Central Vietnam is always attractive with many beautiful beaches and dreamy islands. The diverse cuisine is something that you cannot ignore, and it’s better if you’re a fan of sweet and spicy flavor. Besides that, you can discover many historical and cultural relics that have existed for thousands of years.

You can consider a lot of Vietnam vacation packages to the central of Vietnam with different tourist spots. To make your work easier, we would like to suggest the must-see destinations when you visit the central of Vietnam.

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The best must-see places in the Central of Vietnam

Da Nang

Da Nang is one of the most well-known tourist attraction in Vietnam. The sea covers 60 km of the city’s terrain, containing many beautiful beaches that are even presented in the international newspapers such as Non Nuoc, Son Tra, My An, etc.

Moreover, this city is not only popular with the enchanted beaches but also the bridges system across the Han River. Come to Danang; you have a chance to admire one of the most well-known bridges in the world, which is the Dragon Bridge. As its name suggests, this bridge has a design of a long yellow Chinese dragon. And when at night, it spreads out yellow light to the whole city.

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Dragon Bridge

For this unique design, it was honored as one of the thirty most impressive bridges in the world by Viralnova. Admiring the Dragon bridge at night will be an unforgettable activity in your Vietnam travel itinerary. Besides, the cuisine in Da nang is popular with many delicious kinds of seafood, which is also very affordable. Once you’ve arrived here, you’ll want to come back.

Nha Trang

When you find information for a trip to Vietnam on the internet, I’m pretty sure that you saw a lot of tourism suggestion to Nha Trang. No surprise as Nha Trang is a famous tourist destination all over the world; it is renowned as the city of harmony.

The sea embrace Nha Trang city

Nha Trang has a long seaside embracing the whole city, So this is the must-see spot if you are planning for a Vietnam family holiday tours. Not many islands here have been taken into tourism activities, so you will find nature of the island quite unspoiled, bringing a feeling of peace.

Contrary to peaceful nature, tourist activities are diverse and attractive. You can join diving and watching coral reefs, raising lobster rafts, or enjoying the time while floating on the sea.

Hoi An

Hoi An is a well-known ancient town in Central Vietnam, which used to be a bustling international port in the past. Whether it is day or night, Hoi An brings tourist a charismatic beauty.

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Beautiful Hoi An at night

Coming to Hoi An, you can admire a romantic scene of the whole old quarter by taking a boat trip on Thu Bon River. If you travel in the evening, the view of Hoi An is more enchanted due to many colorful lanterns floating on the river.

The unique of Hoi An is not only expressed on the ancient architecture, but also many traditional festivals such as the lanterns festival, or Ao Dai Festival. Besides, a combination of Western and Oriental cuisine is very popular in Hoi An. Once you taste all the dishes here, I’m sure that you will love them.


If you want to find a tranquil tourist attraction as well as discovering the unique culture of Vietnam, then Hue city can satisfy your desire.
Hue city is one of the three most well-known tourist areas in Vietnam; this city was also the former capital of Vietnam before 1945.

Huong River

The popularity of Hue is a lyrical beauty in every scene, especially when you visit the Huong River. This river is the inspiration of many Vietnamese artworks, including songs and poems.

Otherwise, there is a must-see construction when coming to Hue. It’s the Hue Citadel – the citadel of the last king of Vietnam. Hue imperial city was built in an area of more than 500 hectares. The construction has three steady layers to protect the royal family, combining the traditional Vietnamese architecture combined with Western military architecture.

Da Lat

Located in Lam Dong plateau, Dalat’s climate is alway cool and fresh. This place is known as the city of dreams. At the end of the nineteenth century, the French government sent people to explore the Central Highlands, and they have found a vast and beautiful area to build this city.

Morning Cafe in Dalat

There aren’t too many bustling activities here, so Da lat is an ideal location if you are looking for a tranquil trip. In the morning, you can go to a coffee shop at the top of the plateau city, then enjoy the peaceful and incredible view here. Plus, biking through the Xuan Huong Lake and enjoy the romantic moment is another excellent option when in Da lat.

With a unique climate, Da Lat has many beautiful gardens that attract flower lovers from around the world. The flower varieties are the unique of this land or taken from other countries such as France, England, Holland, and Japan, etc.

Hope to See You in the Central Vietnam

The five suggestions above are all the must-see places for a central Vietnam travel itinerary. There are a lot of beautiful tourist attractions waiting for you to discover.

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