoVid-19 outbreak in Vietnam, Southern provinces are claimed to have fewer infected groups than other areas, so it’s safer to choose the South towns. Among those secure areas, Can Tho may be the most outstanding choice overall for its diversity and convenience.

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There are many great tourist attractions in the town like Cai Rang Floating Market, Ninh Kieu Harbor, Binh Thuy Ancient House. Are you an avid localities shopper? The Floating Market will be the best place for you to find useful items and experience the bizarre culture.

If you love learning about 18th-century architecture, the Ancient House can satisfy you. Finally, after a long day of traveling, just go to Ninh Kieu, and any food can be found there.

Ho Chi Minh City

In this depressing period, Vietnam’s economic center is considered as a safe spot for tourists. Since July, even though other big cities have been claimed to be the hub for infected cases, Ho Chi Minh City remains its low patient record status.

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There are only 1 or 2 confirmed cases in the city for the last week, and all of their acquaintances had been tested for the CoVid-19. Fortunately, none comes out positive.

Regardings the travel spots, there are many worth visiting places such as Independence Palace, Cu Chi Tunnel, and Ben Thanh Market. While the first two places offer you a living proof from a part of Vietnamese history, the Market will definitely be a go-to place for food lovers.

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Then, what tourists should remember when traveling in the city? First, it is a must to wear masks in public; otherwise, you will be fined. Secondly, eliminate all plans to karaoke bars, massage rooms, pubs, and clubs now because all have to be suspended. Third, you must avoid over-30-people gatherings either to slow down the spreading of viruses.

Moreover, we recommend you follow your tour guide’s advice (if available) and update the news every day.


The final choice to be introduced in the Vietnam tour itinerary is Sapa – the gem of Northwest Vietnam. Located next to the Vietnam – Chinese border, the town has a temperate-zone climate with an average temperature of 10 to 20 degrees.

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Given that fact, Sapa is the town for picturesque scenery, cool weather, wild forest, and ethnic minorities. Arriving at the city during springtime, you are more likely to see the blooming of colorful flowers.

Just imagine, walking on the sinuous road, watching the blooming and feeling the cold wind pass through. Such a faerie haven! It can be said that there isn’t the “best” place to visit in Sapa, because what makes it excellent is the experience of crossing into such dreamy land.

What should you do to protect yourself?

Going to a foreign country during the Coronavirus, you must learn some safety guidance first, right? Read the tips below to acknowledge yourself.
Wash hands carefully with soap: The virus can live on objects (like your hands) for 24 hours, so, after going outside, sterilize hands to ensure the virus has been killed.

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How to wear a mask correctly

Avoid touching your face or anyone else’s face. It’s the fastest way to get the virus and bacteria from hands into the body. In case you have to, wash your hands within 20 seconds.

  • Avoid crowded gatherings as much as possible.
  • If possible, open and close your hotel doors by elbows instead of hands.
  • Always wear masks in public: This is the best method to protect from being infected. Plus, it is a law to wear it in some towns recently.
  • Don’t use the mask longer than a day. Remember not to touch the mask by your unsterile, bare hands.
  • During your trip to Vietnam, don’t be distressed too much since the government has claimed strict policies and tour guides are well-trained to support.
  • If we need to require you a duty, that must be: follow the tips, keep an eye on updated news and listen to your guide.


By this post, we have gone into detail of some crucial introductions about the coronavirus status, safe tourist destinations, and safety guides during the pandemic. Just follow the guidance above, sterilize your hands carefully whenever you go outside to avoid any incidents, and everything will be good.

Hope this article provides you with useful information regardings the Coronavirus and how to protect yourself during your Vietnam tour holidays. Stay safe, be calm, and enjoy your trip!

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