Ancient places with unique looks and styles are always charming. When going to these places, there are always special feelings and experiences you cannot see in any modern place. For this reason, I always search for a place with a long history to visit when I visit a new location. So, if you are currently in Vietnam with a Vietnam holiday packages, especially in Danang and Hoi An, do not miss the chance to visit My Son Sanctuary – a 1000-year-old Champa Kingdom’s creation.

Is it Worth Visiting the My Son Sanctuary?

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With its special charm, My Son is worth visiting

With its special charm, mysterious look, and historical stories, My Son is worth visiting as it is a 1000-year-old sanctuary. Especially if you love to explore ancient buildings and learn more about the history of the Champa empire, it is also on the list of UNESCO World Heritage. I have heard people say that My Son Sanctuary is not as impressive as Angko-Wat in Cambodia, and many people are disappointed as the place is not best preserved.

Even though I do not 100% disagree with them, we should understand that the place was bombed during the Vietnam-American war, and it is not easy to preserve the place because of the weather there. So, the government has tried its best to restore the place, which is a big effort that should be appreciated. Also, the sanctuary still has much of its original look. Don’t miss it in your Vietnam trip.

Options for Getting to My Son Sanctuary

Self Drive Route

If you have been riding in Vietnam and are familiar with the driving style, you can drive here. The sightseeing along the way to My Son is really beautiful, especially around the place, those who love nature may appreciate this option. Moreover, this is also the cheapest option if you start to go from Danang or Hoi An. Compared to other options like paying for a tour or a taxi, you only need to pay a small amount of money for gasoline and a ticket.

However, it is not recommended riding there yourself with a motorbike if you are not familiar with the traffic in Vietnam and the terrains of the roads to this place, as it can be unsafe. Also, the weather in the Central can be challenging in certain months of the year. There can be too much rain in the rainy seasons and too hot in summer, so you may not have the best experiences as well as safety while driving there.

Driving Directions

If you are in Danang, you can reach My Son Sanctuary by heading to National Highway 1 to Nam Phuoc town and then turning west to reach Route 537. What about driving from Hoi An? You can drive to My Son directly from there. In the center of the city, head to Tran Hung Dao Street and keep driving straight for around 11. While driving, the name of the road will change from Tran Hung Dao to others but do not worry, it is the same way that will bring you to your destination.

After that, you should use Google Maps (or read the signs if you want) to spot the QL1A highway and drive to Vinh Dien town. Next, take a left turn to Tran Quy Cap and then Hung Vuong Street. Keep going to Quang Trung Street, and you will arrive at your destination.

By Taxi or Private Car

If you have a car, it is nice to drive there with it instead of a motorbike, as it is safer. You can also avoid sudden rains or extreme heat, depending on the time of the year. It is also easy to find a parking place. A taxi is another good choice. Of course, it is more expensive than self-driving, but it is not that unaffordable.

In case you want to visit the place by taxi but at a lower price, you can plan to go there with some friends. With a private driver, you will not need to worry much because they will find a parking plot and wait for you until you are ready to finish your visit to go home.

Vietnam Holiday Packages to My Son: What To Expect

Historic Values

My Son is the most significant place for people to understand about the Champa Kingdom in Vietnam. King Bhadravarman built the temples in this complex for worshiping Shiva – a Hindu God. Back in the time, My Son was the chosen place for political activities and religious rituals. The royal family members of the Champa kings and the historical figures are also buried inside this complex.

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My Son was the chosen place for political activities and religious rituals

In 1885, a historian from France – Henry Parmentier, and some of his colleagues started to explore this place and discover 72 monuments. This is great work and made people understand more about this place. However, My Son was bombed during the Vietnam-US war, and a big part of it was destroyed.

Interesting Experiences

Besides the Champa’s creations here, I also appreciate that there are many trees inside, and it is pretty nice to take a short rest under their shadows. In my experience, exploring this place with a Vietnam holiday package can be nice, especially with friends. Also, the whole sanctuary is pretty spacious, and there are many types of creations for you to explore, from statues of Hindu gods and goddesses to towers, buildings from small to big, objects, and more. It may take around one or two hours to visit the main parts of the place. But if you want to learn about it more carefully, it is also nice to spend hours here.


Whether you want to explore My Son Sanctuary alone, with friends, or with Vietnam holiday packages organized by local tour operators, it is all worth visiting this place. The complex will give you special experiences and the feeling of an ancient Hindu building. Moreover, it is also a unique feeling when you know that most of the sanctuary was destroyed but restored to look as much as the original version.

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