Traveling in COVID-19 epidemic period? It sounds crazy, but why not? Those countries, where the coronavirus is not outbreaking, are should-go destinations, and a Vietnam travel itinerary is an excellent choice for your holiday!

You want to have more information about this idea? Keep reading to discover!

Why Should You Choose Vietnam To Travel In This Covid-19 Period?

Must-visit Country

Vietnam is famous for its beautiful and magnificent scenery with green rice fields and long sand seashores of blue beaches. Because the climate changes from north to south, the landscape and natural elements of this S-shaped country are various and different.

You say you hate the coldness? Then the cold weather in Sapa can make you have a change of heart. It is a place where the terrain is high enough for you to hunt the clouds or try catching fish manually in the Western rice field. Nothing is more perfect!

Being divided into three regions: north, middle, and south, Vietnam has a total of more than 54 ethnic groups living in to form a Vietnam with diverse culture.

Enjoying numerous delicious dishes from different regions like banh mi, pho, bun bo with bargain prices is the privilege you get when travelling to Vietnam.

There is no doubt to say that Vietnam is worth visiting!

vietnam travel itinerary
Graceful Sapa of Vietnam

Vietnam in COVID-19 period

Currently, Vietnam is one of the safest countries in the world during the COVID-19 epidemic period. From 16th April 2020, Vietnam has no new cases of infection.

This small yet strong country has taken the world by storm with effective and immediate anti-epidemic policies of the Government. At the moment, Vietnam still has strict inspection regulations in public places, especially for people on entry and exit.

For all the above reasons, you can make sure that it’s safe to visit Vietnam in this sensitive period. Have you had enough reason to travel to Vietnam in this COVID-19 period? Surely you have. Start planning a trip to Vietnam together now!

Planning A Trip To Vietnam


Before starting your trip, make sure that you have a healthy body. Check your health carefully, especially with COVID 19 disease before travelling to ensure safety for yourself and others.

If you are as fit as a fiddle, then you are good to go. Let’s start to pack your belongings! Bringing medical protective items is required to prepare yourself enough masks, purell, etc. If you are more careful, you can buy a protective suit to wear when boarding.

And as usual trips, you should bring enough clothes, medicines and necessary items. If you visit Vietnam in the summer, the hot weather is somewhat inevitable, so choose comfortable clothes.

vietnam travel itinerary
Prepare enough protection gears for yourself before traveling

Reference Experience Of Other Travelers

Consulting with friends, relatives, or anyone who has ever traveled to Vietnam is a good idea. Pick their brains and you can “pocket” pretty good tips. Moreover, The experience of the previous travellers will help you have more information to decide the destination as well as be better prepared.

How Can You Discover Vietnam?

How can you have a Vietnam travel itinerary in this epidemic period? Travel tours are the best choice! Why do we say that?

Because the Vietnam government has put extremely strict regulations on safety factors during the COVID-19 epidemic so that agencies will have to comply by checking carefully and preparing enough gears and methods to ensure health safety for travellers.

Vietnam Package Tours

Package tours are tours for which travel agencies will set the routes and destinations. In Vietnam, there are many package tours for you, and you can choose by location, duration, or cost of each tour.

vietnam cambodia trip itinerary

If you don’t know where to travel and are coming to Vietnam for the first time, the package tour is a great choice.

With packaged tours, agencies will arrange destinations that are guaranteed to be safe in this nCovi period and require health-check for travellers, you can be assured when choosing this type of travel.

Vietnam Customized Tours

You want to plan a tour all by yourself? Certainly, yes! Vietnam customized tours will meet your needs! With customized tours, you can arrange everything, and it will be designed for yourself only. You can choose the destination, duration, transportation, hotel, events, more and more.

Customized tours can start anywhere, anywhen, and any type that you want it to be. This is the ideal choice for someone who has a higher budget and wants to have their private trips.

Moreover, this is a trip for yourself only so that you won’t have to worry about being exposed to other travellers that increase risk of infection. In addition, agencies will also localize safe areas for you to choose and customize your tour.

Vietnam Motorbike Tours

If you love freedom and adventure, why don’t you choose a Vietnam motorbike tour?

It’s a special tour that you will have a motorbike and ride it by yourself to discover this country. And it’s undoubtedly for who has a license only.

You have two options: guided tour or self-guided tour. The first choice is that you will have a guide to accompany throughout the journey, and vice versa, with a self-guided tour, you will go on the available itinerary.

vietnam travel itinerary
Vietnam Motorcycle Tours

Although which types of travel you choose, all of them include services like motorbikes, hotels, meals, etc.

Similar to other types of tourism above, destinations of the motorcycle tours will be safe areas. However, when choosing these tours, you need to pay attention and have your own protection methods for yourself.

Tips For Travelling in Vietnam

Crossing Roads

Traffic on Vietnam roads is quite crowded, especially during rush hour, so the best choice for you is walking instead of using or transport.

However, be careful when crossing the roads, streets which are full of motorcycles and everybody is in a hurry can make you scared for the first time. You can raise your hand to make a sign whenever you want to cross the road where there is no traffic light.

Best Time to visit

Summertime from May to August maybe the travel seasons but you have to consider the weather in Vietnam this time. It will be the rainy season so that many places will have a lot of rain and the weather in the North of Vietnam is hottest. We recommend that you should visit Vietnam from January to April for a better climate. And if you like cold weather you can take your holiday from October to January when many tradittional festivals are held.


You can bargain when buying something even if you’re a foreigner!

As we know, everything in Vietnam is quite cheap and easy to buy in stores or markets. When you want to buy something in big markets where many visitors or foreigners come like Bến Thành market (Ho Chi Minh) or Đồng Xuân market (Ha Noi) you can bargain for lower prices.

Nevertheless, keep in mind that it must be the proper price that sellers can accept instead of too low prices that annoy them.

Bottom Lines

We hope that our article helps you to have a general view of Vietnam as well as more information to make your Vietnam travel itinerary. Take care of yourself and start planning for your trip is this COVID-19 period! It’s worth a try!

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