Since its booming in China in January 2020, the Coronavirus has spread around the world and becomes the primary fear for travelers. It is reported that there are more than 1 million deaths in the meantime, the theory “young people cannot be dead by the Coronavirus” isn’t correct anymore. Therefore, you, as a traveler, should learn how to travel safely and protect yourself from being exposed to the virus.

Given the fact that the disease is so harmful, you can still travel at the moment if you have been educated enough about the virus and how to stay safe from it. Many countries are in the recovering phase right now, so, no need to worry too much about that.

Are you going to travel to Vietnam with your family? Wonder how it is in Vietnam now? Let’s read this Vietnam Travel Itinerary to educate yourself.

The current coronavirus status in Vietnam

The Coronavirus originated from Mainland China in January 2020 with more than 85,000 cases. Since then, it has been spread worldwide, causing tremendous economic crumbling on a global scale. Many people lose their jobs, students cannot go to school, and factories cannot operate. Life just seems to pass slower when the virus comes up. Up to now, after 8 months, there are more than 27.8 million patients with over 900,000 people died. The two most infected people are the US and India.

Meanwhile, Vietnam remains a low stat compared to other countries in the region. There are 1,366 patients in Vietnam, and 35 dead cases, which means the recovery rate is incredibly high, and tourists don’t need to worry about the healthcare system there. Since the mass outburst in Danang in July 2020, Vietnam authorities had published some ban on festivals, events, and gatherings with more than 30 people. To add-in, non-crucial businesses like karaoke, bars, pubs, and massage parlors are urged to close to prevent the rapid virus spreading in public.

In each province, based on the infected status, the authority also claims some particular policies. For instance, Danang, which has the highest confirmed cases, must be shut down for more than a month and have just opened a few days ago. Any travelers from and to Danang also require to test for the virus and stay in quarantine in 14 days.

In some cities like Quang Nam and Ha Noi, residents are encouraged to avoid public gatherings as much as possible and wear masks whenever going outside.

Under any circumstances, abroad travelers to Vietnam have to provide the negative Coronavirus testing confirmation. It’s legal to travel around now, but it’s a must to wear a mask. Otherwise, you will be fined up to 300,000 VND. Seeing these figures and policies above, you can understand that it’s safe to travel in Vietnam now because the government has many practical and strict regulations. Just follow the law and keep updated with the news, you will be okay.

Some famous traveling spots for you

Ha Long Bay

Ha Long Bay must be the most famous traveling spots in Vietnam. The typical route that everyone takes is to depart at Hanoi by plane, and then take a 3 hours drive to arrive at Ha Long.

vietnam travel itinerary
Halong Bay

Recognized as the World Heritage Site, the traveling spot is where thousands of beautiful limestone islands emerge from serene water. Sitting on a wooden boat, gliding through striking karst formations, and wandering is the journey Ha Long Bay offers you.

If you love the feeling of “in the middle of nowhere”, then Ha Long Bay must be included in your must-go list.


If you are searching for a cool place to travel, then Sapa must be a great destination then. Located next to the Vietnam – Chinese border, the town has a temperate-zone climate during the year, making it so comfortable to pay a visit.

vietnam travel itinerary

Given that fact, Sapa offers picturesque scenery, cool weather, and ethnic minorities. Walking down the sinuous road, smelling the fragrance of flowers blooming, absorbing yourself in a peaceful town with friendly people are all the faerie experiences that most tourists confess that they can not forget when visiting Sapa.

In a nutshell, there isn’t any “best” place to go to in Sapa, because what makes it worth visiting is the experience of crossing into a dreamy land.

Ha Giang

After visiting Sapa, it’s such a shame to ignore the famous “tourist hub” nearby: Ha Giang. It takes you about 8 hours of traveling by bus from Sapa to Ha Giang. These two cities share the same landscape and climate, so most people usually mistake Sapa and Ha Giang. However, in fact, they are not the same. Compared to Sapa, Ha Giang is considered as the must-go spot for local backpackers. It is not as famous as Sapa, neither receive much investment from Sapa. Hence, the town still retains the wilderness “vibe,” making Ha Giang seem more authentic.

vietnam travel itinerary
Ha Giang

In terms of climate, Ha Giang shares the same feature as Sapa. Both places situate in the moderate tropical zone, so there are 4 separate seasons in the year, but when winter comes, the town doesn’t have snow like Sapa.

Ha Giang’s top-rated experience is going moto looping through spectacular fields of Dong Van, Meo Vac when the yellow flowers bloom. There aren’t many citizens living in the town, so the wilderness remains at its best. Just imagine walking across a big flower field in deep desolation while the sun is shining gently from above; how amazing it is!

Da Nang

Situated in central Vietnam, Da Nang has long been a famous tourist spot for foreigners when visiting Vietnam. The city has been a “rising star” of central Vietnam since the travel outburst just about 10 years ago. What makes Da Nang distinguished is that it can satisfy customers with different travel preferences. If you love spectacular mountains with mystic myths, travel to the Ngu Hanh Son, and you will fulfill the need.

Vietnam travel itinerary

Suppose you love the ocean, then Da Nang’s long, picturesque beaches will offer you with the best experience. Because of the good maintenance policy from the authority, most beaches in Da Nang still remain in the wild and blue, crystal-clear water.

In case you are a Buddhist, then the popular Son Tra peninsula is where you should visit. There is a gigantic Buddha statue standing at the center of the peninsular. Standing from the nearby pagoda, the sculpture provokes the peaceful-but-overwhelming if standing from the pagoda nearby and the magnificence vibe when seeing the Buddha statue from the city center faraway.

Given these facts above, Da Nang satisfies all criteria for Vietnam family holidays because it can serve the travel preferences of people from all age groups: for the elders, pagodas, and temples are excellent; for young people, beaches and mountains are what they seek for; etc.

Safety guidelines when traveling in Vietnam

Having an expat life during the Coronavirus, it’s better to learn some safety guidelines to protect yourself first, right? Here are some helpful tips for you:

  • Sterilize hands carefully with hand sanitizer: Virus can survive on objects up to 24 hours, so, after going outside, you should wash your hands to ascertain that the virus was killed.
  • Avoid touching your face: Do you know that your hands are the dirtiest part of the body? Hence, touching your face with the bare, unsterile hands is providing a direct method for the virus to enter your mouth.
  • Avoid gatherings with more than 30 people
  • Always wear a mask in public: Not only because the mask can protect you, but also it’s required to wear a mask in public in Vietnam.

Besides these guidelines, we recommend you keep updated with the news because policies can be changed literally every day depending on the current status of this unexpectable Coronavirus.

vietnam travel itinerary

However, you shouldn’t overthink or worry if anything abnormal happens during your trip. Just call the authority or your tour guide, and they will provide you with the best support.


By this post, we have learned some brief information about the current Coronavirus case in Vietnam as well as safety guidelines to protect yourself while traveling. By acknowledging these insights, we hope that your trip to Vietnam will become an unforgettable memory that you never forget. The Coronavirus is dangerous, but, as long as you follow the law and safety instructions, you will be fine. So, keep calm and enjoy your day!

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